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Listener - Marvel 9

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Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about something difficult, sad, frustrating or emotionally-charged. I am happy to just listen or to help brainstorm solutions. 

Besides being a verified active listener, my other roles here include:

-Quality Mentor
-Listener Coaching Team
-Safety Patrol Outreach Team
-Anonymous Evaluation Feedback Team
-Verifier for Verified Listener Team

Number of Ratings: 239
Number of Reviews: 204
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Mar 19, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 1,045
Cheers 285,361
People Helped 924
Chats 5,389
Group Support Chats 3
Listener Group Chats 11
Forum Posts 109
Forum Upvotes 137
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Feedback & Reviews
One of the best listeners on 7cups. Kind, responsible, friendly and with a heart of gold. Thanks so much for listening to me
She can heal your medulla her.....she has some natural powers 😊💕
very mature and sound, with depth of human connection and relationship
Very attentive, friendly, and relatable
It was really uplifting
this listener solve my problem in a really quick time
Wonderful listener. Helped a lot.
arsh here thanks
Patience, caring, feel your prblm. I mean absolutely lovely woman. I'm blessed to have her. 😇
Such an awesome listener. She was so gently and kind. I felt like I could be my true self. High praise.
Very patient and supportive. Talking to them helped me a lot
Just the sweetest.
All around great
Very generous and thoughtful. I feel better x2 times. Thankyousomuch.
good listener, positive attitude
I felt so much better after the chat. Introduced me some really beneficial sources and methods I could try to reflect. Much appreciated.
Wonderful and great listener
Super helpful, definitely recommend
best listener on cups i promise. asks the right questions. empathizes deeply. helped me appreciate my bf. also my bf's long lost twin. so that helped hehe. i am so glad i got to chat with you. you are one of the best things that has happened to me on cups!!! i will bug you again with the journey you helped me begin 🤭
Seems like a helpful person :)
Thank you so much Katie
Very calming and helpful
So kind 🤍 understanding and non judgemental 🤍
She is helpful.
Kind and caring! It was calming talking to her
Possitive, compassionate and kind. Made me feel better❤
I just joined 7cups on a whim because I really needed to talk to someone right now, and Kindness was an amazing listener who really cheered me on!! thank you so much for connecting with me and for all the words of encouragement, I really appreciate it!
Encouraging, kind, and positive. She can really bring out the best in you and feel your issues. Her words resonated with me deep down. Such a beautiful human being. She really makes me believe that humanity exists today. Thank you!
first time for tis thing and i enjoyed very much
She's great. Helped me as much as she could.
This was by far my best chat ever. She is a remarkable Listener!
they’re amazing
Extremely kind and supportive. God bless you.
Very helpful!! Helped me with all my problems and gave great solutions. I'm so thankful for getting this help AND support.
this listener was amazing. Although unable to help me with my particular reason for seeking a listener today they were able to find somebody who was able and I am so thankful and grateful that they were there to help
They were compassionate, caring, and wonderful to talk to. They let me explain my situation, and understood my situation right away. The analysis of my situation that they made and how detail oriented and caring they were all throughout amazes me. They listened to me like a friend and offered support and guidance. I was panicking about my situation before talking to them, but I left feeling more at ease and with a plan forward. I feel so relieved because of them. I cannot thank them enough. :)
Thanks for being patient with me
Amazing and kind
So thoughtful and KIND! Helped me gain perspective and come up with ideas on how to handle stuff
Loved it! if you in need of a serious mature help - she is one to go to. Some people may have skills, she's got TALENT and INSIGHT!
Nice gentle and kind
Very helpful and I realized it's not all my fault. Great listener and tries to engage what the problem is.
Awesome wonderful amazing beautiful chat peace love blessings
Made me laugh and feel better in my worst. So sweet, lovely, kind, funny and warm. I am so lucky to meet her. Thanks a lot Captain!
very kind and supportive. the best listener I talked to
Good listener. Insight questions to help coach me.
Amazing listener listened to all my concerns and helped a lot would defo Recommend ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Great listener and provided a lot of good things to think about from our conversation.
Great listener!
Really helpful person. Really helped put things into perspective
Good person thanks
A genuine person that really wants to help!
Amazing chat thank you so much
Great conversations
attentive. exactly what I needed
One of the best listeners.
Very good talk 🙂
Really made me feel understood
I feel heard. Gave me ressources about things they might not know
Very kind and positive.
She heard me out with so much patience and genuinely made an effort to make me feel better. Thank you!
Responfds immediate
Very kind and supportive listener with practical direction to help.
Very good listener Thoughtful and caring Non judgmental and seems to genuinely try to understand Five stars
Really helpful listener like an ANGEL! I am lucky i found her. :)
awesome and kind, thank you
10/10, loved it. awesome chatter
Very helpful and asked great questions.
Thank you for being there.. ❤️
You are an amazing person, always makes me see that how I feel is not wrong, thank you for being there for me
This has been the most supporting chat I have had here! Showed me the right way to think and be. I am glad I came across them
Empathetic and great!
She is understanding
attentive person
She's someone who reassured that I was not the problem, listened to everything I had to say and gave me the strength to move forward. Thank you so much.
She did amazing!
Very empathetic!
Good listener to talk
Very attentive and understanding. Top notch!
Very good listener with positivity and novel solutions
She is kind and very patient.
thoughtful and considerate! thanks
Wonderful kind listener. Really related to my own experiences.
Really great listener, great positivity and suggestions.
Very kind and understanding person.
I liked it, helpful chat.
Thanks for helping me calm down!
Gave me a much needed lift in self esteem x
Kind and understanding
Really appreciated the thoughtful nature of the listener and their understanding for my situation.
So far so good. Just started but already feeling calmer
Insanely patient, it's not always easy to handle me. Thanks!
Awesome session and very polite and acvomodating.
She’s a great listener and even offers new ideas and suggestions
Very kind and genuine :)
Great listener.. shows great patience, very kind hearted, emphatizing, engages with good questions and very responsive..Thank You..
Great listener. I felt safe and un-judged the whole time.
Empathetic listener. Really helped put things into perspective. I feel so much better after talking to them!
Amazing listener!
Really made me feel more comfortable and talking through my situation with her really helped me! I highly recommend her!
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