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Mephobia |
Listener - Marvel 5

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Without you there would be no me.
I am everything reflected in your eyes.
I am everything approved by your smile.
I am everything born of you.
I am me only because of you.

Number of Ratings: 282
Number of Reviews: 110
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Languages English
Listener Since Jun 29, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
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Feedback & Reviews
She's awesome... She really listens and never judged me the whole conversation and I could really trust her and open up :)
Really helpful
Mephobia really really helped me and I felt fully supported.
thanks for listening
Thanks , !
It was great to talk you , Thanks for hope that you gave me I am safe I feel ..:) hope to remain in contact ..
Very pleasant and comforting listener
One of the best listeners I've come across here. Needled me with questions and helped me through a very stressful time. Inspired me with her friendliness and humour. Would definitely love talking to her again. Also, threatened to punch me at one point, so be careful.
Awesome listener, knew all about startup support and that is why she is here to help.
you are sooo lovely and friendly :) helped me alot :)
Understanding and helpful. Made it enjoyable. Didn't just plaster me with comments about my situation and what I needed to do, instead asked questions and listened well.
pretty darn good. anyone who volunteers on this site to listen is to be commended for their compassion.
Mephobia is an awesome listener and talking to her I felt like I was already talking to an old friend.
Fantastic person to talk to. Very intelligent, insightful and empathetic. Highly recommend!
Sophie is an amazing person who understands me. And I'm surprised she's a lot like me. And even though I'm bad at penning a perfect review for her, which she totally deserves, she knows how I felt. And that says a lot more than words.
nice lady. helped me a lot.
amanzig to talk to making me feel better aready
Excellent, exceptionally understanding and deeply insightful - a listener who listens . Someone you can count on to make the situation better :)
Incredible help. This is a great site that I just discovered today and that excels beyond comparison. Thanks
Great listener, nice energy!
She is Sun and we are the planet , the light she spreads , makes us shine , and we make others # ONLY HUMAN SUN I KNOW
she made me laugh a lot . i was crying before i start talking with her .
You can give me a million dollar or a 5 minutes with her , i would choose those 5 minutes with her, because i know in those 5 minutes she could do her magic on me and i would go and earn twice more !!
a wonderful supporter for me!
She is absolutely awesome !!! I am glad to have met her on 7cups.. Shes the best listener!
very helpful and friendly
She is the most awesome Queen of Awesome Helpers ever!!!
You are the best
Great listener, focussed guidance. Wonderful person.
Really great thanks
She is really a professional and responsive and I'd talk to her whenever I need to talk...
Love the way she responded
She is a truly wonderful person. sweet caring and so sympathetic! Whatever you are going through, and I was going through some stuff... She will make you feel brave enough to be yourself do what's right for you..
thank you
Sophie's a wonderful person. She has a good heart.
A Good Listener.
Far exceeded what I thought possible. Been a great help and I know will continue to be so. Many thanks.
She is good at giving good advice☺
Sophie made me feel heard and gave me pratical ways to tackle my issue. I left the conversation feeling calm and ready to face my problem head on. She is amazing!
You're my role model...
So kind and respect
Gud and kind
Wonderful. Left session feeling better. Thank you Sophie!
They were very nice and insightful. I thought they were great to talk to.
I was feeling down. Now i feel better. This means this listener is great :)
Sophie is a very caring person who is good at listening and providing practical advice!
She is the listener everyone needs. I like how she is friendly and its ok to speak your mind when you're overwhelmed and sad. She is definitely hard to beat. A true person with sincere feelings to help someone in need.
One of the most helpful listeners I have ever encountered. Empathetic, easy to talk to, and gave GREAT advice. I came on here feeling down in the dumps and torn up and I feel much better... Thanks!
I really like talking to you... You make me feel better, umm you don't realize that, maybe because I'm really bad at expressing how I feel... Everyday I look forward to talking to you.. You're the only one who understand s and tryies to understand even if my problems seem silly... Thank you for everything... Love... :)
Thanks for understanding
Sophie is the best listener. :) She is very caring and support so well that I don't have words to thank her. I have chatted with her in the extreme distress and really never forget the healing help she has done by her soothing words. Thank you Sophie. :)
She is really great.
She is a wonderful listener and has an amazing talent for helping other's in need. Everyone should send her a message as l recommend to all people out there in tough times or dealing with struggles - raspberryOrange7450
Sophie is my hero:) I was having a horribly depressing day and she was like a breath of fresh air! She gave me hope and joy, and I feel like found a real friend. Cannot say enough lovely things about this sweet lady!
I was just starting to feel better after 6 long months of depression. I probably needed a push to positive side which this amazing listener did. I'm very thankful to her for her time and effort. God bless you Sophie.
What a great listener Sophie is! I am really happy that Sophie picked up my chat today and I could share with her. I feel like talking with a good friend, though I was talking for the first time with her. It's really difficult to convey such a great compassion virtually, but Sophie does it so nicely and naturally that it relieves your worries and a bond of trust is built. She is really an ideal listener.
Writing you a review is super tough because how much ever I write is always going to be less.

You’re super awesome not only as a listener but as a person. You listened, you cared, you calmed me down, you made me laugh, you were always welcoming whenever I was feeling unwanted or low & most importantly you spoke to me like the best friend I always wanted. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me & the change you have brought in my life & my negative beliefs. It has always been a pleasure talking to you.

I might be lucky that I got a listener like you. You’re simply the BESTEST! I wish you all the success & hope all your dreams come true. Have a great day & life. You deserve it.
A wonderful friend in the form of a listener!!
When you are stressed or something happened and you are trying to understand and process it, Sophie will be there for you and calm you down, makes things more simple and walk you through your feelings back to harmony. Great listener!
This listener helped me to organise my thoughts and doesn't judge
Can't say enough about Sophie. Helpful, thoughtful, empathetic, funny, and sometimes infuriating. A breath of fresh air in the ether.
I am lucky to have found such a compassionate listener ! :)
Really good friend, and a pure soul to talk to
A listner who is truelly concerned with ur problems..Great talkin with u !!
Very thoughtful and optimistic, she helped me many times fighting gloominess :)
Sometimes she brings out the worst in me, which is exactly what I need right now. But she does it gently, and with great empathy. I treasure our time together. She is an island in an ocean.
A really good and compassionate listener, you get comfortable enough to share and you are assured you are going to be heard
Very kind. Very helpful.
She's such a sweetheart :) Brought a smile to my face.
The connection and acceptance is soothing. It helps to know that someone promptly and whole heartedly wants to lend a patient ear!
She is like sweet, cool water. An oasis in the desert. So attentive and emotionally generous. When the rest of the world just won't be there for you, Sophie will. You can count on it.
Extremely helpful and understanding and prompt
A gift.
The listener was both patient and understanding! Really helped
Thank you
Sophie was very easy to connect with. I wasn't sure about any of this, but I'm very impressed. She is attentive, direct, experienced (I believe), and has good taste in music. I look forward to chatting with her again. She really helped.
Sophie is a person who is really there, but unlike therapists I met so far, she is fully there, flesh and blood, a real human and a real friend, giving her own experiences as an example to better understand our problems. It was very weird how randomly the system connected us being so similar, doing similar things and having similar experiences, this way with two similar heads, we could hold our hands and go through those emotions we try to understand. I so much enjoy her company and always look forward to the next session. Talking to her really calms me down and I hope I can help her a bit too.
she was very kind, attentive, and compassionate
Very kind and helpful
Thank you. You are a sweet, calm and organized helper :)
Sophie. You are an amazing listener and very comfortable to talk with. You lifted a lot off my shoulders.
She is very supportive and really remembers all our conversations and tasks, spends a lot of time thinking about possible solutions and is like a true friend
SohonisbaXavier has been a real help to me in my time of need. They listen to everything I say, and helps me process the emotions I'm going through. I honestly felt better after being able to talk to them, and their words were really supportive of what I was going through. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone struggling with breakups and separation issues, because it truly helped me.
Outstanding listener and a good thinker.Approaches you with kindness and empathy.I highly recommend this lady :)
One of the best, lucky to have her as a listener
A really great person to talk to! !
good listener
She very helpful and patient, Thanks so much for being there for me, i appreciate it so much
Sophie was quick to respond and very thoughtful about the advice. I found her to be very sympathetic.
She was different.. and it was awesome.. Said exactly what i needed to hear and asked me questions from different perceptions.. Simply Fantastic..
Really helpful.. Made me think so much!
She's so caring. Her words really helps to improve my self-esteem. Thank you.
She is a great listener n u feel really at ease to talk freely
one of the best listeners i have talked to.. She made me smile and laugh in a way that no one could ever do, in a long time... she's always up with something funny and sweet to say.. I know we didn't get off with a great start but things have been so much better in the days that followed :P are an awesome,She's an amazing, sweet, modest, funny, crazy person.. Replies pretty instantly at anytime of the day or night.. She's a superwoman with superpowers of making me laugh even when i'm at my worst mood.. And greater than all she's an amazing friend.. I hope to keep talkin to you even more.. You make my days special.. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.. (P.S You're gonna get all your chocolates, that's a promise) :P :)
A wise and sweet listener.
An angel from God in a disguise of friend!
I needed someone and this did the trick for me. I felt as if i was about to check out and some one very beautiful helped me with a big open heart. Thanks
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