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SakuraSkye |
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Hello, my name is SakuraSkye, I'm 17 years old, and I come from Ireland.
I have previously suffered from depression; I have anxiety and I am also a recovering self-harmer and bullimic.
I really enjoy reading, writing poetry, singing and sleeping.
I speak French, English, Mandarin, Irish and Japanese.
My favourite musicians are Mindy Gledhill, Flannel Graph, Post Modern Jukebox, Lucy Rose, Priscilla Ahn, and Baby Metal.
Someday I hope to soar far away from my little sleepy-town to the Land of the rising sun. I really want to teach English to children, English is my passion in life, I believe that I'm good at it, and I know that it is my calling in life to teach it to our next generation of workers. (I just need to learn how to speak properly and be happy)
Feel free to talk to me, I won't bite! (I promise!)

[I currently have GCSEs taking place for the next two months, so I'm sorry if I'm not on much!]
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