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Molbaby2022 |
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I am Molly I'm 17, I live in Washington, I'm a junior in highschool, and I'm a PROUD bisexual girl, 🏳️‍🌈 and I'm a Cancer ♋️ 

The reason I joined 7 cups is because I've gone through so much in my life and felt like I had no one to turn to and I thought to myself if I can take my experiences and what I've learned and help others than that is exactly what I want to do.

In my life I've dealt with Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, Family Stress, Relationship stress, Bipolar disorder, Mental Health, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, ADHD , Bullying, , grief, lGBTQIA+, loneliness, self esteem, sleeping well, toxic relationships, and breakups. One of my specialties is talking about LGBTQIA+

I would love it if u could leave reviews as it helps me know if I'm doing a good job and can also help others know that I am good to talk to.

I’m intrested in Makeup, Singing, Reading romance and fantasy books, Basketball,Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Calligraphy, Dogs, Ceramics, Watching medical and crime shows.

My Girl Listener Friends 
@alohqKaysuch an amazing girl and friend great to talk to she's so compassionate and friendly, she's so funny and has a great personality, she is smart and creative too, I'm so glad I met her I absolutely love her so much.

@Azalea98Such a cool person , who loves to help people and she's a great mentor as well, I am glad I found her.

@maddyyXoXoThis girl is so amazing, she is so funny literally has the best sense of humor, and she has an amazing bubbly personality, such a great friend I love this girl.

@Lavenderaesthetic081401This girl is so amazing , she's compassionate, funny, friendly,and a joy to be around, I absolutely love her.
My Guy Listener Friends

@marsmarshmallowThis guy is so amazing like one of the most down to earth and real person u could ever meet, he's so caring and one of the best listeners he will always be real with you, I'm so dang glad I met him he's the best.

@fujitheflowerboy: Fuji is so smart and funny, he understands u and will always be real with you, he cares a lot about others and is a down to earth guy, he's amazing and I'm glad I met him.

@Frayed:  Lance is so fun to talk to he just makes u feel better he's funny and compassionate, loves helping people, has empathy for others and just an overall great guy I'm so glad I met him.

@RuyinnkRuyin is such a cool guy, he's smart and funny chill and laid back, he's great at helping people and talking to them.

@CableBeSerious778This guy is an amazing person inside and out I absolutely love talking to him whenever I get the chance, he's compassionate, and he likes helping people, he has the best sense of humor and is so nice I'm glad I met him.

@lovingmoon1505Vendant is such a cool guy, he has a great sense of humor and loves helping people, he's fun to talk to and is so caring, I'm so glad I can call him a friend.

My Member Friends
@Kimmkimm: This girl is so dang important to me she is like my best friend and my sister, I love her so much and am so glad that I met her she is beautiful inside and out i love u my kimmita!


To The World You May Be One Person,  But To One Person You May Be The World - Dr Seuss 

"Hurting Someone's Feelings Is As Easy As Throwing A Rock In The Ocean , But Do You Know How Deep That Rock Goes".

Everything Negative - Pressure, - Challenges - Are All An Opportunitity For Me To Rise - Kobe Bryant

Every Single Day I Wake Up And Commit Myself To Becoming A Better Player - Mia Hamm

Soccer Is More Than adjust A Game, It's More Than Just A Hobby, It's More Than An Escape, It's More Than An Obsession, It's A Lifestyle, A Life I'm Ready To Live - Anonymous 

Working Hard Is One Thing, But Working Hard With Purpose Is What Separates The Good From The Great- Anonymous 

Playing Soccer With Your Feet Is One Thing, But Playing Soccer With Your Heart Is Another - Lionel Messi
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Number of Reviews: 69
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Languages English, American Sign Language
Listener Since Feb 6, 2021
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Feedback & Reviews
Excellent listener, took time to hear me out and most of all not feel bad about it too much. Thanks so much!
She’s amazing, so compassionate and comprehensive. She listens to everything I have to say and understands me. She’s been too helpful, a true angel on Earth.
she’s incredibly nice & comforting, i felt safe with her & as if someone actually cared about my feelings.
very supportive and just amazing overall!
listen to you jugement free
awesome- just, awesome
Shes so friendly and helpful. I recommend her to everyone.
They're so supportive, they listen and understand everything you say, and are overall such a sweet person
She's amazing and a really good listener 💕
made me feel valid and comforted :)
she's cool and helpful
Very kind, made me feel like I’m not alone in this.
very helpful thank you!!
They were so sweet and helped me calm down. Shewas a great listener and made me feel like my emotions were all valid.
super nice and friendly
she was very kind, i liked her a lot
very understanding and nice
Very understanding
Was a great listener
shes really nice!
she was super kind and was able to help me get a better understanding of a situation that I've been stressing over
She is amazing. We talk everyday about my relationship.
omg within the first few exchanges i loved her, she is amazing and listens to you
Very supportive, understanding and nice.....highly recommend.
very sweet and supportive!
She is amazing!!! I love her! I would recommend her a million times if I could.
Amazing listener!
She's really really nice
She is very nice you would love her
Shes so niceee and helpful literally made a friend
love her amazing chat
She was super nice about it and gave me a good coping strategy for my anxiety
Really kind and understanding. Enjoyed talking to her
Very patient and kind!
awesome girl talk!!! super sweet!
very sweet and listens well !
I'm leaving 5 stars for this wonderful listener. I wish more people on 7cups were like you!
She's such a good listener
Really helpful and completely understanding.
She helped and is very patient
she's amazing , and helpful
she is really really nice and makes me feel loved
feels like a friend
Molly is by far one of the kindest people I have talked to here. She was understanding, helpful, and seems very experienced. She taught me a coping strategy for dealing with crises, which I'm incredibly thankful for, so I would surely recommend talking to her as I think she'll be able to help you just like she helped me :)
Molly was really nice and gave me a helpful trick to help cope with my anxiety almost immediately I'm really glad for it! :)
She helped me to feel okay about my issue
they're really great, they taught me a new technique to calm me down when im anxious
love her! she’s so kind and fun i recommend her fully !
Very helpful, kind, and she is supportive
Good listener and sympathetic
Molly listened to me and got me through a difficult time. Just chatting with her made me feel better.
Amazing, very kind and helpful
she's really good
She is a really good listener with a big kind heart, very recommended
Absolutely AMAZING. Helped me out sooooooo much!!!
A great listener, no judgements
Very helpful and relatable.
really helped me out and such a good listener❤️
she listened well and did her job right.
She’s a really kind and an understanding person, highly recommend
so sweet- she’s literally so caring and very helpful!
Awesome, great person! Helped me a load and I know she will help a lot more people too! 😁
Shes really helpful and a grate listener
Chatting with this listener helped clear my thoughts. I also felt listened to.
She was such a great listener and helped me a lot with my confidence in my situation. I definitely recommend her to talk with, she is amazing :)
She was cool, very understanding and helpful even threw a few funny ideas toward me
Listenss nicely makes me feel heard
shes really careing and helped me so much
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