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Heya, Thank you for stumbling upon this profile of mine. I'm Mah-Noor, a girlie from Norway. I like writing, reading, poetry, philosophy, reflecting upon great questions and helping people out. My friends describe me as empathetic, laid-back, and humorous :P I can't wait to talk to you!! Feel free to send me a DM

||I am a girl from Norway. I have a lot of experience with excessive envy, relationship stress, breakups, family stress, not fitting in, loneliness and I would love to try to make you see the brighter side of things. 

I am also willing to have a decent conversation with you if you need that. I am a very laid back person and can talk about everything!

I look forward to being speaking to you soon
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Feedback & Reviews
very kind and compassionate listener
great constructive advice i feel a bit better and kind of clear of what i need to do and also brutally honest
great listener, very wise understanding and helpful. Thank you
Very kind and engaging
Wise beyond their years, was a non-judgmental and empathetic listener!
Thank you :)
Was very friendly, great help
A very nice person, quite fun and I had a good laugh. :)
KindBean was helpful
Quite good
you're the best person and the best listener of all time. 10/10 - IGN
Best listener I ever talked with.
best person i've ever met
thx nice talking to u
Such a kind bean ❤
totally awesome, best listener i've ever spoken with :) thanks so much for talking with me, you're the best :) love you
Really amazing
She's great especially since I'm new here
Awesome to chat to xx
REALLY GREAT LISTENER!! Very positive and encouraging. Good advice. Thanks highly recommended
Talking to KindBean2002 didn't only help me sort out my problems but also gave me hope. I found a way to escape my anxious as well as a friend to talk to whenever I'm in need of help. Thanks a lot.
Very lovely person
Thank you for your help 😀
Great keep up the good work :)
They were kind and so sweet. I was honored to chat with them.
Thanks for the time! You're a good listener
Thank you for your time! It's good to know that there's someone who will listens :)
very nice
Such a wonderful person
very nice
Helped mewhile I was feeling ignored
Thanks so much
You are unbelievable. In the best sense of the word.
Thank's for listening :) I feel much more better
Great listener and an awesome person
Very kind and gentle.
very good to talk...great help!!!!
Really helpful!
They were very kind and understanding.
Thank you so much! X
They were very kind and understanding to my problem.
She was good
An absolutly amazing person
Shes nice and supportive.
Very nice
It was a really nice talk, it helped me a lot!
very considerate and asks questions so they can know how i'm feeling - really appreciate
Thank you! :)
A very good listener
really sweet.. they really understand me and respect me. Thats what I look for in a listener.
Awesome! Made me feel better in no time!
Thank you so much for caring!!!! You were wonderful!
They are amazing they answered quickly and made me feel like I wasn't aloe
Thank you
It helped a lot
Such a sweetheart! One of the best listeners ever.
Really appreciate their effort. Very good and kind.
super helpful :)
KindBean2002 is a really encouraging, friendly and kind listener. Talking with this listener helped me a lot being more positive about my current situation and to find a way out.
She is a very kind bean.
Has been absolutely lovely and helped a lot so far.
Sweetest heart
Thank you
Awesome person to talk to!
I felt good. And satisfied with myself after this talk.
such a good listener!
Very understanding and quick to respond
Shes really nice, hopeful, caring and makes me feel better about my self nothing more I could ask for. She just like a friend because no one else listens to me in my family and also because i'm cyber-schooled. Best Listener Ever! :)
Thank you so much for the help!
Thank you for being my first listener ♥♥♥
Is a walking dank meme
Will much smile
Wow. Much helpfulness
You're a very sweet individual and I am really happy you didn't judge or compare me. I appreciate how much you cared, and how fast your responses were.
You were a lovely person to talk to!!! You've really lifted a weight off of my shoulders and I wish you the best of luck in your own life, thank you.
Loved it💕💕
I really appreciate your support and kindness. Thanks for being there.
You were very kind to me after all my moving and my life. I really appreciate you letting me rant. Thanks

-Allie (alex/Alexis)
reeeally helpful and nice :')
Great listener!
I really appreciated you non judgmental acceptance of me
He was really kind and helpful but he kept disappearing halfway through our chats.
Very lovely, and her passive compliments really made me feel more positive :)
They were really patient, caring and helpful with my problem. I feel a lot better now thanks to their help! I'm thankful I had their help :)
They were really patient at me and helped me through my problem, I think I'm doing better thanks to their help.
Amazing person
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