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Hey there! I am Elisabeth, i am from Singapore!:) Welcome to 7 cups! I'm so glad you're here. I'm here to help you out with any problems you may be having. And I promise I will do my best to help you. I enjoy helping people as it would always bring a smile to my face, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends. I have gone through a lot, depression, anxiety, Bullying, Family Stress, Loneliness. And i have overcome it! If I can do it, so can you! I hope that after my chat with you, you will be able to feel better! :) 

-Never explain yourself to anyone. You don't need anyone's approval. Live your life and do what makes you happy. - 
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Hey there! I am so glad that you took the first step out to seek help! :) If you would like to ask me anything, you can leave me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible! :) 
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Feedback & Reviews
Wise and empathetic with an open mind. Understands life and very supportive! She doesn’t give up on me and one of the most beautiful people inside out. Non judgmental and her responses are filled with love, she helped me to see the world through a different perspective and followed up with me diligently. she is as good as an actual therapist. i don’t where i would be if i hadn’t connected to her. Her words are brimming with maturity and she is, in simple words, the best and the epitome of what all listeners should be. She showed me so much love, care and concern, we discovered new paths and solutions together. I was a little rude to her but she still listens to me patiently and made me feel like i mattered. I usually don’t leave reviews but she truly picked up the pieces of my life and made me get out of a dark place. She is a treasure and the sweetest person i’ve ever talked to. Anyone who’s a friend of her must count their blessings. Never met someone this kind and have such a beautiful personality. Bless you, reverie, i’ll always be grateful for you.
Shes really nice
LesReverie really helped me even though my problem wasn't that big. LesReverie's response time was quick and kind of professional, the tips were from personal experience and he/she knew what to say.
She did an excellent job of listening and responding thoughtfully to my issues, and she helped me explore some really tough stuff that I've been going through and put words to my own emotions so that I could understand them better. It's really difficult trying to process and get through deeply seated emotional stuff without understanding where it's coming from, and I honestly think it'd still be weighing on me if I hadn't spoken to her. There's still a good number of issues, but my conversation with her was the impetus of change that I really needed when I came here in a bad place. She asked if I had any constructive critiques, but I really don't have any.
She was very relatable and helped a lot!
Very dedicated and loyal to her members! She is absolutely fantastic, she listeners, and uncovers your feelings about the situation, and also cares for you in a manner that can't even be explained in words!
She is really caring and attentive, non judgemental and cares for you deeply. She solved so many of my problems. She guided me along the whole way and i feel really grateful to her. She is my superhero now. She is the best person ever and i would recommend you to find her. She would care for you to no ends. Once again, THANK YOU LES REVERIE!!!
Awesome. Helped me realize a lot. Thanks
Really sweet
she is really nice and kind, she does not judge me, and is very caring. even after a certain amount of time, she still would check up with me often to find out how i am doing. she helped me to the best of her ability, and for that, i did like to thank her for it. She is very empathetic with my situation. I would most certainly recommend you to look for her should you need a listener and just want to vent out your problems. Be it big matter or very small matter, she pays her utmost attention to you.
She is amazing, sweet responsize and empathetic she doesnt judge and is extrmely helpful
She was empathetic, non-judgemental very helpful and you could tell her your problems and she was try and help to her best ability, an her best ability was the best
Dear Kind Lady,
you are the best listener i have ever come across!! you have filled my life with hope, and i hope that one day, i can be just like you! :) you have inspired me ever so much!! THANK YOU SO MUCH
Hey LesReverie, you have really been a great help to me! i feel so much better after my chat with you, and, you have given me a solution i would never be able to come up with myself! THANK YOU SO MUCH LESREVERIE!!!! i will surely come to you to next time i need help! you are the best!!!
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