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SaraHoliday71 |
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Hi people :) I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for not being here all these days, weeks or forever haha.... I can't seem to find the perfect words for explaining how sorry I am but I just wanted to say 'NO I HAVEN'T FORSAKEN ANY OF YOU'! and my reasons for not being here is........ really hard to explain but I'll just say that I had some personal reasons, anyway I hope I'm forgiven (Fingers crossed) and yeah hope to see you all wonderful people again XXX
____ <3 <3
Hi :) well I am not gonna say that ''Im the best listener'' but I would really like to help you  and I am gonna try to be there for anyone that's going through some stuff cause I care and I know how it feels when you need to be heard but nobody's there to......See you guys.
Number of Ratings: 116
Number of Reviews: 34
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Languages English
Listener Since Nov 17, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener, made me feel much better
Great listener I give two thumbs up 👍👍
I am glad and was relaxed to talk to this bright-star-like person!
very excellent listener
Well I'm asking myself how can i describe Sara's kindness and beauty but then i realize i don't have much words for her kindness. you are really a wornderfull person. thank you very much for being with me. A lot of wishes for you
Loveliest girl I have ever met.
Sara is full of positive energy that is contagious. She is fast/prompt and is completely understanding. Amazing person!
Thanks for being a sweet listener Sara (M) Hope you have a great life :)
Thank you so much.
Sweet and caring who's there for you. Gives the most valuable thing a person can give to another: time
A really helpful listener that gives you as much time to vent about anything as you need. They really do a great job listening.
Just relieved myself and she just continued cheering me up ,). I vented and now I feel better :)
thank you -R
A great listener with a lot of empathy, maturity and humor. It was a delight to have a hours-long conversation with her!
Experienced..... she's an expert
Very calm and understanding, thank u f making my day
Fantastic! Thanks for helping me
A great listener
She gives the best advices.
Talking to you was the best thing that has ever happened to me, thanks for not judging
Thank you so much! You are a great listener. Very compasionate and full of solutions. :)
Thanks for being sweet and understading
Thank you
I swear, I love you so much! Thanks for your time , you have showed me things that I couldn't see. Wish you all the luck in life.
This listener is awesome! They helped me instantly to feel better about myself and made my day better.
A patient and understanding listener. Really friendly and kind hearted. Thank you! x
Kind,Patient,Motivating and very Helpful
positive and caring person
She's lovely and cares a lot, thank you Sara
Best person in the world.
very empathic
She is the best one I've talked........
I don't know how but she seems very experienced and understands very much of what I say and mean. Very nice person also, you can ask anything that's on ur mind :)
Brought me a different look from another side which I haven't thought about before!
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