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Hello!! I'm UniC, as everyone calls me on here and I’m a trained verified active listener, I listen to teens and adults and I’m so glad you found me here on 7 cups :) .I've been through an awful lot throughout my child and teen years, i can empathize and understand on a lot of different levels. I like to think of myself as a fun and caring person. I enjoy helping other people as no one deserves to suffer alone. I’m a completely non judgmental person and nothing will shock me.! I enjoy Dance and Gymnastics in my spare time :) I love to watch TV and listen to music!. If im online feel free to chat with me :) I hope i can help!!!! 🌈
🌈 I take chats on : Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Self harm, Bullying and Eating Disorders 🌈

πŸ¦„Teens, feel free to chat with me about school issues/ bullying - I take those chats too ❀️ πŸ¦„

I DO NOT take chats on : Relationship or Sexual Issues

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Number of Ratings: 83
Number of Reviews: 55
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 3, 2017
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Chats 487
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Feedback & Reviews
A kind , Understanding and all around wonderful Listener
Very good listener! Highly recommend
You're a really great and kind person and you helped me a lot. Thanks so much :)
What a great person! I loved to hear somebody who could connect with me in Many ways! oxsicunicorn knows exactly what its like to walk in my shoes for a mile.
Great listener, very nice!
very helpful and professional, a real kind and understanding sou;
So kind and is willing to help out in every obstacle thrown at them and is willing to find a better way for you
Very understanding yet still made me realise where I've been going wrong, lovely personπŸ’“
Perfect listener - can't express in words how amazing, caring, non judgmental and kind this listener is. truly grateful to be able to talk to them.
Spectacular listener. Can honestly relate to everyone
So sweet. Knows a lot about the topics mentioned in bio. Really great person 10/10 would recommend
really caring and supportive!! :))))
Very kind and supportive
I would definitley recommend
She's a really sweet and kind listener
They were lovely
She helped me a lot!!!
Only really just started talkimg but i already feel safer and happy
Very proffesional, and easy to talk to. Would recommend
Perfect x
You rock my socks Toxic!
Very sweet. Encouraging. Thank you for all your help.
a really amazing helper
I like
Caring and very responsive.
So honest with me. Told me exactly what I needed to hear to think about things in a different way. Helped me to realize that it’s not me. It was all a situation that I could not control. I appreciate their timelines with answering and the kindness they used
Toxic unicorn was so comforting in a time of ne d
a great person to talk to
great help
Actually a very good listener
She didn't give up on me, it was awful to start with because of me being so bad. But she stayed, she didn't give up, she slowly made me feel safer and secure. I find her the best listener ever now because she has time, empathy and willing to stick out bad times. Great support at a time of great need :)
Very sweet, and caring.
Very patient, great listener, and kept me calm. I appreciate it
friend indeed
Good listener
Good listener and makes me feel very comfortable and like they understand how i am feeling
You are an awesome person and thank you for being here for me. You don't make me feel alone
Very nice and understanding!!
Wow - this is like the most caring and passionate human being I met here. Every message was full of empathy. I wish I could hug this amazing and outstanding human being.
Lovely listener. Helped a lot.
Was truly amazing to talk with and very caring. Never felt judged or that I was a bother. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ
Really really nice, lovely to talk to
She is a very good listener observant and understanding. Two words 'the best'. Keep up the good work Rachel i will talk to you everyday. Thanks for your support. :)
She understands and its very easy to connect with her. Exactly what I needed.
Honestly really helped me
Such a kind person
She didn't just tell me to 'calm down' or 'stop thinking about it' she helped and let me vent
talking freely to somebody you dont know really helps you to understand things by yourself :)
Thanks for everything
Very warm and outgoing. You can feel that she’s sincere in wanting to help.
Truly amazing person truly cares about people heart of gold helped me in my time of need
very friendly, listened to me and replied promptly. I recommend her.
A very nice person to talk to. Kind and respectful. She is great.
Really nice easy to talk to very under standing
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