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Hello, I'm Mimi. I'm glad you've found me on 7 Cups of Tea. I'm a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with any problem-no matter how big or small. I'm especially great with supporting people with relationship & family problems, eating disorders, anxiety, bullying, and depression. I'm here to help you as much as I can, and hopefully have you leaving with a smile on your face.

A little bit about me: I enjoy singing, dancing and art. I'm one of those writers who sits up really late at night in an over sized hoodie tapping away at the key board trying to save all my genius ideas- well, at least I think they're genius lol I love mini adventures, especially at the beach when seaweed attacks my limbs and i freak out! : ) On a more serious note I've overcome a lot in life, and I've been at an all time low, I understand how it feels to be completely lost for a lengthy period of time. Sometimes all we need to do is talk and have someone listen, and that is exactly what I am here for. Glad you are here, you're never alone! ღ

****It upsets me that I even have to mention this, but please treat me like a human being. If I am helping you: I do my absolute best to provide you with insightful information, respect your thoughts and opinions, and I would like the same respect back. Rarely do I ever use the block button, but I always give a fair warning. I do not tolerate vulgar, indecent, or rude behaviour.****

Remember you are the artist of your life, and you control the paintbrush to create a bright future. No one can take that away from you. Take flight when you are ready. Practice your craft, and perfect it.- Love Mimi

Number of Ratings: 83
Number of Reviews: 35
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, French
Listener Since Mar 7, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 520
Cheers 44,372
People Helped 81
Chats 957
Group Support Chats 46
Listener Group Chats 4
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Feedback & Reviews
just amazing.
A wonderful listener! She helps provide clarity in the most confusing of times. I could not be more grateful.
She's a very highly requested listener, and now i finally know why. Mimi is a pro at what she does.
Cheers to the best listener on this site!
Mimi has helped me through a lot. She's my number one listener. Love her!
you never fail to help and the fact that you are so selfless makes me believe. You are a really special woman. Hardly ever do you come across someone like you. Thanks for every time you lent me your ears, gave me your non-judgemental thoughts, and a sweet voice to hear. A thanks is all I can give but you deserve much more
thanks for the help hun
I admire your heart. When my hope was running low you appeared out of no where [:
Mimi, thank you for staying with me when I was going through all these bad things. I don't think you realize how happy it makes someone like me.
Went above and beyond expectations. Highly recommend her
my guardian angel & she doesn't even know it...thanks Mimi
She's a kool kat, has eyes that shine like a sunrise, magic in her words, helps you fly like a bird
Is it selfish I don't want anyone to find this listener? Hope that made you smile Mi! It is John aka mango
A very helpful listener, she makes you forget everything when you are talking to her, and it's a refreshing feeling. I was very impressed by her response time, and how polite she was during our 1-on-1. She's funny too and the best part about that is she gets you to see the lighter side of things! Thanx Mimi
Thank you for saving me and stopping me from self-harm Mimi
sending love your way xx
She is a wonderful person very helpful she listens very carefully and she understand very well. The world needs people like her
As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Thanks for making me laugh and feel better
was pretty desperate to find a decent listener...was about ready to quit when I tried mimi....literally could not have picked anyone better. Dead honest, which is what i needed. Also, very helpful for coming to terms with reality. It was a long process....and to be able to do it all in one chat...I wish I could give her six stars.
Professional, kind, good respond time. Someone who makes you feel comfortable talking too.
Best listener I've had, she responds quickly, provides eye opening insights and is very patient. She made me feel better and let me tell my story. Even if it was long she did not rush me once.
Fantastic, Had helped me with everything i have said so far, and we will continue messaging tomorrow so she can help me with other problems. In one word i would describe her as Compassionate.
She's quite literally an angel walking on Earth
Great listener, insightful feedback, timely responses. Definitely brightened my day up!

You are one of those listeners who genuinely wants to make a change in other people's life :) Thanks for letting me know that you are there for me. I know I can count on you anytime. You are the BEST. Stay amazing and keep up the good work !! :) :)
She is the most caring and genuine listener I have met. I felt like giving up, but Mimi put a smile on my face. She didn't rush me, and she stayed with me for the time that I needed. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me. It builded my trust with you.
You are one of those listeners who genuinely wants to make a change in other people's life :) Thanks for letting me know that you are there for me. I know I can count on you anytime. You are the BEST. Stay amazing and keep up the good work !! :) :)
She is perfect, I don't know where I'd be without her ,she has helped me so much ,if you ever need someone there is no one better
she is very helpful, sweet and non-judgemental
Really helped me to get my mind off the bad and on the good....really great listener...
thanks Mimi
Mimi has been so helpful with everything that I've been dealing with. She's been really insightful and just a really great person to talk to.
Hey, I love talking to you! You are always so helpful, funny and make me laugh! :D Great person to talk too. :)
She was genuinely concerned. It was sincere empathy. I really apreciated being taken seriously.
super lovely :)
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