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Hello! My full name is Jacqueline, but please... call me Jacq. I'm a little bit Holly Golightly and Jackie O rolled into one. Classic but aloof. I am a survivor. I have great empathy for what people are going through but I don't lie about what I think or feel. If you're not looking for honest answers and a little tough love please connect with another listener.

Very knowledgeable in issues related to sexuality and sexual wellness. I am bisexual and in a happy open sexual marriage. Also have experience loving someone with substance abuse issues. My husband is a recovering heroin addict. I'm also quite proficient in relationships but helping people move past them is not my strong suit.

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Listener Since Nov 19, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
We were only chatting for a few minutes but I know you were listening. Thank you
I came on here freaking out and left feeling relieved and a lot calmer. Appreciate her help and telling me the reality.
Grateful to have had them as a listener.
Told me exactly what I needed to hear. definitely gave me the push that I needed. thanks.
Thank you. You've given me a lot of good advice to help myself feel better.
sometimes you just click with people and I definitely needed this listener's ear. She was wonderful
This person was extremely helpful, i needed to talk and i ended up talking about some pretty heavy stuff, so pleased i decided to talk tonight and feel blessed had a person who was willing to listen, hope they understood how appreciative that i was for that.
Super nice to talk to! He tries to help you the best way posible and is super supportive!
The fastest response time in the history of 7cups. And so far so good I'd like to give a double rating for when I am done if possible.
It was wonderful to talk with such a knowledgeable listener, that is a very rare experience. Thank you for being a pleasant company during my difficult time, and for taking your time.
Great listener!
A great person to talk to very helpful
Thanks. Great conversationalist. Helped direct my attention to a better area and stop dwelling and dream about better things.
Very helpful
A very fateful and wonderful encounter to speak to this lovely individual today and change my perspective on life itself for the better :)
really helpful. really understood the situation and told the truth that i had to come to terms to.
Excellent listener with great advice, thank you.
Youre great! Thanks
Very understanding
Wise words for a difficult situation. A rarity and a blessing.
Very supportive,open minded and knowledgeable.
Very Understanding
Great listener.
Very pleasant person
Most connected I've ever felt with a listener:)
Great listener, I totally recommend her. She is really sweet, but don't make her angry.
Quite helpful.. gave suggestions and alternatives related to my problem. Nice person to talk with
Super helpful and full on insight. Thoughtful!
thank you for your help!
Helpful in more ways then one.
Thank you for your kind and patient listening.
Fast replier
Quite understanding and helpful.. Gave appropraite advise by going deep into it. Thanks a lot!!!
Simply great.
Very understanding and helpful. I am feeling better now after speaking. Thank you Swifting!
Great response time.
You're INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much
Tremendous amount of help! Thank you so much! You are an angel to be taking time out of your holiday to help others. I wish you all great things to come for the new year, thank you again.
Really helpful and encouraging! Feels great talking to her
Simply awesome. Eloquent and composed. Put me at ease instantly.
Words will not fully express the quality of invaluable support this wonderful individual has shown me. She is a phenomenal listener, logical problem solver, and the most strong-minded person I have spoken to in a long time.
This listener was very helpful and I'm grateful for the tips that I was giving to better understand my feelings.
She knows her stuff
I wasn't needing empathy but practical and active listening, and reviewed some thought provocing responses. Very welcoming and supportive. Thank you!
A true godsend, a gift to the world. I wish more people were like you.
thank you so much for listening! i really appreciated it :)
All the other reviewers are right. I feel much better. She was extremely kind and empathetic. Also a very easy person to relate to.
I came on here feeling a mess and it's amazing how "put together" I feel now! Thank you for your great listening, empathy and feedback!
Swifting, is absolutely, incredible!. Very helpful, professional, empathetic and responded very well to my question. It was nice to get the advice I got. I hope If i ever have any concerns again I can have Swifting again.
Stellar job!
Good listener and supportive
Very Knowledgeable and give wonderful advice!
thank you for your time i feel better after our chat
Fantastic, really felt understood.
I mean... Yeah. A+
Very good (:
She's a wonderful listener and even if I mostly just rambled, really appreciate her help. Thank you.
Exactly what I needed. Thanks a million.
A very delightful listener.
good listener
honest and patient listener. made me happy
I just became a member on 7-cups and I really needed to talk to someone today. Swifting was the listener I got and it turned out to be her first day as well. She is the people I needed to talk to. She reminded me that I'm not alone and that there are people out there willing to help. She reminded me that there is always hope and that things will get better. And lastly, she made a commitment that I had already taken a step in turning my life around, by searching and finding 7-cups. Thank you.
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