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Hello my name is Kaylei. I am 21 years old and I am an addict.
My father started drinking alcohol heavily after this situation which caused our family to plummet. I spent years with a drunk father and lost all personal connection with him as the years passed and I became addicted to marijuana shortly after I graduated high school and coming out as gender fluid & Pansexual.  
Excuses, excuses but I was pressured into trying it for the first time.  I always grew up hating drugs and alcohol because of what I went through with my father. I ended up falling in love with the feeling of being high, though it was difficult to obtain the weed due to our ages.  I ended up moving to Fort Collins with some friends where I became heavily attached to being high. I smoked daily, all day. It started to become so bad that I would smoke a bowl before my 6am shift at work and then get home and smoke 5-10 bowls after that.  I felt so good, well that’s what I thought. I lost my relationship with God first. I stopped everything there was to do with God. Next was my personal relationships with my family and shortly after that was my mental health. I struggled from a young age of MDD & GAD but what I didn’t realize is that the marijuana is going to have such a harder affect on my mental health.  I had plans to end my life and ended up in Mountain Crest Behavioral Center on a 72 psychiatric hold and soon after stopped smoking for a solid month. I moved in with my grandma so I could have a safer environment. When my birthday rolled around I got stoned with my best friend, and when I mean stoned, I mean stoned. We had paranormal things going on that we thought were seriously real.  As my intake began to increase I realized I wanted to move out of grandmas house and in with a coworker. Cheyenne and I moved in together and I started to introduce her to more marijuana (she was already smoking a little bit). Months passed and I stopped talking to my family and friends. I wanted nothing to do with anything besides work and marijuana. May of 2019 rolled around and I confessed my feelings to my roommate and she was able to confess her own feelings for me, and that was the beginning of an amazing relationship.  Cheyenne and I became super close and smoked marijuana like crazy. I began to open up to her about my mental health and how I truly hated life. Because life sucked, and it truly did, I was high. December 22 she walked in on me trying to end my life and she immediately took me to the hospital where I was put back into Mountain Crest for 3 more days, wow what fun that was this time around. The cravings were intense. After my 3 days they wanted me to go into an intensive outpatient program for my mental health. On the 28th Chey and I decided to trip acid for the first time.  She had a terrible experience and made to decision to completely stop smoking all together, she has been sober month strong. I also wanted to quit for her but wow was it hard. I had no self control. The 3 weeks before I started this program I cut back from ⅛ oz a day to one to two hits a day, but I knew I couldn’t stop on my own.  
I tripped acid again and realized “Holy shit the drugs are making my mental health worse” and that is when I realized I had the same addictive behavior my father had for alcohol.  That is when I knew it was an issue. I thought back to my past and realized all of the relationships I had lost and all of the amazing things I have missed out on. After quitting smoking I began to have extreme cravings, tremors, sweats.  I was sure as hell addicted. My biggest plan for the future is to learn to relax on my own. I struggle so hard to just sit still or relax. To stay sober I plan on keeping myself occupied, removing myself from uncomfortable situations, and being true to who I am.  I plan to be more of myself because I do struggle with acceptance due to my sexuality. It was very hard on my family to see their little girl, Kaylei, to turn out more “manly” than expected. As I am beginning to accept myself and my flaws it is making it easier to come out to my family and be honest.
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Feedback & Reviews
they are so empathetic and understanding. its amazing
You were a great help
Great help!! Love her she's amazing!
Our talk didn't last long, as by the time I've finished writing this, I'd have left 7CupsOfTea (it's a great site, and it's not that I'm disappointed). But Kaylei was very nice, and an interesting person to have gotten to known. Very good with listening, and very caring.

Thanks, Kaylei! I hope you enjoy the song I sent!
My session with Kaylei72 was amazing. She really helped me with my problem. I had trouble sleeping and after my session with Kaylei72 I think I will be able to sleep much better now. ^_^ ARIGATO!
Perfect! Thanks so much
The most amazing person in the whole wide world!!
very kind caring will come back and talk to her again
fantastic person to talk to in a time in need
She tells me what she honestly sees, not just what you'd want to hear
I think Kaylei was a very good listener, she listened, responded and showed sympany very well. I would certainly say she was a very good listener indeed :)
Very nice. Thank you so much!
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