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Hello and welcome to 7 Cups.  I'm glad you're here.  We all need to talk about our concerns from time to time.   I'm here to listen.  Let's discuss what's on your mind.     

Number of Ratings: 590
Number of Reviews: 268
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Oct 12, 2016
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Cheers 590,026
People Helped 1,866
Chats 9,637
Group Support Chats 389
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Feedback & Reviews
Very informative, straight to the point and lovely person, highly recommend.
The best 7cups listener, I’ve ever came across in 7cups. Super friendly and supportive. I really appreciate the effort the conversation
She is so very kind Thank you so much
Very helpful, kind and yet realistic. Knew there were areas to work on without judgment. Bonded well and helped with action steps. Pretty nice to meet and hope one day to give brownies to.
Amazing listener!
amazing listener
Very nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
She is very nice
great helped me calm down when i was panic eating
Amazing listener, Just what i needed
Such a kind, caring and lovely person. Doesn't judge!
Great listener- thanks
She was absolutely amazing. She knew exactly what to say and how to phrase her questions. She really cleared things up for me that no one could help me with.
She gave great advice. She is my favorite person. She is awesome.
very helpful and sweet!
Great listener, great person. I would definitely recommend! Loved talking to you.
nice person, good listener
super sweet and understanding
Great listener!
Quite understanding and empathetic listener
Very nice and a good person to talk to
A brilliant listener! Provided extremely supportive, useful and practical guidance. Helped me explore ways in which I can express myself and reduce my anxious thoughts. Very patient and kind when listening.
Great listener
Super great! Very responsive and intelligent conversationalist!
Listener was really helpful. She was really patient and listened to each and every of my problem and made me feel better and also gave me real good insight into my issue and how to go about resolving that! Thanks a lot :)
She helped me out with an objective view point
She is a wonderful listener who helped me clarify my situation.
Really understanding, knowledgeable, and compassionate listener.
StormyTimes is an extraordinary listener! Best ever! She has an expert way of understanding what you are going through and directing you toward the solution with humor, compassion, and real life strategies. She is a spirit guide on seven cups, and I feel so grateful to have chatted with her today.
StormyTimes is an amazing listener and a beautiful soul. Chatting with her is like sitting down to have coffee with a supportive and comforting friend. Highly recommend.
Stormy is a thoughtful, empathic, and informative listener. They really helped me figure out what I need and how to approach things. I couldn't be more grateful for the help
If I could give her more stars I would this woman is incredible we talked in the group room and then privately and u can tell she is someone who genuinely cares we talked for a long time and she’s kind and warm and real!!!!
Thank you so much for understanding me.. for giving me option and perpective. thank you for all the kind words. wish you best..:)
Friendly, kind, a great listener and very insightful
very kind and eager to help. stromytimes makes my day
i like this its nice
Excellent listener, really tries to understand and is very considerate towards your thoughts and feelings. Would absolutely recommend
StormyTimes is the best on here. She knew exactly what I went through and used therapeutic terms and knowledge that reconfirmed my situation. She is very knowledgeable, wise, encouraging and patient. I recommend for anyone going through narcissist relationship abuse.
Very experienced listener, who gave me wonderful tips
Very sweet and caring. Thank you for the chat.
She is so awesome! Such a caring and loving person. You can see her experience from being a teacher.
Vary helpful and kind understanding and I appreciate it a lot
Gave me an idea and explained it very well. Gave me all the information I needed!
Amazing listener
kind, easy to talk to
Actually listened, I felt heard and not that I was just another person. Responses were real and genuine.
seems to actually care about my situ
Great job of connecting and practical insights on how to feel better!
great listener!! exceptionally good and professional
Helped me with what is currently going to be a turning point in my life, couldnt be more grateful
Attentive. Thank you
Stormy was a great listener. She really helped me feel better.
Really helpful and to-the-point
It was helpful to talk things out with StormyTimes. She was there when I needed someone.
Amazing really helps to talk to someone that is good at listening
thank you for your wonderful insights...
Gave me useful information about a program I was previously unaware of. I'm definitely looking into that program and seeing what can be done. If you're an adult on the autism spectrum - or, you're taking care of an adult on the autism spectrum - this is THE person you need to chat with!
Loved it gave me new perspective and really knew how to calm my anxiety
She is a kind and amazing listener
She is very understanding and pleasant to talk to.
awesome. good personality
Very easy to talk to, might be the best so far!
Really nice to have someone so understanding to chat to.
Very understanding, and I felt much better!
StormyTimes was absolutely amazing!! They helped me so much, they stayed well over an hour with me, talking about my problem and deciding the best way to approach it, gave me many tips and encouraged me on how to do the right thing. I feel like I have learned a new valuable lesson today and I will always remember this new lesson. I will forever be grateful!
One of the best listeners i have chatted with
Awesome and heartwarming
Very understanding , and helped me mentally through hurdles
This person takes their time to listen
Very reactive and positive
Good job on speaking with me stormy.
Absolute delight. So involved and genuinely caring. Look forward to speaking again.
A great listener
Very kind and patient listener ☺️ Helped me figure out stuff quickly.
Just awesome. That is all!
Great questions that get you thinking. I wasn't even sure what I was upset about at first, but our conversation helped me realize.
Really helpful, made me see things from a different perspective.
good person good listener
I felt like they understood what i was trying to say
She's such a sweetheart.. ❤❤❤
Really helpful and listened to all I had to say
Such a kind and amazing person who helped me so much . ❤️❤️❤️They was very understanding
Very thoughtful and helpful ❤️
She was the best listener! Not to mention how helpful she was just by doing that!!!
Very good listener
Very good listener! Helped me straighten out my mind a little. Very insightful!
I've spoken to a few listeners, none have been as good as this!
Amazing listener. Very empathetic and warm.
Very nice and friendly personality
Omg i finally got someone who gets me 100%. This was an heart to heart talk sad but completely the truth. I learned so much i never knew someone who experienced the samething i did. i just didnt know
Great listener!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going through a rough emotional moment and just having someone to listen and not judge you and possibly even talk to someone who has been through something similar is great help. They share a lot of wisdom.
need help please
They made me feel really good when I wasn’t in a good place. Made me realize things also.
really really great
she is awsome and caring T^T
Very empathetic and dedicated to the conversation. She is very kind and I would highly recommend her.
shes Awesome listens properly Old as Gold ~ cantthinkofapropername
She was really kind and listened to me with compassion and patience. I highly recommend her!
Very nice listener! Thank you
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