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I know about Total Darkness. I know how emotional pain is just as real and even more agonizing than physical pain. If you are there, I'd like to listen to and talk with you. There is light in Total Darkness, and I'd like to help you find it.

Three years ago, my first love decided there wasn't enough time in the day to be a mom, an artist, a career woman, and a wife. She was unhappy and unfulfilled, so she asked me to leave. I know broken heartedness and I can reflect on the mistakes I made as a husband. I'd be more than happy to hear what's bothering you about your relationship.

Being a father is the greatest gift God has ever bestowed upon me. I'm a dad to a beautiful and athletic 11 year old daughter. Our children are our greatest responsibilities for they are our future. Talking parenting strategies is right up my alley.

On March 10th of 2020, I lost my father. He was my rock. He always had my back whether we agreed or, all too often, disagreed. I miss him greatly and I can relate to watching your loved ones die and the loss you feel when they are gone from this world.

I’m a 47 year old father, husband, an ex-husband, a son, a brother, and a friend. My faith and family are the makeup of my life.

Listeners, both friends and those here at 7 cups, were here for me and now I would like to pay it forward. I’m no expert, but I’m a non judgmental verified listener. I want to hear your whole story and, if you want, I will be glad to offer my perspective on things.

Please understand that I try to take only one chat at a time and do not set time limits. If I'm busy, I am online but with another member. Please just send me a request if that is the case and I will let you know asap when I become available!

Feel free to let me listen!

This situation is not the end; it is only a pause in life. ;

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Feedback & Reviews
I’m feeling so much better now ! Thank you so much for helping me . You’re such an amazing person
Very engaged listener
Clear and helpful
Clear, helpful
great and very kind
great service, very helpful
Very helpful... Very human. I told him my issues and he told me his without saying what I should do or feel.. But just related. Made me feel un alone.
He is great! He gave great feedback and gives little personal nuggets of his own experience.
Thanks, very helpful!
Gave a new perspective, insightful and helped rationalise stuff
Very good listener
Great listener!! Very good chat.
Very helpful, a wonderful listener gave great insight. :)
very great listener, able to connect on different levels will recommend to new users to chat with Jing2010 if possible
It was great chatting with jing2010
Really helped me out.
Jing is very helpful and was great with relating his life to mine, even though we are not really alike. A very kind person.
Really good listener made me feel good
Awesome listener.
Very helpful and kind
Good chat. Would chat again.
Good guy. Straight forward person
Amazing listener
This guy actually listens and cheers you up. Good people.
A very good listener, attentive, and knows how to read between the lines to find the root of an issue.
Has good skills and wisdom even though my topic was difficult
Really considerate and focused listener
amazing person.. very helpful.. a person i respect a lot
This very awesome
Thank you for your support. I think you can be very good with people who have faith.
Such a genuine, kind, and down to earth person. Really grateful they shared their time and it made a huge difference. I am dealing with heavy issues and this listener was strong, thoughtful and didn't run away. Thank you so much.
great listener very helpful great person
It was a very helpful chat
Very inviting conversation. Made talking easy and gave good advice
Good listener no problems
loved them. they were actually great and reffered me to another listener who they thought could help more
i needed to hear from a regular person just trying to help someone else.he was strong and concerned
He's honest and caring. Thanks for listening.
He used his experience to connect empathetically
Thanks for your support and for trying to comfort me when I needed it the most. You are a kind soul.
Great listener! Really had a good chat and am leaving feeling lighter!
Kind and incredibly good listener, good advices!
A good listener, understanding
Good advice and a good person!
Jing is a a great listener, he helped me in a bad night to go out of a really bad mood, thanks Jing
Great help to me during distress.
Probably the best advice ive got today, amazing person
Very kind and patient!
Jing is amazing, I was angry at the world around me but I was the roadblock in my way. he made me realize that. this site is a gift from heaven.
Good listening skills
They take the time to think over the things I said
asked good questions
Jing was really nice to me and gave up his time to help me and my issues
One of the most helpful listeners I've ever talked to
Understanding and helpful. Gives a friendly feeling as well as being understanding with different situations and struggling to explain things.
Jing was very kind and caring!! so appreciated it!
very kind and fast at responding to me
Good listener plus offered some useful suggestions
Time and time again I am amazed at his patience and caring. It’s nice to be able to check on with one another about the status of our issues. I will be forever grateful to him and his wisdom.
Extremely helpful and honest.
Very helpful !! Thank you...
I'm struggeling right now but his quotes really help me
Very helpful and compassionate
Very kind and patient listener
thank you for being there
Amazing support and a really great listener.
I'm glad talking to you. Thanks a lot :)
They are fantastic, and they have wonderful insight
Was very nice
Very good advise
Very helpful.
Jing2010 pointed out some things I needed to hear and was a great listener. He really encouraged me to relax some and stop overthinking everything.
Good listener
he is a great listener
He really showed me how a little bit of support and uplifting words can really change your view, when things in your life seem so low and so terrible. I had been going through so much pain and really struggled to handle that pain in a way that was healthy for me. He told me a story that was similar in idea to what I was going through and it helped me realize how a little bit of support and some time can go a long way in fixing problems, even if at the time things look terrible.
He is a great listener... I really enjoyed our talk. I am looking forward to talking again and did feel a little better after our talk... Oh and thank you Snoopy too! Lol.. Talk soon! -K
He is really good man,a good listener. He has got a good sense of humor.He understands the situations well and gives his valid opinions. He is really caring. I did not find any good listener here hence. I could not share my issues. But , he made it easier. I will suggest people, you can trust him for help. Thank you JIng :)
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