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Listener - Sage 11

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If you are carrying a heavy weight, why not sharing it?
Number of Ratings: 119
Number of Reviews: 92
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Persian
Listener Since Oct 22, 2018
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 631
Cheers 175,138
People Helped 593
Chats 2,900
Group Support Chats 20
Listener Group Chats 457
Forum Posts 12
Forum Upvotes 17
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Feedback & Reviews
A good listener with incisive questions
So amazing and kind and helpful
She is an excellent listener
Really understands me.
Very compassionate listener
Mar is amazing and puts things into perspective for you to come to your own conclusions about your situation. What a great chat that really laid things out for me.
Asks a lot of mindful questions.
Helpful listener
help others with you
He's nice and warm
very kind and open to helping you talk through things
Veeryyy politee
Good person helpd me
This person is friendly.
yea, she really makes an effort. she is one of the serious ones
Great listener, really understanding and attentive.
They are honestly the most genuine person I have talked to on here. Such a great listener and very insightful. I hope nothing but the best for this person :)
i feel better than i was. it was amazing i hope i can go back here to find anyone
Very kind person.
A really good listener, I like to chat with ๐Ÿ‘
Honestly really supportive and kind. Helped me get some things off my chest that I've been holding back for a while and was too afraid of being judged to talk to anyone about. Felt safe and comfortable. Thank you so much, really.
Very kind listener
Very good listener
Good listener. Gives time to speak.
Comfortable to talk with. Responsive to every chat we have.
Great listener!
Very kind.. Listener really cares about your issue..She is very patient
An awesome listener.. thinks to best of her ability about the situation and asks open ended questions and suggests various paths.. really felt good after talking to her.. definitely will recommend her
Nice and helpful
She was really kind and always tried to understand understand what I was feeling in order to make me feel better. I would definitely recommend talking to her!
nice talking to person
SerialThinker got me thinking about life and provided insights and was really cool about it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Mar is thoughtful, mature and thorough.
Very patient listened carefully
Have patience and time to understand the problem and gets into in the process of finding solution by person itselfโค๏ธโค๏ธ
Got me thinking positive.
Definitely a great listener and know what to say and have a good understanding of what you may be talking about. And very nice as well
really helpful and kind
The best listener! Thanks
He or she is amazing
Really kind and sweet:)
Shes kind and warm
Very helpful
Very nice and a good listener. I wish I had I friend like her.
Very helpful. Thank you!
Very helpful
Good understanding
Very friendly and helpful listener!
Asks a lot of questions to get a foundation before delving into the issue.
So helpful and a great listener.
One of the best listener ,thank you
terrific person very kind thanks
Can relate. Good listener!!!
Was very helpful and asked the right questions.
Great listener. Awesome, Awesome! Sayonara!
This person really helped me. Very good listener.
I had a nice, calming chat with this empathetic listener
Good , nice listener
She really understands me and my problem. Very kind and showed a lot of empathy.
i felt so comfortable being honest with this listener. very patient and kind, treated me like a friend
Amazing listener
Opened my eyes a little bit, allowed to face the truth
Very kind listener
The best listener I've talked to. I don't even have enough words to thank you, but you're words have taken a significant amount of stress out of my head. There will never be a day i won't be thankful for your support.
good listener, good person
Even tho I have a poor internet connection SerialThinker kept in touch with me so t was greate
Amazing listener
Extremely patient listener with a very objective approach.
Wonderful person. I felt like she truly cared!
Great listener!!
They were a very good listener and also gave some great advice
She is really helpful, I liked talking to her.
she is a nice person and very patient , thank you :)
good it helped me i got good mood
She is a sweet soul.
great listener would recommend
Very understanding and helpful
Very nice and understanding
Serial Thinker is the best listener..
Excellent listener. Great to see things from a d
Compassionate and patient :)
asked good questions
A smart, non-judgmental listener with plenty of information about counseling and psychology!
Listens to me just the way I need her/him to
super great listener and very helpful!
thank you - the listener found out my issues and offered that I might prefer to talk to someone with more parallel experience (listener was closer to my kids' ages). Listener didn't seen "disinterested" but was being respectful of my needs. thank you
she's really kind and sweet
Very nice person, sees the problem in it's root. Would recommend.
Really nice and considerate
Listened and empathised, provided advice and items to reflect on. Nice person!
A good listener with solid advice
Amazing . Really helped me to realise what I needed
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