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Kace |
Listener - Expert 11

Listener Rating
4.5 star rating


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Feedback & Reviews
She is very understanding for family issues and she is nice to talk with
Very good listener
Quite helpful, much more so than many others I've spoken too. Very helpful about resources regarding OCD and treatment options (as someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge/access to resources), and didn't disregard my issue. Seems very compassionate. Thanks.
Great conversation and very supportive
great listener and fast replies
Smart listener.
Very good listener, very helpful
Great and helpful listener :)
Very Helpful, good Listener.
Literally Amazing. I cannot stress it enough. You would not regret talking to him.
Great job listening!!
good listener recommended
Great listener, validated my emotions and feelings.
good at hearing
Kace is very nice and understanding to talk to.
Oh wow Kace seriously helped so much. He deserves an actual award. 10/10 recommend. we stan Kace
They were nice and listened well
Good listener, very help
Such a sweet soul.
quick replies does help
Very knowledgeable , understanding and was very informative about the trauma issues. Would highly suggest to select this user!
Great listener so far!
Seems to be a empathetic listener.
Absolutely brilliant! Completely non judgemental. One of the best listeners I've had
A good listener, has been helpful
Really truly listens, asks the right questions. Validating. Non judgmental.
Kace helped me to understand my mental health needs a little better. He gave me confidence to approach my therapist about my concerns
Really good listener and asking the right questions
Helpful and easy to talk to.
Really good and understanding listener with a wide range of knowledge to help you
Great listener and was very helpful
He's very kind, understanding and a good listener.
intelligent and empathetic, very understanding.
Kace is great! he has a really good knowledge on self hypnosis and explains it very well!
Analytical listener
Cool guy, really nice and funny
So far so good. Very relaxing to talk to
You were very kid and careing thank you
I met him we laughed and made a bunch of jokes and now i'm super happy and quite honestly it was great it wasn't depressingly serious or overwhelmingly professional like most of this constapitation communication is so, thank you Kace :^)
Kace really listened to what I had to say and asked supportive and thoughtful questions. This was one of the best listener experiences I've had on the site :)
Really like him, he makes humor but keep being professional and kind
One of the most interesting people on this platform.
Amazing person to confide in
Very comforting and informative.
Excellent, very observant, caring, and understanding. Very objective as well. Thank you very much
so useful and insightful
Very quick and honest
Kace was patient, insightful, and thoughtful in his responses.
a very kind soul
Very kind and respectful
Honest and upfront. Professional at all times. Really comforting.
Very helpful and honest. He listened to me and helped me overcome a hard time. He helped me develop a plan to deal with my problem. He is a wonderful listener and I will be coming to him again!
Seems very cool.
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