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A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MYSELF + THINGS I SPECIALISE IN  (all blue ones are clickable links)
Hello! I am 22 years old verified listener girl. I may seem young but I went through a lot in my life - to begin with dealing with bullies at school and ending with help for a friend who has failed in committing suicide. I also lost a lot of close friends in my life, had a tough experience dealing with grief and always been that one girl who has a different way of thinking what caused me loneliness feeling. LGBTQ+ is also my topic and I know a lot about issues related to it so feel free to talk with me about this! I am a member and supporter of anyone who is part of this lovely family. Also, I know a lot about sexual abuse and I am helping women who were raped or sexually assaulted. If you feel like you need this kind of support, feel free to PM me or visit Also, I am trained in suicide and I am working in the suicide hotline, although because of site rules, I am not allowed to assist you if you are in crisis.  So basically you can talk to me about everything you want and I will try my best to understand and help you. Just remember that 7Cups is a NON-JUDGMENTAL zone so I will never judge or insult you. Maybe I am not the professional one, but I am a good listener and a good friend if You need one. I am here just to help you to feel better so feel free to text me if I am online or offline. I will answer as soon as I could  
Kisses, RaCat
Number of Ratings: 281
Number of Reviews: 72
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, Lithuanian
Listener Since Feb 6, 2016
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
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Feedback & Reviews
RaCat is simply one of the nicest, sweetest, and kindest people you could ever hope to interact with.
She calms me down and makes me feel welcomed and loved
The best listener I have ever talked to. She is very understanding and caring and kind. She knew what was going on and never once told me that it was my fault. She understood, and she has helped me immensely since we started talking.
Thanks! SHe is a great help!
Understanding and sweet.
So lovely and amazing to talk to
Best listener I have experienced on 7cups! Thank you!
Simply the best!
RaCat is a fantastic Listener. They're always there when I need a comforting word (or a dozen) and always has good insight to help me get through difficult times.
Racat is very compassionate and helpful
RaCat is a gem of a person. I haven't seen anyone who's so understanding and non-judgmental. She gave me the space to speak everything on my mind and made me comfortable enough to speak even when the topic was very sensitive for me. I really feel so much better after talking to you. Thank you so much! Stay blessed :)
Racat. How to describe Racat? Amazing. Empathetic. Understanding. Did I say understanding? Because WOW! I know I feel... not better but understood.
RaCat is fantabulous. She is unbelievably understanding, compulsively compassionate, empathetically encouraging, hugely helpful, notably non-judgemental, remarkably respectful... And very validating 😉 (Ok maybe I cheated and used a thesaurus... Still.)
Some top-notch listening skills
Loved this person. Such a great personality and helpful mind.
you dont know it, but you saved me tonight. thank you. youre amaazing.
It was awesome to talk with Rascat.
very kind and supportive listener. Felt that she actually engaged with the issue and asked intelligent questions that make you think
She was really kind and caring, and helped me think of a solution to my problem
Very good listener!
Gud undrstanding
Very helpful, professional, and nice. I would recommend her to anyone who feels less than well in any way!
You have given me the courage to be myself and feel better. Thank you so much!
She is really awesome. She made my day.I wish her all the best for the future. God bless.
A lovely listener with a kind heart. Thank you so much for talking to me!! A quick response and very empathetic. Will definitely be speaking to her again! x
You're such a great person. Glad I talked to someone like you. Someone who listened and understood me. Hope to talk wih you again 😄💓
You were everything I needed and so much more, I came here hoping to let out a little bit of something I didn't feel comfortable sharing with most of my other friends, but I ended up sharing everything which is something I've never been able to do before, I now know a lot more about myself and what I want and who I love, and I'll do my best to be honest about open about it. Thank you so much, and hope to talk to you again soon. -Annabelle
You are the best person ever. You have honestly made my life so much better and you never fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you for just being yourself and sharing your wise words of wisdom!! I hope you are having a lovely day, you deserve it. Keep smiling and stay strong. Do more of what makes you happy.
Really awesome person! Great response time and sound advice. You will definitely feel better after a chat with this amazing listener!
She's amazing!
Very very helpful and a fantastic listener. Spoke enough to keep me engaged and replied quickly, while also allowing me to think and work through things myself.
Wonderful and understanding person to talk to.
cat is a really good listener :) she helped me so much and actually listened an cared for me
best person yet
Great listener, gives awesome advice
He or she is a nice person really
She helps me understand my orientation better and clears things up for me. Thank you so much!!!!
Kind and engaging, and after the conversation I felt much better.
She is very kind
This listener is fantastic. She helped me to feel better and after talking with her in a few times I understood that I can deal with my issues better than I used to do before. Hardly recommend for those who have LGBT or self harm related issues as I felt like she is expert in these both areas.
She pointed out to me that I had a good understanding of myself which I didn't realize and also listened (or read, rather) to everything I said. Overall she was very supportive and also has had experience with LGBT things.
Nice person. They tried as much as they could to help.
Incredibly helpful
I think the listener was understanding and very supportive.
Loved speaking to you...
Awesome listener! I am much grateful to you for offering me an assisting advice. :")
Very friendly
Thank you for giving me hope
thank you for helping me
She is a great listener. I really have the feeling that she wants to understand and help me, that she cares about me and she wants me to be safe. I need that a lot and I am very happy with her :)
A very kind and nice listener who helped me talk out my problem :)
A lovely, kind listener who never fails to put a smile on my face
RaCat was the best listener I've met, she has helped my understand who I mad and has built up my courage for this I want to thank her for being so kind and considerate
very helpful and friendly
Very helpful and nice
Really amazing listener
She's awesome
Racat was an amazing help to me with in 30 minutes I was feeling better and I will definitely be coming back if I need anymore help
She is very helpfull
She is a nice person with good listening skills.
Nice person. Relatable. Easy to get along with.
Professional and very sweet. I enjoyed our talk.
A genuinely helpful and caring person
Just a lovely person
Rasa was very kind. they always kept a professional tone and maintained a level head asking questions that made me question the root of my problem from an objective point of view and made me realize what was the right thing to do.
Really helped me and made me less anxious and somehow helped me get over me fear... Thank You RaCat.... :)
Kind, non-judging, empathetic and an amazing person! Need someone to talk to, to care and listen to you? RaCat is that someone!
Very helpful and a GD listener
helped alot. thankyou
She is very kind and helpful.
Good helpful chat.Thank you so much! You helped me! :)
RaCat was great at listening and also opened up a little bit as well, really making the experience feel personal! I'm glad I got to chat with them as it really helped me get a lot off my chest. Great listener!
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How do I manage school, work and family? I want to be successful in school and work but I also want to manage a good relationship with my family.
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Why do parents think they know everything?
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