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Hey! I'm glad you've found me on 7 Cups of Tea. I'm a trained active listener, and I like to support people struggling with any sort of everyday stress, dealing with changes in life, and anyone else who just needs a friend to talk to. If you just want someone to vent to, I'm here! I like getting to know people,having meaningful conversations, and long lasting friendships. :} I enjoy gaming, chatting, music, drawing, writing, running, and fencing. I've overcome a lot in life and would like to help by listening to you. I know that there are so many things going on in each individual’s life that not everyone knows about, inner turmoil that we can’t see just by looking around the room, thoughts and struggles that are deeper than mascara, high heeled boots, letterman jackets, and fake smiles. There’s a reason someone is the way that they are today; why some people seem happy, some people don’t seem to care about anything, and why people are mean, or hateful. We all have stories and backgrounds. Like the kid who throws insults like play things: that’s all he’s ever known at home. The shy boy in math class who smiles at everyone and does everything in his power to make others happy: his mom lost her job, his dad has cancer, and he wonders if he can keep up his smile for much longer, or if he will ever be happy again. The kid people call stupid and lazy: the reason he didn’t turn in his project on time was because he had to help his father work in his shop, and take care of his three younger siblings. The girl who sits in the corner that everyone whispers about, the one with dyed red hair and different clothes; she feels alone and wishes she could disappear. Everyone has struggles, and we all feel hurt or alone sometimes, but the truth is that none of us are ever truly alone unless we choose to be. If people would look beneath the obvious, and try to understand each other, if only a little, then they could see how similar we all really are. They could see how much we need to stand together in order to be strong. Each and every individual can be something big; we have so much potential, but not everyone knows how to use it. People talk about life after college, “in the real world,” they say, and yet what does that make this here and now, the fake world? No, this is the real world and we need to act like it is. We only have one life, so there’s no point in wasting it being mean to others, or not giving it your best one hundred percent of the time. If we can stop caring so much about superficial things, and stop being so quick to judge, we can achieve great things. If people can start to see what they’re truly worth, and act upon their potential, we can do anything. We are strong, and we are beautiful. I'm currently trying to survive highschool, so I may be pretty busy. If I'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline, then send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as i can. Glad you are here!
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Feedback & Reviews
super chill person to talk to ^_^
She's the best ever! You must love her ♡
Didn't really listen to me or give me advice regarding my problem.... but she was actually worried about me and cared though.
Super nice
U my bestie from now on....
U r a really good person to talk to :)
She is pretty good
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