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4.5 star rating

The day I lost you forever (22-02-2022) 

Maine Ik Umer Kharch Ki Hai Tm Par Laila

Tum Mera Bohat Keemti Asaasa Ho

Isiliye Yeh Muhabbat ab nahi hogi

Ye kuch din baad me hogi

Guzar jaayeinge jab ye din

Ye Tumhari Hi yaad me hogi

Na Pooch Mujhse Sey Laila
Yeah Hijar Kase Jhel Raha Hu
Yeah Tan Badan Tu Chalni Hai
 Aur Rooh Par Bhi Chalay Hain

Kase Jan Pao Gi
Is Ishq Main Kya Guzri Hai
Kitne Zakham Khae Hain
Kitne Dard Pale Hain

Suno Tumhari Wafa Pe Mujhko
Pora Yaqeen Hai

Magar Zamane K Waar Ka
Kuch Bharosa Nahi Hai

So Gar Kbhi Aisa Ho
K Tumhe Mujhse Nafrat Ho Jaye

Toh Kabhi In Bato Se Nafrat Na Karna
Jo  Kbhi Hum Dono Ne aik dusre se ki thi 

K Batain To Rabta hoti hain

Wo Jaga Jahan hum ne hath milaya tha pehli bar

Wo Milkshake kay khali glass

Sabko Yad Rakhna

Kabhi Is Dhun Se Nafrat Na Kerna
Jo Meri Rooh K Taar Jor Deti Thi

Kabhi unse nafrat na karna 

K Dhun To Sur Ki Tarteeb Hoti Hai

Aur Kisi Andar Ki Betarteebi Se
Is Dhun Ka Kya Lena Dena.

Kia tumne kabhi koi baat bhi ki ?

Ya Yunhi rahay chup saday?

Ya Ki hai.. Mohabbat Jee bhar kay?

Ya Ishq Adhooray Adhay ?

Khushbu kay peechay jai kon?

Hawa ka sath nibahai kon ?

Hisab yun toh abhi umer bhar ka baqi hai

Main yeh nahi mangta kay mera kal daido

Jo Sath Akhri...guzra wo aik pal daido

Kitab zindagi parh kay daikho zara

Har aik banda mera qatil

Na dikhna wala hai ...Na parhne wala hai ..

Tanha hai kitna safar...

Main yeh nahi mangta kay mera kal daido

Jo Sath Akhri...guzra wo aik pal daido

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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener
Good chat with him
Calm humble kind
Very kind and helpful..Tries to help at his fullest.
very good listener
Great listening
Very good listener. Very helpful.
Seems to want to listen
He is sweet and patiently listens... :)
thanks a lot. you are awesome
Listener is good but should be a little compassionate.
pretty good and has a good sense of humour
Smile seems to be open enough for me to open up to them.
Bonga admi h ye❤❤
Good listener. Asked good questions. I felt like they cared
Thankyou so much
I like that they provided me with logical solutions
😊 friendly and nice
Friendly, nice to talk to
Good, reply was quick
Helpful and caring listener
Really has empathy for you.......verry kind person...understands your situation and does not judge......helped a lot....! :)
He was cool
They were friendly and nice to talk to.
Fun person to talk to :D
Very nice person
Helpful and caring
I appreciate the time and energy. Thank you 😊
Thanks for your time.
Very kind and understanding. he made me feel better and more able to cope with what was going on. much apreciated.
Concise and to the point, just what I needed to hear
I feel a bit better after taking to you.
Thank you
helpful and insightful
Thanks for the time
Really good Thanks
Thank you for your time.
great friend
Still chatting with the person..Helpful so far
They are great
Really listened and helped me cope with my break up
good listner
Really nice! Looking forward to more conversations....^_^
Thanks for remind me of how to calm myself down.
Friendly person :D
thanks for helping me
helped me sort out my emotions, a good listener
Feel better
Good listening skills
really chill person
Amazing !!!
He is the best person on Earth.
Such great support and advice - thank you!!
This listener figured out what I needed most was just to chat and be distracted from days of isolation after a storm. He did not just tell me to be positive or give me tired advice. I really appreciated his time and attentiveness.
He was understanding and not judmental even my story was unusual. Everyone can write to this amazing listener without thinking once. He was totally present during the conversation and make me feel i am not alone. Thanks for your time and please keep up the good work. 7cups needs listeners more like you. Totally a 5 stars.❤
Was very nice. 😊 A kind and sweet person who really cheered me up. He wasn't overly loquacious or full of superficial platitudes, but was easy going and kept things simple. First listener I really had joke around with me a bit and he really lightened my mood. I mostly just wanted someone to complain to for awhile and they were very good about listening. Thanks so much😊😊😊😊😊 I'm still smiling lol. Hope others will give you a try too SCF! 😉😊😋
a really good listener, counsellor and cheering personality... not judging at all.....can discuss anything..........can clear your only one chat i could feel my confidence building.....he understood me perfectly, pacified me and brought smile to my face at a time i needed it most....... meeting new people is not always bad, it can bring happiness to distressed souls, this is what i felt when i talked to him.......i'm quite pessimistic but while reviewing him, i have only positiveness coming to my mind......... to summarize it...he is kind, compassioate, passionate and a mature person... thanks for making me smile..... :)
a really good listener.....can make you see silver liniing...not judging at be brief thanks would say it allll......... :)
Very helpful and responds quickly. Thank you! :)
Was really helpful in guiding me into self-actualizing what I have to do.
Very chill lit swag
He is an excellent person who made me feel so welcomed that I felt I knew him from a long time. I am glad I chose the right person to talk to. He was patient enough to read through my long write up. He made me feel comfortable without passing any judgement and was very honest throughout our chat. A compassionate, trustworthy, reliable and caring person who made me feel worthy and special giving me assurance “Everything will be okay”. His bundle of love and hug is worth a mention.

I can say he is one of the best listener I found to open up my heart with. The world needs people like him who are very concerned about others. Feeling proud to have found a friend in him. He really made me feel better. He consoled me in such a way as though he was just besides me. That is his best nature to make one feel comfortable before he strikes off with the actual conversation. All I wanted is someone to listen to me in my dark hours and he is the apt person I could have found. Truly a ray of hope for the ones living in darkness. The talk with him made me smile again and gave me a positive feeling. He is genuine and so mature while being attentive and understanding of the situation. He is a person with a pure soul who only can wish good for the people. He made me feel myself again and helped me get off my muddled up negative emotions. I am very glad to have met him and look forward to more interactions with him. I sincerely thank him for the wonderful job he is doing on 7 Cups. I am sure people who interact with him will echo my words. I wish him all success with loads of blessings from God. Regards, Rachuu!
Had a really pleasant chat which made me smile;)
Great listener, empathetic and made me feel better :)
Calmed me down and actually helped me! Thanks you!
amazing listener
Thanks for listening, appreciate you making me laugh! -jewlz
Thank you for your honesty!
Very smart and understanding person. So thankful I ran into them.
Inspirational. At first I thought I'd dismiss as of the age barrier being a younger age but this listener was empathetic, insightful, and positive .
Sweet. Responds back quickly and cheers the person.
Follows through.
You were my lucky star.
Really made me feel better, the least I could do for them is to leave a review. Thanks for everything.
Prompt replies.
Was great to have someone listen and backed your decision. I was undecided and needed someone to confirm my decision. Thanks!
Great Listener
Great listener.
Kind person to talk to, felt that he really understood me.
Good listener, with objective thought. Cleared a bit things up for me.
Very helpful. Gave advice that I had not considered and listened to everything I had to say. Gave me clarity
Very kind, patient , mature listener. Thank you!
nice person
Good listener,I recommend
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