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Rice7722 |
Listener - Apprentice 9

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Hello there! My name is Ashley and I am sixteen years old as of April 17th. Everyone on here calls me Rice, but feel free to call me whatever you'd like. I've been a listener since either November or December of 2020, I don't really remember. Anyway, feel free to message me anytime, and I'll make sure to respond at one of the times listed below.

Here are the times I'm available*:
Sunday: Unavailable
Monday: 0845-0937 CST, 1041-1133 CST, 1231-1316 CST, 1425-1615 CST
Tuesday: 0845-1133 CST, 1231-1316 CST, 1425-1615 CST
Wednesday: 0845-0937 CST, 1041-1133 CST, 1231-1316 CST, 1425-1615 CST
Thursday: 0845-1133 CST, 1231-1316 CST, 1425-1615 CST
Friday: 0845-0937 CST, 1041-1133 CST, 1231-1316 CST, 1425-1615 CST
Saturday: Unavailable

Fun Facts About Me:
I have two dogs, two cats, a horse, and five siblings (three older brothers and two younger sisters).
I'm willing to talk about virtually anything.
I speak English and a little bit of Spanish and French.
I'm trying to learn more languages so I can help more people.

What I Have Experienced:
ADHD, Alcohol & Drug Use, Anxiety, Borderline (BPD), Breakups, Bullying, Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Excercise Motivation, Family Stress, Financial Stress, Forgiveness, General Mental Health, Getting Unstuck, Grief, Lonliness, Managing Emotions, Panic Attacks, PTSD & Trauma, Racial & Cultural Discrimination, Relationship Stress, Self-Esteem, Sleeping Well, Social Anxiety, Student Life, Weight Management, and Work Stress

*times may vary, I only take four chats at a time so I may be busy

Growth Path Timeline
  • Exercise completed!
    Support Guide
  • Exercise completed!
    Most Important Thing
  • Exercise completed!
    Chat Session Reflection
  • Exercise completed!
    Is Your Tank Full
  • Exercise completed!
    Small, Simple Step
  • Exercise completed!
    Self Care Initiative
  • Exercise completed!
    Practice Gratitude
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise

Feedback & Reviews
They’re very kind and a great listener.
.......awesome great
she's excellent
She's wholesome
She’s very kind
Understood what I was going through. Good.
Very Helpful. I was able to get things of my chest without feeling judged.
Great it was a awesome chat
Good listener. Give me safe place to be
They are awesome!
Such a great listener, so so nice and amazing. It feels like I'm talking to a friend :) such an understanding person. Thank you
They were very nice and helpful. Best chat ever!
She is a really nice and calm listener. I would recommend her.
she helped me alot and she listens really goood
Very helpful. and understands how I feel
Good listener great listener and nice listener
it was good, im glad someone tried to help
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