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Hello, I'm glad you found me. I enjoy taking pictures, reading, writing, and Zumba. If I'm online feel free to contact me if I am offline send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Listener Since Apr 18, 2016
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Questions Answered
How do you help someone who is depressed?
April 19th, 2016 12:52am
Is depression the same for everyone, or can it be different?
April 19th, 2016 12:44am
Why is talking about having depression almost like talking about a taboo subject?
April 19th, 2016 6:03pm
Why don't the coping strategies make my depression go away?
April 19th, 2016 1:15am
How can I stop thoughts of being worthless?
April 19th, 2016 6:12pm
Can depression be managed without any medication?
April 19th, 2016 6:13pm
Why I don't have any friends?
April 19th, 2016 1:00am
How to tell someone you're depressed without saying it?
April 19th, 2016 6:01pm
Am I weak, if I choose not to stand up for myself and just walk away?
April 19th, 2016 6:27pm
Why is it so hard to keep friends?
April 19th, 2016 12:56am
Why do bullies find it necessary to pick with the quiet folk?
April 19th, 2016 6:28pm
Is it okay not to fight back because you're scared that it might get the situation worst?
April 19th, 2016 6:23pm
How do I get people to stop bulling me and accept me?
April 19th, 2016 6:10pm
Is it my fault I get bullied?
April 19th, 2016 6:15pm
How can I sleep well when working night shift?
April 18th, 2016 10:59pm
I'm stressed out and when I try to go to sleep I can't shut off my thoughts. What should I do?
April 19th, 2016 12:39am
Why is it that the more I focus on falling asleep, the harder it is to do so?
April 19th, 2016 6:16pm
Why does it take me so long to fall asleep?
April 19th, 2016 1:12am
Why do I never feel completely rested?
April 19th, 2016 6:18pm
Why can't I get up in the morning even when I go to bed early?
April 19th, 2016 1:09am
Why am I less tired when I sleep for less time?
April 19th, 2016 6:43pm
How can I stop waking up early in the morning?
April 19th, 2016 5:59pm
Why do I find myself tossing and turning all night, even though I'm not thinking about anything?
April 19th, 2016 6:25pm
What is the best way to help someone who is detoxing on their own?
April 19th, 2016 6:37pm
What are some ways to help make opiate withdrawal easier?
April 19th, 2016 6:41pm
Whenever I go home, my parents treat me like a teenager again - how can I stop this from happening?
April 19th, 2016 10:21pm
Why can't I please my parents?
April 19th, 2016 6:07pm
What's the best way to listen attentively to what your family has to say in all situations without becoming frustrated?
April 19th, 2016 1:05am
How do I tell my parents I want to leave their religion?
April 19th, 2016 6:34pm
How can I talk to my sister about her drug problem without her getting defensive and/or leaving?
April 19th, 2016 6:21pm
How do I forgive my parents?
April 19th, 2016 6:30pm