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   Hewwo! Welcome to my bio. I'm Oliver/Ollie! I'm a 17-year-old gay boy who loves to sleep a lot. (he/him) I'm just a friendly and childish guy, i'm a bit shy and get scared often but i enjoy making people smile. I love cuddles and hugs quite a lot. Honestly i'm just a goofball XD I'm here most of the time so feel free to leave a PM if you need to talk!  

****Important**** I suffer from PTSD and I struggle with depression, anxiety/social anixiety , self-harm, eating disorders, and self-hate. I do not take chats related to abuse of any kind because it is very triggering for me. Please do not ask about why i developed ptsd or ask about my trauma unless i trust you enough to open up about it. 
A list of (some of) the (million) things that trigger me:
Loud noises
Glass breaking
Anything related to hospitals (doctors, nurses etc..)
Mentions of abuse
Unknown people trying to get near me
Any metions of pyshical harrasement
Being in the dark for long periods of time. 

Before you start reading my bio i must warn you it's very messy and caotic. If you choose to continue please take caution while you go in this ride of stupidity lmao. And here, take a muffin for your journey *gives muffin* :)

(You might probably be wondering how I made my bio colorful even though I'm colorblind. I have special glasses that help me see colors properly, what's why I managed to make it look like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

         Here are a  few facts about me that no one asked for but i'll still put them simply because i can:
I love to spend time with my boyfriend and my homies and I also love chocolate milk a lot. ​​​​​​I love playing guitar and I'm proud to be the dad of two wonderful little boys (i know that I'm too young to be a dad) I'm very clumsy. I'm a really shy boi but I like making friends. I take just about every topic you want to talk about.I love every song from Dear Evan Hansen. My hair looks like cotton candy and it is very floofy. I trained karate for over 3 years and I even earned a black belt. I am also a femboy and sometimes i involuntarily regress into little space to cope with my trauma. I usually love to hug people a lot so please let me know if it makes you uncomfy so i can stop. Sometimes i randomly love to sing and dance in my room hehe. I love playing Animal Crossings and Lets Go Pikachu as well! And I also love anime ^^ 

I usually get excited and happy over small/chilish things, i'm sorry if you find that a bit annoying..


#LegalizeAwoo (Awooooooooooo :3)

This section is especially for all you little muffinheads that watch the dream smp a lot. Welcome to the hall of references
Oh no my AC is broken guess I’ll go confess to my best friend (if you understand this reference you are very cool.)
Language!!!!! (lil muffinhead uwu)
This is the axolotl songgggggg! If you know it sing alooooong! I am spining in a circleeeee! And i'm green and not purpleeeeee! 
It was never meant to be.. (TwT)
Muuuuuuum am i adopteeeeeeeeed!? (Yes)

Okay now some funny quotes
“Officer, I dropkicked that child in self defense.” - Technoblade
“Y'know, I once blew up a nation and killed everyone.” - Ghostbur
“So the plan is simple, we find, and we kill Technoblade.” - Quackity
“The only thing that works in this world is that you treat others, as they treat you. Those that have treated me with kindness, I will repay that kindness 10 fold. And those that treat me with injustice! That use me, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends! I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over.” - Technoblade
“Daddy Dream! wait no oh god” - Wilbur Soot
"When god sends me to hell... I want him to hesitate" -Technoblade
“I’ve missed you so much” - Tubbo to Tommy at MCC 13
“We’re not gonna add the bag of spaghetti, but I really want to add the bag of spaghetti. No, ok we’re not gonna the bag of spaghetti” - Ranboo
“Did you just call me giggly boy?” - Dream

Huge shoutout to @ConnySoup for this ones:
You just got corrected by a dyslexic person- Tubbo
Not even close baby, Technoblade never dies!- Technoblade
2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3 please get TommyInnit off my screen- Wilbur
Friends, family, furries- Wilbur
Im… a gay dinosaur- George
This one is probably the cutest so far:
Dream: "What would you say my weakness is?"
Then george responds..
George: "Me"
(I'll add more soon UwU)

Funny things people have said here:

i've been spelig everything wrong for so long i thought the word i sleppsed wright was wog lmfao~ Aster
I was actually made in a lab on Mars, and I've just got a bunch of tiny Martians operating my brain like a robot ~Drear
I hate peanut butter... you shoud beat it up ;) ~Jordan
Adriano Zumbo's forehead is hot ngl ~Nico
Bro ur so uwu and frickn sweet n kind like uwU~ Taco
Yk Ollie i once ate a rock when i was little, yeah  i was a stupid child ngl~ Maya
I was babysitting my nephew once and he called me sexy squidward~ Gem

I'd also like to take a few minutes to thank some people that mean the world to me;

Roxy: I love you more than life itself, you have helped me so much and I will forever be grateful that you exist. With every day that passes you teach me something new everyday. We smiled together, we cried together, we laughed together.. we had so much good memories. I hope someday you'll see how amazing you are 

Irene: My dear sister. I owe you my life, you've been there for me so many times when i thought all the hopewas gone. Every day you teach me to appreciate simple things in life. You're such an awesome and sweet person. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. You're smart and kind and you're a great human. I enjoy talking to you a lot, may the force be with you always

Kimm: Even with our not so nice moments you were always there for me when I needed you. You're always so cheerful and happy and i admire that. Even with every problem that life gives you still find a way to smile and spread this joy to people. I wish i could be like you. Words can't describe how sweet and loving you are. I love you sis <3

Soren: Mr. Soren, i don't even know were to start. Every single bit of you is amazing. If i tried to name every single amazing characteristic that you have it would have taken me hours and hours. You were always so helpful and kind. I really appreciate you so so sooooo much. Owwie wuvs you Mr. Soren :) I'll miss you so much. Farewell my dear friend, farewell. <3 

Andrea: You are so friendly and relatable, ever since we started talking i knew you were a really sweet person. Making references of fnaf with you fills my little soul with joy. I hope our friendship can continue to flourish as we learn new things about us each day 

Jordan: You're literally one of the best friends i could have ever wished for, you're empathetic and friendly towards me at all times. By simply being there for me and making me laugh you make such an inpact in my life and sometimes even save me from my demise. I owe you my entire life. Your pink hair is really cool and i enjoy seeing how happy you get when you talk about James :3 <3<3<3 I hope you never forget how special you are 

Sid: Sid the squid is the most amazing human on earth, he's funny and kind and very sweet. I'm so glad i met you. Thank you for everything, everytime i talk to you i can't stop smiling. You bring so much joy to my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Mary: Every time we talk you always make me feel so safe and comfy around you. Thank you very much for not hating me and having so much patience towards me. Tysm Mary!!!

Gio: Gio the genius who eats cherrios in the meteor uwu. I honeslty have so much fun joking around with you and doing stupid stuff together. I hope we can keep doing goofy stuff forever xD

Stacy: You have such a funny sense of humor and make me laugh every single time we talk. You're always so silly and goofy and always brighten up my day ever since we met. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face

Toby: My fellow l'marburgian pal :3 Talking to you is always so fun and interesting, i love how you understand me so much and always end up making me have a fun time. Thanks for everything <3

(more coming soon!!)

Don't mind me, I'm just your local mcyt cosplayer

"I'm so happy that you're not afraid to be who you are. Because that's one of the most important things a person has to overcome."
"I hope I can be here, as a voice, as a friend, while playing games for you; if you feel lonely or depressed or anything like that, Jack is here.". ~Sean William McLoughlin.
(wha-psh! 'Top of the mornin' to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to *inhales* HAAAAAAPPPPY WHHHHEEEEEELS!!!!!!!!!)

🎶It's meme time, it's meme time
     Gather are your friends it's meme time
     It's meme time, It's meme time
     The only cure for sadness!🎶
I wish everyone could have the happiness of Mark, the kindness of Sean, and the energy of Felix. (our lil potato, markimoo, and brofist bro)

I'm also a proud member of the LGBT+ community 

Oh wow!! You made it yayyyyy. Thank you for reading this messy bio, or maybe you just skipped to the end lol. Anyways, i hope you have a good day or night or afternoon awesome human who's reading this. I don't have much else to say, i update my bio a lot so make sure to stay tunned. As always, enjoy your vegetables, waddle on, and stay safe! (P.S: I wuvs you Sykkuno :3). (P.S.S: Oh and also, if any of you lil fellas want to talk about dinosaurs with me please pm me asap. ) (P.S.S.S: College starts soon so i apologize if i'm not as active as i normally am most of the time even though i apear as offline) Sincerely, Mythii Boii 💙💙💙



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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing listener. Jesus fvcking chrsit - ollie , ur amazingggggggggg thank you so much. Within a few mins , feels like a friend 💙💙💙
Ollie is really kind and such a great listener. I am very grateful for our convo!
They helped me a lot and I would recommend them 100%.
hes really nice he understands me
Oliver is a great human. I love how kind he is, and it is nice to have glimmers of kindness in this dark world. I am very grateful to have this person on my journey of recovery for grief. He has always accepted how I have felt, has never invalidated me, and that means so much to me as someone who has been invalidated by people. He is very understanding, and I connect to him a lot, in some things which makes it better to talk to him, because there are some things I talk to this person about which he too, has been through so he does actually understand how hard it is sometimes. Thank you for never losing faith in me, and that really has motivated me to just keep going, and now I am here, I have healed a lot, and I owe it to you. You have helped me heal and have been a caring friend. Thank you so much.
He's very nice and listens to problems really well!
they are very nice and helpful
hes nice ,cool and the best
So empathetic and kind! I really enjoyed talking to him
I really enjoyed talking to him. He was very kind and undrestanding
Hes the best person out there and he's like a big brother to me ily ollie
Oliver was a great listener. He helped me with my problems and was very polite and friendly :D
He was nice and made me feel a lot less anxious
He's very nice and fun :) and he listens well
Very sweet and nice guy. He helped me a lot and he is very funny and cheerful. He made me happy and helped me with my problems
He's a great listener! I love how much he can relate.
really nice person, felt good talking
loved it! awesome chat
We all loved talking to him
It was nice to talk to someone, very helpful and mindful
Nice, polite, and a good listener.
He seems very nice! ?
The best person ever
He was kind, made me feel better, and just listened to everything I said. Im happy to have a great listerner????
Very polite and helpful
we had a wonderfull chat and he's my guy best friend we got to know each other
He has helped me so much thru out the week I'm greatful for hoi
He is a awesome listener
he nice and wonderfull
I felt a bit better after we talked.
they're a great person to talk too!
He really helped me out and told me about his personal experence to prove that I’m not alone
Great listener, really understood me and my problem and helped a lot!
Very nice, helpful and quick to reply
Really nice to talk to
I was Very comfortable around them and they helped distract and also engage in conversation
He was a good listener and was very kind.
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