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Rebekah |
Listener - Marvel 5

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5.0 star rating

In Memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II. A role model to many, an icon to all.

 🌞 Introduction 🌞 

Members, I am NOT taking chats. Please contact a listener here ---> 

Life is hard; we all know it. It's full of positive and negative moments, very few of which we have complete control over. You don't predict the future, the future predicts you. It's great to see that you're reaching out for support today. It may feel incredibly difficult to ask for guidance, be it for a current or a past situation - you are not alone in how you feel.

I'm currently not available for chats, unless you are an existing long-term member. Please feel free to go here to find an available listener immediately. If you are in a crisis situation, please go here.

I'm currently unavailable for all types of mentoring chats. Please refer to another mentor here.

Welsh Speakers/Siaradwyr Cymraeg: Ar hyn o bryd nid wyf ar gael ar gyfer sgyrsiau oni bai eich bod yn aelod hirdymor presennol. Peidiwch ag oedi cyn mynd yma i ddod o hyd i wrandawr sydd ar gael ar unwaith. Os ydych chi mewn sefyllfa o argyfwng, ewch yma.

German Speakers/Deutschsprachige: Ich bin derzeit nicht für Chats verfügbar, es sei denn, Sie sind ein bestehendes Langzeitmitglied. Bitte zögern Sie nicht, hierher zu gehen, um sofort einen verfügbaren Hörer zu finden. Wenn Sie sich in einer Krisensituation befinden, gehen Sie bitte hier.

How I Listen:

🌞 I will ensure that you, as a person, are validated. How you feel is perfectly okay.

🌞 Please be aware that I will not be offering advice, as it could be very harmful to both you and your situation, and could cause offence.

🌞 You will suffer no judgement from me.

🌞 Our chat will be as supportive and comforting as possible.

🌞 Finally, I will make sure that you are heard. Your voice deserves to be listened to.

 🌻 My Involvements 🌻 

 🌻 Quality 🌻 

o Verified Adult-Teen Listener: I completed an interview and a mock chat with a highly experienced listener to show that I'm suitable to chat with teens, and a listener of high quality. 


o Listener Verifier Team: I verify listeners through the Verified Listener project! Would you like to become Verified? Learn more here


o [Teen] Quality Mentoring: I mentor adult and teen listener quality! 


o Quality Mentor Leading: I lead the Safety Patrol Outreach Team. Find out more about this team by sending me a message, or by going here


o Quality Ambassador: I am so privileged to be an ambassador for 7 Cups! 

 🌻 Safety 🌻 

o Safety Patrolling: I flag profiles that have violations. 


o Safety Patrol Outreach Team [SPOT] Leader: I co-lead SPOT with the amazing MidnightRaven999! On this team, we reach out to those who have fixable profile violations, as well as grade Safety Patrol applications. 

 🌻 Chat Rooms 🌻 

o Doorkeeping: I'm able to open & close chat rooms. 


o Peer Supporting: I offer support to listeners after a difficult chat (*not* for personal issues. That is what member accounts are for). 


o Chat Supporting: I offer support to listeners during a tricky chat. 


o Global Chatroom Moderation: I help to create a positive and inclusive environment in all member chat rooms! 


o [Teen] Chatroom Mentor: I moderate in the listener chat rooms to ensure they stay safe and inclusive! 

 🧁 About Me 🧁 

 🧁 Reading, writing and analysing true crime cases are my passions (though I'm also a tech lover). 

 🧁 I love Doctor Who (10th Doctor is my favourite)! 

 🧁 I am a proud panromantic asexual person, and I don't mind what pronouns you use! 🌈💙

 🧁 My favourite music genres are classic rock, heavy metal, 70s/80s pop/rock, punk rock, and alternative. 

 🧁 I am currently dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and complex-post traumatic stress disorder (c-PTSD). 

 🧁 My favourite artists are; My Chemical Romance // Lady Gaga // Green Day // Joji // Studio Killers // 


@bouncySalamander26; Sal is a joy. He's funny, kind, a fantastic friend. Thank you, for always being awesome!  P.S. "snoozy sponge!"

Gracey; I will never be able to thank Grace enough for her kindness and support over the years. She is sweet, understanding, patient, and always knows how to help out. Thank you, for always being a good friend 💙

Tazzie; I miss you. You were an amazing listener, a dedicated leader, and an outstanding person. Thank you, for always believing in me. Rest eternally in peace 🕯️

Number of Ratings: 163
Number of Reviews: 149
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, German, Welsh
Listener Since Jul 30, 2019
Last Active in last week
Gender Non-Binary
Progress Path Step 1,772
Cheers 272,620
People Helped 401
Chats 1,369
Group Support Chats 492
Listener Group Chats 558
Forum Posts 1,442
Forum Upvotes 2,619
Feedback & Reviews
Very helpful Nice to work for.
Rebekah is an awesome listener. Thank you for everything.
Rebekah, where do I start. She is a very very kind loving person and the way she talks is like getting warm hugs when you need them. She always speaks with lots of respect and treats everyone with dignity. 😃
Rebekah is more amazing! Rebekah made the chat way better than i expected and helped me feel better
super gute zuhörerin 🙏🏼
A great caring understanding listener. Really cared about my situation
A really friendly person, made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. Glad I have had the chance to have this chat
Really amazing caring person and listener. Understood listened acknowledged cared I had to say
really good listener, asked open-ended questions
Loveliest kindest listener there is,her help and support has helped me so so much and more than you will ever know. Thank you so much
We are still talking but so far it's very pleasant conversation. I'm finding her support very helpful
she is such a good listener. she deserves all the love in this world
She listens to you very calmy.
Thanks for such an amazing chat! I feel so much better being able to vent to you and rant. Please keep being an amazing listener and helping so many people. I truly thank you
Love this girl ????
is able to understand what i am trying to say
Great at listening and empathising and know show to help.
You were a good listener:)
Listens and understands how i feel and tries to help.. it was a wonderful chat
Really helpful and very empathetic
Definitely has made you feel better.
Rebekah is an excellent listener! Accepting and understanding. I would highly recommend her.
Rebekah is a very caring, and loving person, I can go on and on, about how amazing Rebekah is, Rebekah is a good leader and listener!💙🧐
Was understanding and non judgemental. Very patient, would try her best to understand you.
fast responses !!! such a good listener and such a polite person
Rebekah is an absolutely amazing listener. I felt understood and like my voice was actually being heard. I very much recommend them and would love to come back again anytime I need to talk. Keep up the fantastic work❤
Quick to respond and kind
Rebekah is an incredible listener!! She’s fast to respond on she always calms me down and is really comforting. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and that you are always there for me x
So far, RebekahRebel is great in all ways. Great listener and talker.
omg, actually the best listener!!! so kind & wholesome, made me feel good about myself constantly.
rebekah really validated my feelings; i felt as though she truly understood my situation and wasn't trying to fake any sympathy for me. she is truly a fantastic listener and person overall
Loved it! Awesome chat!
First time trying the app. Felt good to vent to someone that would just sit there and listen. :) Thank you
she is really helpful and makes you feel loved and not alone. she makes it very clear that she cannot give you advice but does her best to help you anyways
She cares about others safety and makes people feel good!
She is so kind and she helped me a lot
So far, very good listener, helpful, empathetic, understanding and compassionate. Just what I needed.
Very very great listener! Very polite! Amazing human being right here! You will feel comfortable to spill all of your blood sweat and tears into this chat!
She's so sweet, and so understanding. Rebakah gives you enough space to talk and makes you feel understood. SO glad we got to talk. You're a beautiful person, thank you Rebekah :)
An amazing listener. Had a great friendly approach, understood me and made me feel better.
she listened to me and made me feel comfotable
They're really nice and I'm having fun talking to them. I feel a bit better already.
Great listener. Feels like someone actually listens.
She's so kind and compassionate. She's eloquent without actually talking a lot. She responds quickly. And she makes us feel heard and understood. Thank you. :)
she is very very very friendly and compassionate :3 i love her and the way she always says stuff that calms me down. rebekaah is just an awesome person and i am so happy i met her here ♥
They were an excellent listener and helped loads in making me feel better.
Extremely supportive, kind & unique my 1st and best favorite listener.
Thank you for being there for me!
Really great person to talk to
i love talking to her
It was great and the helped me see from another perspective
They were really quick at responding and genuinely listened to me, would recommend :)
Very sweet and kind person. Really good to talk to
Really nice, but it's a pity that advices can't be given.
Awesome good and awesome
I feel better, really sweet person
I liked it helpful chat
Very compassionate and understanding, I've never come across a better listener on 7cups!
She's an amazing listener, and Rebekah isn't just great at listening. She also comes with great responses, and is generally really easy to talk to :)
As a new member to 7 Cups, I was worried about so many things; What if my listener doesn't help? These worries were soon gone after only a few minutes talking to RebekahRebel. They were understanding and I was able to talk about so many things that I thought I never could before. Definitely recommend.
she was a really good listener!
She was good and supported me for the little time I was with her. I felt much better after the chat.
She is very patient and understanding I would recommend her to anyone who doesn't like to be judged!
She was really sweet, helped to calm down.
Pretty great. Understands situations.
such a nice girl is helping me so much already 💗
She's so nice and lovely to speak to, made me feel happier within minutes of speaking to her, we had a lot in common too!
She/He is quite the good listener and was understanding and nice. She listened to even the smallest of details. She really helped me feel way better and helped me with what would have been a night of me crying myself to sleep.
😀its great so far
This listener is absolutely incredible! I felt really comfortable with them and they helped a lot! 10/10 would recommend.
She's so sweet and caring.
I loved talking with her. She is definitley the nicest and most kind listener on the site. She is very understanding. I loved our chat.
Where to begin!? What an awesome person! They are so caring and compassionate and make you feel so comfortable and able to speak freely without fear of judgement. They shared their own experiences to help me understand mine better and they gave me so many compliments i went away from the chat with a huge smile! Best listener ever❤ I hope we can talk again sometime
Lovely: she was an attentive listener, and flexible with the way the conversation was carried out. Felt comparatively relaxed at the end of the conversation from the start, so would recommend! Thanks for your time Rebekah.
Great conversationalist. As a teen, she definitely showed a great amount of respect and I was super comfortable talking to RebekahRebel. Thank you so much for reassuring me! Would definitely recommend to those teens who are suffering as well.
They are one of the best listeners I've had! From the beginning i felt that they are professional-like. And the little details made me feel reassured.
such an amazing person thank you for listening
Very empathetic and understood me
she knows what to say and says so appropriately. most wonderful conversation i've had on 7cups
Rebekah is so empathetic and warm. She’s a great mentor, listener and friend. The only thing I would suggest is for the rest of you—come talk to her! You’ll have a wonderful experience no matter what you’re dealing with.
Great! ❤️🧡💚💙🧡💛❤️💚
Was very nice and listened throughout all of the 1-1
Really cool chat, i felt listened and that's important
She’s really cool! I’ve literally only talked with her for two minutes so
A great listener, provides reassurance and understood my situation even though I did not fully understand it myself. Thank you so much.
she is so helpful :)
She really listened to me and helped me work through my day with less stress
She’s so kind and caring.
Helped alot to have someone listen. Even though my problems might never fully fade they at least helped them because less painful.
She's really great. Listened with no complaints, provided genuine relatable comfort and assurance. I felt a lot better and more calmed down after our talk.
They asked a lot of open-ended questions and provided constant support. They weren't biased and ensured that I felt like I was in a safe place to chat. Gave me a lot of good advice, but didn't make me feel as though it mandatory to take it. Felt like I was talking to a friend.
They're amazing. Great listener.
they were really nice and didnt speak like a robot, which is always a plus in my book, and gave good advice! i definitely would reccomend.
It was great! very Caring
they really helped me feel a lot better. my situation is still crappy but they helped me feel like it wasnt the only important thing in the world
Good listener very understanding
they are really nice and understanding
Very helpful and under
Really good at connecting with my problems and making me feel like everything is going to be okay. Amazing person to talk to and listen to!
Thank you for all your help. Very nice person
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