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 Active Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST on most days c:!
Greetings! I'm Viet C:[16], and I'm currently completing my 3rd year of high school in California. I enjoy listening to conversations about people with personal issues and providing my feedback to them. I plan to pursue a major in science/health-related fields with intentions to become either a nurse or a teacher. I also do gym as a sort of therapy for me, 9 months and still going strong! That's really it, I promise I'm not that boring once you get to know me and I get to know you :D. My favorite animals are elephant seal because they're cute, blubbery, and huggable

Topics I'm not the best in relating to: ADHD, Drug Use, Bipolar, BPD, LGBTQ+, Sexual Assault, Depression.

heartHere's a picture of an Elephant Seal, they're adorableheart:
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Here are my spooky playlists: ₵Ⱨ₳₦₲Ɇ₴  and BΣGIППIПG ӨF ƬΉΣ ΣПD

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Number of Ratings: 106
Number of Reviews: 96
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Languages English
Listener Since Mar 7, 2019
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Feedback & Reviews
Omg! He’s amazing, so friendly and light hearted and fun, and really helps me to calm down and put things in perspective Thanks so much
The best of the best listener ever. I was a lil broken and lonely when I first joined 7 cups. But he listened to everything I had to say (even listened to me whine about everything everyday). I always used to ew about everything. He Understood me, really. It kinda feels like being mended by glueing every broken pieces back. He always had something nice to say that motivated me no matter how bad my day was. UWU👾
Oh my gosh I really needed this! This was truly refreshing!! Like a breath of fresh air (sorry if this is corny) but what a helpful experience!!.. felt like a great and genuine friend ..REAL.. definitely 11/10 would recommended
A great person to talk he answers fast shows empathy I felt like talking to a friend wish youu all the best
She was nice and listened well
Greeeat listener! Helped sort out my feelings and showed lots of support. They're awesome😊
Super friendly and understanding.
he is a great listener .i can always understand what he is saying . he doesn’t only listen to your story but he also asks questions so he can really grasp what the stressor is
so kind and understanding, helped me so much
She's super sweet and funny
Very thoughtful with answers and relatable responses.
easy to talk to
Thank you so much for everything that you've done. Thanks for making me stop crying and listened to me out. Love ya! So patient and kind. Don't say sorry so much ahaha, don't blame yourself ;D
So sweet and listened to my pains. Thank you love
Flawless listener, very profressional. He's so interested in finding out so much about me. Listened to me for a good time. Such a good frined to me when I was lonely.
He's such a gentleman. Thank you so much for your time. He even cancelled his stuff just to hold a chat with me like this dude damn dedicated at his job. He's so so amazing and his word are amazing. Thank you so much for the advise. I had an amazing session with him. Thanks for the time. What an angel, tsym for being there for tttoday
He's so so so wonderful and amazing as a person. He's been helping me so much. Such a wonderful friend and so kind. Give this man an extra star or something. But yeah, thank you so so much Wimble
he listens answers in time and comofrts others
They really helped me
good person to talk to also love the pfp
A very good listener. Felt very comfortable talking and he's very kind
Helped me around midnight. Didn't leave until after we chatted for a few hours. Very Helpful
Really easy to talk to!!!
super kind and really helpful
Great listener! Glad we have kind people still in this world that cares
To anyone seeking for help ..he is your man. He is just a great person and an amazing friend. He was there with me during my dark times and just helped me lift my self up. A note for the listener: take care of yourself and be happy. And don't let boogie man nibble your toes lol. Keep smiling! and'll have so many girls falling for you in no time. Goodbye
Really helpful and good to talk to.
Absolutely great listener with great advice
Super understanding
Super nice, and knowledgeable.
They're extremely nice and helpful. They were easy to talk to and gave a lot of suggestions in regards to my situation. I was really stressed before, and after talking to them I felt more relaxed.
Really helped. Made me see a different perspective of my situation 💜
great, understands the issues and tries best to help people with their issues
Thank, great listener and good advice also very calm and positive
very helpful to talk to
I have no words, but thank you for everything you have done for me
listened to everything I had to say and I'm super grateful
very sweet and knows what to say to make you feel better
Very helpful. Often answers my queries instantly and is reliable for support regarding the 7cups experience
Really connected with me on a personal level
They are very nice and I really enjoyed talking with them
Cool he/she didn't judge me. Helped me debriefed my past and set me in a better mindset for my presence. A m a zing, so warm to be around hahaha. Keep up the good work
Loved venting to this he/she, they're lovely and so sweet! Highly recommend this person,gave me some advice, but didn't pressure me into doing it, wished I had more friends like that IRL LOL
Helpful listener. He said such nice things and connect to me in such a spiritual level, Might be a stranger, but tysm for just letting me rant.
Was very helpful and is a great listener. T
He/she was very positive and encouraging
Didn't have a major problem with myself and was just lonely and wanted someone to talk to. It was really nice because for once someone didn't ghost on me. We just kinda of chilled and he helped me to get some rest because I was bored. Amazing talk overall. Great Dude 11/10
He/She said some encouraging words of wisdom, they were pretty relatable too, being from the same age almost. It was a quick, easy, and clean thoughts. Also I like to thank them for not being judgy on how I type.
Mindful listened to me so well even though it was pretty late at his place. Thank you for going out of you way to help out at night, much love. And thanks for listening to my whole relationship rant
A very kind person, thanks for the help.
They were so easy to talk to. They offered great advice and I would definetly chat with them again :)
Amazing person... great listener
He asked some deep questions like damn, I've never though about that much about my feelings than. I was hesitant to talk about it with him, but he drag me out of my comfort zone about school and loneliness, so that's really nice of him to do. He offered good tips so I can make friends well, even the little things matters like how you dress. Thank you so much. Love you!!! Pink
Good listener...
Well, kind and provided lots of support towards my problem, he's so empathetic of my student life problem. He told me some helpful suggestions that I think that I can use in practice in school, overall. Goes out of his way sometimes to listen to me, I though I was boring, but he make me kept going, and that gave me a good ego boost lol ahahha, but yeah thank you so much if you're reading this.- Hannah
He/She was good listening to me and provided way I can help fix my relationship issue because it really opened my eyes since he was an unbiased 3rd party person in all of this. I certainly stepped out better than I walked in, I'm more comfortable now and I got a lot of things bottled off and he was very patient because I wasn't really the best or fastest write-Julie
Really know what questions to ask.
Awesome, really. Quite relatable and guided me. Funny too, thanks
I love how professional you are and how you ask questions appropriately. Really good question guider, if this person doesn't become a lawyer, then I'll eat my shirt.
This dudes really gets me, I love how he shared he shared his personal experience and allowed me space to talk. Love his greeting and his exist, really profound in what he does, love the pride and care he puts into me. Lovely guy to talk to.-BlueTang
Helped me reconnected as if he was my old elementary school friend, we've talked so much. Great guy, he's so patient and understanding of my current situation.
really nice and understanding
dip wick is a good listener.. dip wick doesn't judge me
Great friendly listener, very understanding
Good speakers don’t always make the best listeners. But a speaker who knows how to be a good listener, has a profound impact on someone who simply likes the sound of their own voice. Good listeners earn the right to speak, because they are sharing more than their own experiences. Thank you so much DipWick
Great. Really great
Helped me with loneliness, and I've made a new friend that I can talk to now :D
Absolutely amazing we talked about my issue and just chatted in general very good .He is so nice and she always care about someone and always help someone. Super cool person! it was like talking to a friend at school more than talking to a random person.
very nice, a good listener :)
He was very patient and understanding, and did seem like he was actually listening and cared. I appreciate that.
They were nice and encouraging.
Good listener, supportive, uplifitng and that
DipWick was very helpful! I enjoyed speaking with DipWick and felt comfortable expressing my struggles.
They are very nice and provide helpful advice along with listening to you.
Awesome listener!
really supportive and helpful
It was really comfortable , and the chat helped my mood get better. Thank you DipWick.
I liked how DipWick kind of started out wit an ice breaker, made the mood lighter. I didn’t feel all that depressed when it felt like a was talking to a new friend
really interacted well, great communication skills and offered some great advice. altogther- I felt a lot more secure and motivated.
Super nice, friendly and a great help with a variety of problems
really approachable
i had a difficult situation currently, and he\she helped me with it and made me feel a bit better, i truly recommend him/her!
No one ever listened to me like you did !
This guy is amazing, a good listener 100% recommend
great conversation
They helped me a lot with family issues and sleep.
Great listener! And extremely professional in responding to any questions.
Very lovely to talk to :)
So nice and so understanding
They were very quirky and fun to talk to. I enjoyed being about to rant to them. They made me feel okay with just ranting to them even though it was my first time ranting to someone anonymously.
Very good at listening and asking helpful questions.
pretty good listener, gave good advice without telling you what to do.
A very nice person to talk with, did not leave despite my problems. Would reccomend!
Was very helpful
They are very understanding and very relatable ❤
Very helpful answer to my questions
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