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My intuition led me back to 7cups after my hiatus I thought would be permanent. I always honor the intuitive hits downloaded upon my heart. There is someone out there that is the perfect member that cannot seem to feel safe to open up to anyone. Everyone they speak to seems to be untinterested in giving them a safe space to decompress or everyone speaks over them and gives off this vibe that they ought to just get over it. I have been there and I get it. Note: I do not have a consistent schedule nor is 7cups my prioritity. If you are looking for a consistent schedule, we will not be a good fit. 

Of course it is difficult to open up to others now because you are so used to being shut out by others. Of course it will sting when those around you speak over you, you are taking action to be vulnerable, to be seen and heard and your feelings are completely trampled over and you are left feeling invalidated.

Truth is, you are not a victim. You are super powerful. You are a warrior. You intuitively know when love is no longer being served. Truth is you deserve to feel cared for.

Take courage and message me directly. I am here to listen and here to serve my perfect member for me. That member that refuses to be left out in the dark. I've got your back.

I am looking forward to encountering folx interested in becoming my long-term members.

Some background information on me. I am a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (I coach, listen, acknowledge and validate others) around attitude, perception and how that impacts our choices and ultimately, our actions. I have coached those experiencing thoughts of suicide, anxiety, depression, mania, sadness, OCD, PTSD and I feel extremely comfortable listening to those in dangerous and harmful situations with family members. I also feel extremely comfortable listening to those whom self-harm and are living a closeted experience as an LGBTQIA person. I am a lesbian and only recently came out. I have been closeted for pretty much all my life until just about two years ago. I am 29 years old. I get it. You feel like something is wrong with you. I am not religious in any way, shape or form, however, I believe every stitching of me is by design and not by accident. I accept myself wholely and love who I am now. I love my struggles and I hope to impart that process that I have created, unto you. 

I am here for you and most importantly, I believe in you.
No matter what, you deserve more love, not less.



Steadfast here. This is my last week of 7cups, for now. I will be deleting my account. If you would like to speak with me before I leave, my last day will be Friday, May 18th, 2018 (pacific standard time -- USA). I would be absolutely out of my mind to not confess that those I met through 7cups, specifically the members I regularly spoke to, amplified my life. I was going through a rough time, myself, and speaking with the regular members that I did have, gave me a sense of self, and helped to restore my self-esteem. I adore this platform, for its anonymity. I am sorry to say that I do need to leave, but I am going to follow-through with my decision, having faith that my regular members will continue to be cared for in the future.
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Best listener I ever spoke to! Simply incredible. Changed my life.
Steadfast helped me to rewrite a memory with a more positive outlook. She helped me to to deleve into the issue and understand my inner workings of my brain to create a realistic way of dealing with the situation
Great listener and receiver of information that could be hard to deal with or somewhat problematic.
So helpful, and so kind and understanding. Helps me feel like I'm heard and not alone. You are a true angel :) - Caring
so nice and chatty and friendly
Good work. Very different approach from other listeners, but good try.
you were amazing to talk to. Thank you for showing me sincerity, perspective, and care
Kind and compassionate
Helpful, and knew where I was coming from. really made me feel like I was heard, thank you
they are very helpful
Very helpful
Thank you
One of the absolute best listeners I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Kind, respectful, and comforting. They made me feel safe and cared for. They are just a genuinely good person.
very smart and kind
thank u
I truly can’t express how helpful SteadfastStatue has been to me. Inquisitive, thoughtful, empathetic and empowering are all words that come to mind to describe them. I felt stronger and more able to take on my difficult days knowing I could chat with SteadfastStatue. I learned and understood more about myself through our chats. Truly, these chats have been a gift to me.
an incredible listener with a very kind soul :D
Very understanding and a wonderful human being.
Awesome really knows how to help
Wow. Thank you so much this was so great.
Really helpful
Best most understanding and kind
A supportive listener.
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