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"We are all so necessarily mad, that to try not to be mad would amount just for another form of madness" - Ernest Becker (from the book: The Denial of Death)
Hey, there!
I've been on and off on this side for more than 2 years now, and although I have some basic knowledge about therapy and psychology, I am neither psychologist nor a licenced therapist - so I am not here on regular commited basis (for now). However, I get a lot of positive reviews and feedback and it seems like my approach helps a lot of people to change their perspective on their struggles, and I appreciate that and this is one of the main reason I still come here (although less regularly than before).
I tend to help with all sorts of issues and I am comfortable even with the most difficult topics - as long as there is mutual respect and understanding of bounderies. (That is understanding of what I can do and what I can't do for you). What I defintely can is to listen to you carefuly, ask you more questions in order to get better picture of your struggle, and offer my perspective on your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes a new perspective and seeing the problem differently is all we need. What I can't do for you, is substitute real physical friendship or if needed a real professional help. 
When listening, I often try to gather as much information about your situation first - to put it into bigger context and point out things you may ignore or not see. If you are familiar with psychology, I often combine these therapeutical approaches: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness based techniques, and Existential approach.
So if you like what you read and would like to arrange a chat with me - write me and I will reply as soon as I can. But please bear in mind, this is not my profession, we all do it in our free-time, so don't get dissapointed if I have only so much time 

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Feedback & Reviews
Insightful, empathetic, sharp, calm... uses CBT ... best listener ... so sad that he comes here seldom these days.
Very caring and understanding, truthful and sincere with genuine interest in helping. He knows what he is doing and utilizes his messages in such a way that will make you comfortable talking and explore yourself more. Offers a mature opinion and a well though response and analysis to your problems. Very patient and willing to walk with you all the way. Highly recommended. Thank you .
I don't have words to express how much Pete helped me out. He is a really nice person, patient, and know how to listen and give advices. I'm really happy that I've talked to him. I wil recommended 10/10. Thank you very much
I really like this. I feel like I can talk to someone, and I don't feel like it is awkward at all!
very helpful
nice listener
An extremely patient and intelligent listener. One of the best here. :)
Thank you for taking the time to listen
An extremely professional, wonderful listener.
I so appreciate chatting with you. I've never felt so heard before. Patient, gentle and considerate, eager to truly understand my situation. Thoughtful feedback and suggestions that leave me feeling optimistic. Thank you.
Amazing listener... understood al the things right away .... and I felt an incredible compassion from the listener ... amazing... one of the best! Thanks!...
Was very compassionate and had lots of helpful advice! Made me feel very safe to discuss my issues and asked all the right questions to make sure everything was understood before offering suggestions to me. The advice was particularly helpful and was explained in a clear way too, which is very helpful when you're feeling distressed or upset!
Pete is amazing and very nice and attentive to assessing and helping in anyway! My favorite person to talk to.
easy to talk to
He's very good, I'm doing it for my own purposes.
He's a nice guy and a good listener :) Very helpful.
Very smart listener. Let me talk about my issues and pointed out my fallacies in my thinking or feelings without being judgemental or interrupting me. I appreciated this approach, since it was like talking to my wiser self, really. Just leading the conversation the right way to get to the source of the issue, without rushing it or avoiding it. Right balance! Felt like he was trying to point me into my own resources for tackling the issue, and strenghten my ability to trust myself with it while, giving me much broader perspective in which I could see more than before. Highly recommended for an intelligent and rational and yet compassionate listening!
Professional and good listener
My new favorite listener here. Insightful and perceptive and constrictive and forward-moving. A very rare person, a true gem if you want good thorough analysis of who you are / what is happening.
Wonderful. Perceptive, well-wounded, clever, attentive listener.
Best person to talk. I felt like i was talking to a a psychologist. Got a lot of help :)
Great listener. Thank you.
Empathetic and kind
Knowledgeable and empathetic listener. Knew how to guide you through your feelings. Checked back to see how I was doing after our first chat and brought me to realize my feelings. I felt much better after our chat.
Great! Thank you again, you were very very kind
Very kind and responsive :)
Great listener! Very supportive and caring. 5/5
It was good
Pete is such a nice person.. I'm glad i talked to him.
Very kind, patient and understanding. Can Help you understand the situation so well. Indeed, one of the best listeners.
Pete really took time to get to know my situation and how I was feeling. He gave excellent advice and made me see things in ways that I could not before.

He spent a lot of time with me until we got to the bottom of what was troubling me and found some solutions. Thanks so much!
Very sincere.
I highly recommend him.
After talk I'm feeling much better than before. He gave me a lot of helpful advices. Thank you.

Thank you for saving me
Brilliant listener! Listened to my rants and offered constructive solutions.
This person has a lot of insight and knowledge in psychology, and it was very evident in the way he analysed the situations and words I provided him with. I found the conversation with him enlightening, as first of all, I was able to get many things off of my chest, and second, he helped me see and realise certain things about myself that I hadn't paid much attention to before.
i know how much a review is for a listener cause i am one. thank you so much you helped me think of a solution. you were very chilled and it helped me to know what should do next.
...Thanks you... Best listener I ever had.
Very kind, understanding, and insightful
Absolutely fantastic listener. I felt like he gave me time to express where I was with what I was feeling and then provided advice to help me combat it, even to the extent of useful resources. He also offered continued support if you should need it. 10/10.
Helped me with really serious issue, very patient and careful, non judgmental. Please keep doing what you're doing.
Beautiful insight and nice support. Thank you!
very helpful
Kind and caring soul. Very understanding and made me feel less like an alien and more like a normal human being with normal emotions. Thank you!
Very patient. Highly recommend.
You can count on SpiritualCoverage to not only listen to your problems, but to give you an insightful perspective of where you are coming from and why you are feeling the way you do. It doesn't matter which culture you are from, he will make you feel understood, and have you feeling much better. Funny, insightful, and awesome.
Positive. Listens to me and very good in comnunicating and giving advice.
Thanks man :D
life savior
It was great talking to them. It was an amazing combination of sheer professionalism and genuine empathy. And they helped a lot and I'm looking forward to talking to them more.
You have opened my eye's to a lot i very much appreciate you.
Incredibly kind, wise listener. Perceptive too.
He is an awesome listener who said exactly what I needed to hear to feel better about my situation and work through some fears.
He was very nice, and is a great listener. He paid attention to my problems and was able to empathize with me :)
Wonderful listener!
One of the most helpful conversations I had so far on this website! :)
Spiritual coverage was fantastic. Talked to me for a long time to help ease my anxiety. Was educated on the topic and great listener!
really nice guy
Thank you for the logical and calming conversation. I needed it.
Great Listener with patience and friendly behaviour!!
really, really great to talk to. very helpful and understanding
Genuine, honest, true, kind and integrity rarer than any gem. Thank you, always.
Excellent listener highly recommended!!
This app is such a great tool :) just articulating my thoughts to someone who wanted to listen was helpful.
He is a great listener. He is patient, empathetic, and helpful.
He isn't judgmental either. He really helped me!!!
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