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TheCup5893 |
Listener - Paragon 3

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5.0 star rating

I listen. I try and understand as much as I can. I do not judge whatsoever. I am here.


Number of Ratings: 340
Number of Reviews: 120
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jan 3, 2017
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 748
Cheers 317,360
People Helped 540
Chats 4,347
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 5
Forum Posts 13
Forum Upvotes 20
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Feedback & Reviews
Good listening skills
This user has really been awesome in helping me cope with what has been one of the most trying experiences of my life, and has been incredibly supportive and friendly regarding my trouble. Excellent times!
Very kind and empathetic listener. She was very helpful and gave me great, solid life advice. No nonsense. Awesome listener 😊
An excellent listener and very empathetic
Very good listener
it was very nice talking to her....she really helped in making a very crucial decision...would love to get in touch again
Helped me see both sided of a pretty important story, might have saved me a lot of unnecessary drama
Thanks for your help! You were absolutely perfect!
I think that this listener was absolutely amazing and helped so much to take weight off my shoulders. She even helped me to dig up emotions and issues that are hard to do on my own and with other people that I know personally. I didn't know i could find as much relief and answers as i did with this listener!
Very nice and helpful
very nice , easy to talk and friendly ! :) Great job ! :)
thank you
Very accomodating and helpful!
She was great and very kind
Definitely who I’m going to for advice no matter what.
Sia was absolutely wonderful to talk to. She is very personable and easy to relate to. She seemed to understand how I was feeling, and validated that my feelings were valid, and not "weird" or "stupid". She is incredibly professional. She uses proper English and proper grammar, and responds to messages very quickly during live chats. She is very non-judgmental, and made me feel very comfortable. I don't think I can say enough good things about her! She is wonderful!
A great listener! As close to perfection as human can get.
She was very helpful. I loved talking to her. Hope to talk to her soon. NEAL
Thank you
Sai is a lovely and sincere person. A little bit idealistic, but caring and listening. She always responds with her genuine thoughts.
very good
Ironically perfect
She listens and is always there for you. She is my go-to listener, and somehow best friend and confidante. She has a beautiful heart and mind, she will appreciate you and your feelings, and she will never judge. She is human too after all, but she tells you what you need to hear exactly when you need to hear it.
A good listener
Having someone that checks up from time to time is very nice again so helpful and friendly thank you for everything!
She help not only me but my family. We are all very thankful to her and her words and just everything she said and did. Truly a wonderful woman.
I have never met another listener like her! My heart is content after our discussion. She was so supportive and couldnt have responded better to the specific issues I was dealing with in any other way. I highly suggest getting connected with her to talk about any issues. She helped me realize its not to late to get help and she new exactly how to provide that support and help perfectly. Thank you Sai
It was wonderful talking to Sai. I'm sure gonna make good progress, sometimes all I need is someone to listen to and make me feel better and the listener absolutely helped me in getting there.
very helpful!!
Extremely good! Was there for me through everything I had to say, supported me and listened very well! :) appreciated very much❤️- Taylor
So friendly and thoughtful!!!
Great person, willing to listen
Great so far!
I am happy with the chat. It was very helpful.
Awsm listener :) thank u
it was very helpful and easy to talk to.
Great Job!
Wow did I ever talk to the right person. What a great lady to get what I needed help with!
great listener!
Such a sweet, down to earth person who will make you smile, even in spite of yourself.
She's hella great! Not only will she make you feel like talking to a friend by not being as stiff as other listeners but she'll also support you with the best of her abilities. Her suggestions and uplifting words really hot the right spot for me which turned my frown upside down into a smile. She's a true gem. I couldn't think of any listener as laid back as her while still keeping the goal of the conversation in mind. Thank you so much for everything!
Very kind
Nice Person!
Very good listener
Sympathetic and casual!
TheCup5893 was very compassionate and encouraged me to take some next steps to help myself. I feel I have better perspective on my situation after talking to them.
Wonderful, amazing, very sympathetic
A beautiful person with a beautiful heart and a natural listener. Felt a lot better after talking to her. She is no less than an angel. God bless her.
Thankful I was connected with this listener. I feel encouraged and tons lighter!
Very easy to talk to and very very helpful and compassionate
Awesome and compassionate listener.
Thank you! So helpful. Just needed a chat and I really came to the right place. 🌟
Really helpful
You are everything that the human kind needs to be.
Thanks for listening and sharing a video to help with my problem.
I felt like talking to my best of all best friends, never ever I felt this much comfortable talking to a person, a true angel...
Change careers and become a psychotherapist :)
Thanks man so much
Great listener! Willing to really dive into the situation and help. Highly recommend!
Only a short bit into the conversation so far, but they're awesome. They're well articulated which is important in this environment! +1
Very good advice, thanks
very great listener with very beautiful heart thanks for helping me so happy to meet you here
This listener was really attentive and willing to help me figure out a viable solution that was best for everyone. Never ever judged me in any case. I felt so much better after speaking to this listener. I feel like I have more control over my situation after getting someone else's perspective.
Good listener,been really helpfull when i needed someone to talk to.
Thanks for your help :) she was happy to help address my college related issues!
Very kind, compassionate and warm. If you're looking not only for a listener but also for a friend, it's a person for you.
awesome listener
Listened well and mixed in some humor and banter within the serious talk. Great experience.
Pure person. She will heal u
Awesome guy, fun to chat to and eager to help.
The listener was very helpful
She's incredibly helpful. Listened to all my problems patiently, and helped.
It was very refreshing to talking to Sai. I got very good vibes and felt better just after a short chat. Thank you! :)
Very helpful, encouraging and light hearted beautiful soul
Still the best person I've had the pleasure of chatting with!
Honest and very helpful listener!
Very nice person.
super nice and had good tips on how to deal
Very wonder full person to connect with, very memorizing and empathetic. Someone to just fly away with.
They were quick to respond and very understanding, willing to help me when nobody else was. I'm very thankful for the time they spent talking me through difficult subjects and I'm glad that I came across this person. Definitely one of the most empathetic listeners I've come across.
Helpful, friendly and human.
This listener was very sympathetic with me in regards to my situation, and helped me get to the bottom of my worries, so that I could form a plan to help me move onwards. Thanks!
This listener has the capability to eradicate any of the negative emotions from you, One of the best in 7cups.:-)
The person who I needed to speak with. Responsive, empathetic, and understanding. A++.
Good listener. Asks a lot of questions though.
Amazing insight and in depth knowledge of various topics on the spectrum of humanity. Fantastic listener too!
Great sense of humour!
Best listener
He was very helpful and made me feel safe opening u
Extremely nice and approachable. Made me feel welcome from the first message!
Very friendly. Thank you!
I felt good after a quick chat with the listener
Sai is great. I forgot why I was feeling sad when we started talking.
I joined this chat feeling really low (insecure, upset, confused) and this person had really great suggestions and brought my confidence back up. Really amazing person with solid suggestions, I wish this person could be my therapist 24/7
The happiest and friendliest person, and her happiness is infectious :)
TheCup is very friendly and smart. They really helped me feel unstuck. I will definitely talk to them again when I am feeling stressed about work.
Really nice and willing to just talk to me when I needed it :)
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