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If you have Social anxiety I might be the right listener for you, because I healed from it.
If you want to write me, I am happy to help, but I am going to be honest with you. If you are Bullshitting yourself, and telling me "oh I tried this and that for a few days, this doesn't work for me", then I will tell you that if you don't change, your quality of life won't either. YOU need to put one feet in front of the other and not sit down. WORK on your issues!

Note: If you suffer from drug induced Psychosis like Depersonalisation, it will go away once you don't fear it anymore, once you accept it. Then it goes away ironically.
Note2 if you suffer from social anxiety, do a list from 1-10 of things that make to most anxious and do them after relaxing yourselves.

I have been through a lot in my life: social anxiety, erythrophobia, depression, paranoia, impulsive agressivity, grief, emotional stress, excessive thinking, insomnia, derealization and low self esteem. Yes that's a huge list, but...: "I am fine now".
Guess what, the "I am fine" is a lie, I am not fine, but I have good days and I have bad days,

I now want to help people who go through the same things as I went. I am non-judgemental and already helped the people I could help.
I don't care if you are black, white, blue, white supremacist, islamist, religious, atheist, ugly, beautiful, rich, poor, a murderer etc. If you suffer, I will do what I can to help you.

My quote:"Seek help once you need it, but offer help once you're fine"
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Feedback & Reviews
amazing listener one of the better listeners on 7cups
Questions about why I feel this way really help me to debunk my feelings
So strange to chat with someone you don’t know at all, but I was moved by this person’s efforts to help me. My illness is not common, yet he tried. It was really nice and moving.
He was really great help
Thank you! Lovely to speak with and great tips on managing anxiety. Though provoking. Would love to chat again sometime!
Incredibly helpful: After our first chat, he's already made me feel more confident about approaching social situations.
Really helpful and gave me tips to make myself feel better
He's very supportive and open minded, and it's so nice talking to him.
He totally gave me a new point of view about some stuff, which really helped. He's best of what i've met on here.
-Signed Patrick :)
Very nice person who can understand you
Thank you a lot. Appreciated
Caring person with great vibes. Really helpful.
Helpful..good to talk to..
Extremely helpful with the best advice and great to talk to
great listener
laid back
Thank you. :)
Very helpful and to the point
Please continue helping others!
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