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ThereIsSuchThingAsRecovery |
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Hiya! The name is Zy! Welcome to 7 cups and im proud to help you! I'm very bubbly and awkward! I love hanging out with my friends and exploring the world! But, it wasnt always that way.

When i was about 11, i struggled with school work and family problems. i hated the way i looked because i had acne and i felt fat. I also started to question my sexuality. So eventually I let all of that take over me and i became very depressed. I decided to take it upon myself by cutting, over eating, self-loathing, etc. I thought that there was no hope. I thought recovery was impossible. But then i found music (specifically bands) and people online. Bands were there and helped me when the people the apparently loved me weren't. Random people online were there when i didnt feel comfortable talking to people in real life because they didnt understand. And i know that's how you must feel, that nobody gets you, but i do. It took me a couple relapses to realize that i wanted to stop cutting, but i did it! I've been through the same tough crap as you, but that doesn't last forever. Especially when you talk to someone. Like me! Also, you may think that you're not worth recovery but you are. I did, so can you! And that's why im here, to help you to the road to recovery!

The world is a beautiful place and you deserve to live to see it. So put down that blade, and instead turn on you computer/phone and talk to me because im always here for you, no matter what! That's what im here for, no matter what your problem or situation; you! I'm not here to criticize or judge you situation, im here to support and help you, because ive been there too and i understand! Love you all! β™₯β™₯

-Suffered from depression, self-harm, self-image issues, anxiety, family stress, school stress, suicidal thoughts, etc.
-I'm SUPER obsessed with bands...BVB, OMAM, BMTH, SWS, PTV, PATD, AA, ATTILA, BB, 3DG, etc.
-I love anime, manga (or any type of graphic novel), cartoons.
-I love to sing, draw, hang out with my friends, take pics and write!
-I love all Rock, classical, indie and country genres.🎸🎢
-I don't like egotisical/cocky/selfish people
-I don't like people in bad moods...GOOD VIBES ONLY PLZ! 😁
-I don't like labels... :3
-Pansexual Pride :)

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Feedback & Reviews
Zy is natural at this. Grateful for the chat
I found this listener to be not only attentive, but also very compassionate. They eased my worry, and allowed me to calm down and reflect. With their kind words in mind, I think I'll be able to handle anything that comes at me in the coming days ahead.
Thank you. Keep helping so many people
My listener was really empathetic and patient.......helped take this burden off my chest.....I feel more positive and am more hopeful of my current situation......I feel like God sent me an Angel in the form of a listener.....

Please continue to do this good work........I hope and pray many more people can connect to this platform and help feel better about themselves and find a way to come out of their bad situation!

God bless this team!
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