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QuietMagic |
Listener - Genius 2

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As of 5/12/22, I am no longer active on 7 Cups as a listener.

If you are looking for someone to talk with, you can use Browse Listeners to find a different listener.

My message for 7 Cups listeners

Listening is not solely a set of verbal techniques (i.e. reflection, validation, open questions). These are just outer behaviors that are easier to teach and evaluate.

The essence of listening as I understand it is to hold a set of values/attitudes and manifest these through one's actions in whatever way feels necessary.

1) Faith: Recognize and trust in the basic goodness and purposefulness of all thoughts and feelings. Everything that exists has a reason for existing, is fundamentally healthy, and has something compassionate it is trying to do regardless of how "unhealthy", "abnormal", "harmful", or "negative" it may appear to be.

2) Humility: Recognize that people are constantly changing, full of mystery, cannot be adequately described, and do not have full control or understanding of how they will evolve. Whatever a person seems to be now, they will become something else later. Whatever seems to work now will stop working later.

3) Non-violence: Be sensitive to all of the subtle ways in which it is possible for people to be hurt and try your very best to avoid hurting people. Remember what it feels like to feel vulnerable, distrustful, or misunderstood and be gentle with those who are hurting or who have the potential to be hurt.

When these attitudes are present together, all of the usual qualities and behaviors that are valued and prescribed for listeners arise spontaneously (e.g. non-judgment, empathy, avoiding advice).

My message for 7 Cups members

If you're able to apply to yourself the listener attitudes described above, you will be able to be your own listener, love and care for yourself even if other people do not, and understand/resolve many of your own problems.

The general strategy is to trust in the goodness of your own thoughts and feelings and leverage the energy of what is already there in yourself.

1) Faith: Look for ways in which your thoughts and feelings make sense and are pointing to things you understandably want. If something within you doesn't make sense, it's usually safe to assume that there is still a good reason for it even if it's not possible to understand at the moment.

2) Humility: Adapt to what is there, both within you and outside of you, and expect both sets of conditions to change constantly. Any self-knowledge or problem-solving strategy is only provisional and might need to be revised as your inner/outer situation evolves.

3) Non-violence: Notice and be gentle/sensitive if you're hurting.

Hi, my name is Josh. 😊

You can use my booking form HERE to schedule a live chat with me. Alternatively, you can send me a PM and I’ll respond when I’m able to.

My listening values

I aspire to offer the following to all members I listen to:

Respect for vulnerability: by being gentle with suffering and remembering that people can be badly hurt if I offer inadequate support

Respect for instincts: by remembering that feelings are purposeful, understandable from their own side, and can lead to serendipitous results when trusted and followed to their natural conclusions

Respect for freedom: by aligning with people’s desires and finding goodness in their thoughts, feelings, and actions

Respect for diversity: by creating space for other perspectives based on different experiences and circumstances

Respect for defenses: by recognizing fear, anger, and dissociative states as compassionate guardians for more vulnerable feelings

Respect for impermanence: by unconditionally accepting people in all possibilities beyond specific identities or forms

Respect for experiences: by trusting the unique lived realities of people that can't be fully captured by any label or theory

Boundaries and expectations

Live chats: I am comfortable chatting for up to 90 minutes at a time. If you use my booking form, I will send you a PM confirming that I received your booking request and noting when we are scheduled to chat. Please do not book me more than once per week.

Offline messages: You are welcome to PM me as much and as often as you like. I do not typically respond to PMs over the weekend. Otherwise, during the week I try to respond to all PMs within 24-48 hours. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, feel free to nudge me. If I expect to be slow in responding, I will note it at the top of my listener bio.

Missed chats: If you are unable to attend a scheduled chat, please let me know in advance. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled chat, I will assume our chat is canceled.

Ghosting: If you are chatting live with me, I promise to give my full attention and I ask the same from you. If you do not respond for a long period of time during a chat, I will ask if you are still there. If I still do not receive a response, I will assume our chat is canceled.

Confidentiality: If you would like to discuss an issue involving another 7 Cups user, please try to avoid sharing their username or any confidential information. If concealing their username is not possible, please try to avoid negative judgments about them (tips HERE for how to do this).


Former forum roles: Community Mentor (Personality Disorders Support) [July 2021 - May 2022]; Forum Supporter (Needs Reply, Relationship & Friendship Support) [August 2021 - December 2021]

Former quality roles: Quality Mentor Leader (Anonymous Evaluations), Quality Mentor, Safety Patrol Team [July 2020 - December 2020]


(Unserious/playful: @undomesticgoddess is the only one allowed to call me "Q", at least according to her. She definitely did not coerce me into putting this in my profile. 😉)

Feedback & Reviews
Josh is the most amazing listener. The way he understands things that you tell him, when they don’t even make sense to you is crazy. He is so caring and patient. It feels so safe to talk to him. 7 cups was made a better place just by having someone like Josh here.
extremely helpful and attentive! an amazing listener on this website
QuietMagic is a great listener and is so compassionate and caring. I always feel heard chatting with them.
So compassionate and understanding. Asked good reflective questions and makes me feel heard and seen. Best listener so far!!
Spot on with understanding what I’m feeling. I feel heard
Active and attentive. Very insightful too
Attentive, Empathetic, Intuitive. Josh asks questions, but isn't intrusive, and really demonstrates investment in the whole conversation.
such a kind, friendly, non-judgmental listener. Josh is a very calm person to be around and is super kind. I love chatting to Josh. thank you for being ever so kind enough to let me spam you about nearly anything :D
QuietMagic has supported me for some time now and is so kind and validating. They take time to listen and support without judgement and I feel like they're always in my corner, which means a lot to someone with BPD. They regularly check in with me and I appreciate them so much. Thank you!
Dear Q, you are the most amazing listener and friend I've ever met on 7 Cups. I can't believe how lucky I am to have met you since my first day here. You are unique, truly one of a kind, and never failed to amaze me. I hope that you will always stay authentic and kind and sincere, and I pray that God will always bless you with everything that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable—anything that is excellent or praiseworthy—throughout your life. Thank you so much for everything that you've done for me, Q, God loves you and so do I 🤍
Very understanding. Makes sure they know what I mean; doesn’t just assume or guess.
I'm not sure I can even express enough praise and gratitude for QuietMagic. Their mere presence in the Listener role is, I feel, a blessing in my life. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Thank you, QuietMagic, for being there. You truly make a difference.
Even with my jumbled thoughts, they're taking they're time to listen and help me.
I feel so understood. I can't express how amazing that makes me feel. Thank you thank you thank you
Really good so far. Listens really well, and is really friendly!
You will not be disappointed. Amazing skills!
Q shows great depth in understanding, and is able to make me feel like they really get it. They're very clear in their communication, and able to make sense of the stuff I say even when it isn't really clear or articulate. Something about their presence is warm, reassuring and in my experience, they are the furthest from imposing, that I have seen anyone be!
It was awesome chatting with Josh, would totally recommend!
Truly a magical, kind and understanding soul
A great brainstorming companion. A highly advanced yellow legal notepad. A friend in need. Josh is perfect 😊
I feel lighter after a talk with him. Thank you :')
Thank you for being the listener you are. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for being you. You are one of the reasons why my life feels kinder, more colorful, and beautiful overall. Thank you for always trying your best to find me in the middle of my chaos. Thank you for always trying your best to give me a safe space where I can just be myself. Thank you for being the weighted blanket that warms me inside. And thank you for wanting to pray for me even when you aren't a religious person. I sincerely believe that God has sent you to me as a gift, a present that I will cherish forever, a blessing in my always-challenging life. I am grateful for you, Josh, I really do :')
We had a seriously religious chat today and at the end of the chat, I feel so much lighter. The chat itself doesn't really resolve anything but I got to explore myself to the depth I never thought I could reach. The important thing was that Josh didn't give up on me even when he's not a religious person at all. And that was more than I need. Thank you so much, Josh :')
my favorite listener of all time
Josh was a very good listener. Josh was nice, helpful. John chatted with for a long time to help me with my problem. Josh didn’t judge me. Josh understood me quick when I chatted my problem. Josh answered my question and gave me information on what to do with ocd. Josh is one of the best listeners. Josh had good grammar and words.
Josh is extremely passionate with listening. He wouldn’t even let me go until he made sure that I felt completely heard lol. He is funny yet empathetic at the same time. I never thought how someone could made me laugh and felt understood all in once, but that’s how Josh is haha. He’s made of special stuff and a joy to be around. I wonder what’s his secret is. What a unique listener. :0
Best listener on 7 Cups! No doubt about it!
amazing listener, really made me feel validated and cared for during a time where i felt none of those things. i'll definitely try to talk to them more in the future. thank you.
incredible listener. talked for so long about everything i needed to, just let me speak about everything and get everything off of my chest. validated me, didn't judge me at all. genuinely felt like talking to a friend. thanks
I am indebted to this listener...I don't know who he is nor he know me..But I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart fir listening to the story of my mental struggle. He is helpful, friendly and trustworthy.. Thank You.
This person must be a surreptitious sorcerer! He listened very well, tried to understand my circumstances at his best, and saw things from my perspective. He answered my questions carefully and met my needs of being listened to, validated, and cared for perfectly. I found what I was looking for when talking to him. I have never met another listener as good as he is. Great job, QuietMagic; stay kind and sincere, and thank you so much for being a great help in time of crisis!
There's not enough word to describe how lucky I am to have Q as my listener. He is my safest place here on 7 Cups. And everytime I talked to him, I knew that I will be alright. He's that good, and I thank God for him always 💛
Q see things that I do not see. He says things that keep blowing my mind. I feel like finding my way out of a maze everytime I talk to Q in times of feeling lost. It just feels right; no more no less. Thank you so much, Q, words can't express how I admire you. Please stay safe, healthy, and happy, Q, and keep that magic in you 💛
Anyone reading, feel free to give them a boarding pass to your head ,I don't think I've ever had someone describe my own feelings so well , also better than myself lol. Thankyou for listening, you are very good at reflecting and validating emotions and I felt so understood and comforted . Thankyou, you're amazing at what you do. I'll keep bugging you now though. 🥺❤
Josh is -no doubt- the best listener here in 7 Cups. He is everything you ever wanted from a Listener. He listens attentively, rephrasing carefully, and validating your feelings in a non-judgmental way. The way he thinks is jaw-dropping, and He even gave me goosebumps -literally- with his words. So, thank you, Q, thank you so much. You have no idea how lucky I feel to have you as my Listener. I sincerely wish all the best for you; God bless!
Josh is literally the best. From the first message we exchanged, they were very thoughtful, kind, patient, and honestly just amazing. Every message they sent me has been honest, long, and I could tell they really thought it out. They even took time to read my bio and understand the type of support I was looking for. They didn’t offer any fake sympathy or tell me everything would be fine, they actually listened to what I was saying, reflected, and validated my emotions. They didn’t make any assumptions, and made sure they understood what I was telling them. They remained non-judgmental the entire time, and didn’t make me feel like I was overreacting or exaggerating. I also loved how they flawlessly included empowering sentences, without it seeming forced. I haven’t felt this safe for such a long time as I did with talking with them. Thank you so much Josh.
Josh is awesome. He's a pro. He knows exactly what he's doing in Listening. I don't have to worry about anything at all when I'm talking to him. Thanks, Josh, you rocked!
Listened actively. Understood issues and validated thoughts.
QuietMagic was there when I need him the most. He gave his time and a safe space for me to brainstorm on what my condition really is. He is ,without a doubt, one of the best listeners here in 7 Cups. So, I thank 7 Cups for Josh!
ABRACADABRA! Magic happens when Q is around! Thank you so much for listening to me attentively and carefully helping me to cope with my feelings. Thank you for being so patience and for trying to understand my messy situation. You even made me laugh; I really had a good time talking with you. Once again, thank you so much ❤
You're absolutely awesome. Thank you ♡
Q is simply the best. He listened attentively with great patience and always had the right words to say. I am so grateful to have him as my listener here in 7 Cups, and I sincerely wish him all the best because he deserves it. Thank you so much, Q, for being there for me when I need it the most. You really are magic!
Really empathetic, great insights, kind and supportive.
I was not able to feel better for sometimes and just experienced even worst situation last Thursday, but unable to vent it out. Until I met QuietMagic. And just like magic, his quietness helped me to be comfortable in myself, to feel at ease with my feelings and he made me believe that I was in a safe space. He's a great Listener, and he reminds me of what Rumi said: The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.
Amazing, thank you so much :) x
very nice chat it helped me out a lot
I was able to vent and talk about my problems. I feel less anxious.
They were great and friendly to talk to, really paid attention to what I was saying and clearly paid good attention and cared about givibg ne good feedback. Thanks :)
Very supportive and considerate. They were really there when I need someone to listen.
he's nice
Thanks for your time
very good listener
Great :D
Awesome and chill.
Really cool
Very good in summarizing everything and making sense of your emotions for you. If you want some clarity as to how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way, contact him.
Great response time, very articulate
A fantastic person to talk to. They really care and will do all they can to help. I am lucky to have been able to talk to this person.
This listener is truly the most loving, gentlest listener I have ever ran across and is extremely caring and kind, is wise with their words and is extremely nonjudgmental and shows absolutely nothing but appreciation and love and admiration for you when they listen to you. I have never in my entire life talked to such a beautiful heart and soul and I would never forget quietmagic27 who has gone above and beyond to make me feel wanted and appreciated and cared for. This person is an absolute godsend. They are very rare and precious. And they have an absolutely amazing heart filled with nothing but pure love and joy for everything and for helping others. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication quietmagic27. You will always have a place in my heart.
Was nice and polite and fast with their replies and was kind and understanding, I would recommend this listener for anyone who needs a listener over 25 years old.
You are a great person. Lucky to have chatted with you.
Had a good conversation. Was responsive and understanding. Asked me questions and gave me information to think about. Thank you! A good listener. :)
Is truly the most loving, gentlest listener I have ever ran across and is extremely caring and kind, is wise with their words and is extremely nonjudgmental and shows absolutely nothing but appreciation and love and admiration for you when they listen to you. I have never in my entire life talked to such a beautiful heart and soul and I would never forget QuietMagic who has gone above and beyond to make me feel wanted and appreciated and cared for. This person is an absolute godsend. They are very rare and precious. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Quietmagic. You will always have a place in my heart.
A wonderful, understanding, and patient listener!
Thank you for helping me, you were a huge help
Good listening skills
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