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TaintedHaze |
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Hey there
Religious Beliefs (Or lack-there-of): Atheist/Existentialist
I identify as Genderfluid. (Periodical Mixture and fluctuation on the gender spectrum)
Preferred pronouns: They/Them
I'm Demi/Pansexual (Your genitalia/gender does not define my likelihood of loving you)
I like to draw and write whatever flows from my hand and mind.
I cope with Manic Depression(2), Social Anxiety, Reactive Attachment Disorder. PTSD. And an on and off again eating disorder (Mixture of Bulimia/Anorexia Nervosa)
My personality type is INFP (IN)tuitive (F)eeling (P)erceiving
I'm surviving as an introvert in a world that likes to scream before it thinks.
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