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"the mark of a true hero is somebody who’s willing to sacrifice their own personal morality to help keep the world safe.” -unknown

"my powers might not last, chloe." -max "life is strange"

"that's okay—we will. forever." -chloe "life is strange"

"once you get over yourself, you're going to make the world bow." -chloe "life is strange"

"as long as you're there with me..." -max "life is strange"

"don't look so sad. i'm never leaving you..." -chloe "life is strange"

hello hello <3

im merritt, brynnden, elli, mercury or as most people know me, cj; && i'm german. i love art. my favorite animals are deer and elephants. stars intrigue me.

| cj | she/he/they | german | taken af |

 i'm taken by the most fantastic human being on this planet. 

 tiberius ♡  

i was lost in the darkness

you were my light

it took me forever

but i finally reached the end of the tunnel

and together, we made things right


i only help teens.

i will be here for you if you need me, so feel free to message me if you see me when looking for a listener. i don't bite.

i'm here to listen to you.

i have autism and i'm part of LGBTQ+ if you need help regarding these two things, i will listen to you and help you the best i can with the knowledge i have. 

i also have depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. i'm also going through some major bullying. if you struggle with any of these things, i'll make sure to let you know that life is definitely worth living.

i believe that everyone is perfect in their own way and everyone is a good person no matter how evil or bad they may seem. i only see the good side to people so if you would like to talk to me about any confessions/regrets you have, i'm all ears. you won't have to worry about anyone else knowing, either.

if you appreciate what i did for you, please give feedback so i can know and others can know too! 

remember, you are wanted and you are loved, my love. 



also it would be amazing if you could read this, upvote it and share it! thank you! <3



much love to:

@feistyfox100 <3

@grapefruit27 <3

stay strong, my friends. never be afraid to message me about anything. 

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the most helpful listener I've come across so far. very empathetic.
very emphatic and helpful.
very kind
Very kind and understanding
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