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An introduction
Hello, my name is Faith (it is a nickname).
Originally I signed up for 7Cups, because I wanted to gain knowledge and wisdom by way of talking to people from all walks of life and if I could give something back in return then that would be wonderful. I got what I wanted and I am so very greatful for what I have learned. I have come to realise that my pursuits have changed and as such a rewrite of my profile is in order.

~ I do not care about your gender, your age, what walk of life or background you come from. If you want to built a strong relationship with yourself, I might be able to support you in that.
~ What I value is uniqueness, respect, purity of heart and mind and above all the truth. I desire to help people who have high moral standards for themselves and others, who aim to have strong character and ask themselves the big life questions.
~ I look forward to talking to someone who still longs for the wild. Like a primal, ferral longing; which, no matter how often it has been attempted to be stomped out in you, will not be contained and keeps begging to be brought to the surface. Someone who, even though they may fear the dark a little, also knows deep down that darkness teaches adventure, individuality, mystery and magic and above all how to let go of control and wants it deeply.
~ I know all life to be sentient and sacred, including death; there is no life without it. This is the foundation from which I speak. If you have disdain for spirituality, we are probably not a good fit.
~ I tie almost all problems we face as individuals to the relationship (or better yet,the lack of one) with ourselves. I strongly believe that one of the main reasons that so many people are out of balance, is because of a lack of relationship with the feminine, the dark and the wild. We place ourselves above nature, yet we are nature. We are equal to all who live; plant, animal, the elements and so on and need to be in a symbiotic relationship with them for our own survival as well as to thrive. After all, there are many ways to die, without physically kicking the bucket. Without balance, our souls can not thrive, nor can we take root in ourselves and face any storm in life head on.
~ If you speak a lot of vibrations, dimensions, higher consciousness and oneness, then we may also not be the best fit.
~ If you are being dishonest with yourself, I will tell you.
~ If you suffer from entitlement, arrogance or your staple is to play the victim, I will also tell you that.
~ If you are looking for a sex chat or for someone to condone your longing for an inappropriate, sexual relationship (this has happened to me), you are not welcome here.

My chat hours
I am on Amsterdam time, so pay mind that we may have a time difference. I am here, every Friday from 7 to 9 PM. On and off I am willing to schedule a chat during the week if someone is in dire need to talk (if requirements are met).

That's that. If you have read all of this and feel that we are a good fit send me a message :).

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Feedback & Reviews
Extremely empathetic and helpful
She’s amazing
Kind n caring
One of a kind listener
Faith in humanity restored
Saved my life
Very good advice. Know it's right.
Amazing. I'm speechless...
Worlds greatest listener.. Trust a stranger on this! You wont regret it ;)
very helpful, honest
Amazing and very empathic listener who really understands people. Much recommended!
WOW. just really insightful in helping me sort out issues with my partner, and very perceptive overall.
A good listener, i am very happy i had the opportunity to talk. made me realize few things and look at myself from a different angle. i have fuel to keep coping with my emotions and keep going on with my life.
True, she'll never take your feelings lightly
Very articulate and a genius when it comes to emotional intelligence
An angel! a true helper
Thank you for your help today
The best ever most descriptive - understanding and articulated her responses so well
Great listener!
Amazing listener .. Wow
She is a great help, I felt so much better after talking to her. Deserves a medal to be honest. :)
loveee herrrrrrrrrr
Very compassionate and encouraging
Faith is a God send. She really knows what she is taking about. She really is the sweetest and most understanding listener I have ever encountered
Very good listener, really made me feel better.
Very wise
there for you in time of need
Loveeee herr
A truely wise soul
Thank you Faith
Faith truely lives up to her name. I really appreciate her taking the time to chat to me and giving excellent advice and giving me a little bit of hope when i feel like im in such a dark place. She is better than a therapist.
The most amazing and wisest listener on this site! Trust me on this.. Faith can change your life when you need it :) i have no words to thank you enough faith.. I have faith now.
A great and a very understanding person
Awesome listener, felt sympathy for me when i needed it and allowed me to see what i need to do, thanks! :)
Very empathetic and sweet. She didn't make assumptions and listened well.
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