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ZaraSmiles |
Listener - Marvel 6

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On a site-wide break until further notice; thank you for staying so patient. Apologies for being unable to take on any chats or projects for the time being. 

You are amazing, you are loved & you are important. So so important.

Hi there, sweet one. My name is Zara and it’s an absolute honour to meet you. I’d love to be your listener, if you’d let me.
I understand that you may not be feeling too great right now, whatever it may be about, and I'm so sorry for that. But, it makes my heart happy that you’re on 7Cups right now, because by being here, you’re taking the first step to a journey of getting to where you want to be. That’s a step not everyone can take and you’re brilliant for doing so. I want you to know that your bravery is so appreciated, honestly. You’re an amazing person and an even stronger warrior for coming to this site and seeking help, that takes so much courage.

I imagine you may be in a dark place right now. The world is going far too fast and you’re trying to catch up but you can’t. It hurts, the pain is too much to handle. All you want to do is collapse in a ball and stop all these feelings and thoughts and emotions. I may not understand exactly what it's like, but I get it. I really do. And while I can’t get rid of it all for you, I will be here with you to withstand the storm.

I won’t be able to magically fix your problems and I won’t pretend I can. But what I can offer you is to be here for you, no matter what, and support you the whole way. I promise to be by your side and offer you my ears to listen, my shoulder to lean on and my heart to share. I firmly believe everyone could use some support, added love and extra guidance, no matter where you’re at. If you decide to press that ‘Leave Message’ button, you need to know this. Our chat is a safe, confidential place for you, wherein no judgement will appear. My time is yours, as you wish to use it. You can vent to your heart’s content, disclose your secrets and deepest thoughts, seek another opinion on a troublesome matter, or even chat about your life. The options are limitless, and the choice is in your hands.

Every single person deserves to be heard, has a right to be listened to and is condigned to speak up. Your voice, your soul, YOU are precious. So, please don’t ever feel that you’re not worthy of seeking help, or that you’re a bother, or you’re selfish. I am here because I want to support you; I wouldn’t be here if that was not the case. I’m not a life-changer, not at all. But I do want to bring a smile to your face because, man, you deserve to smile every day. Why? Because you’re you. And that makes you the most brilliant person in the world.

And you know what? You’re such a celestially amazing staple in this world. You're a magnitude of stardust, a walking explosion of nebulas, a spectacular sight of constellations. The galaxy shines with your brilliance, day in, day out. You carry the stars in your stride and a spiral of moons in your aura. Keep shining, keep beaming, keep being you. I hope to have the chance to speak to you, lovely.

Because puns are what keep the world spinning, here’s one to (hopefully) add a little cheer to your day:
You’re living, you occupy space, and you have mass. You know what that means? You matter.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Listener Description:
Courtesy of @IAmNathan
"ZaraSmiles saved me. Without her, I wouldn't be able to cope. She truly means the world to me, I can't even put it into words."

A little bit about me
I’m a born British gal who doubles as a student and an avid bookworm. Reading is absolutely my life spirit, without a doubt. I’m also a fierce believer in fighting stigma, which I love doing online and offline; it's one of my most passionate topics, so if you want to talk about it, I'm most definitely your gal! My favourite thing to do is volunteering in multiple aspects, starting from charity fundraising and ending at peer mentoring. On top of being a self-proclaimed hug master, I may also be in love with cheesy jokes and an awesome pun aficionado.

Listener Roles
I joined in September 2014 and thus I've been here for (almost) 2 years now, so I like to think that I know my way around fairly well. I am a Teen Forum Star, Teen Community Star, Teen Chatroom Star, and Peer Supporter, so feel free to send me a PM about anything at all - or even if you just want to make a friend. I love every part of 7Cups but the forums are totally my home, so if you ever want to dive in and learn more, let me know! My two other main roles are as an Appreciation Team Leader and a Stigma Warriors Leader & Founder. I've been dubbed the Appreciation Princess because of my love-spreading ways and I try my best to kick butt at fighting stigma! Also, I'm a Mentor so if you’re looking for one, check out the Mentor page and if I’m taking mentees, feel free to ask for me to take you on.
Additionally, I'm a Members' Birthdays Project Founder & Leader, a Verifier, a Featured Listener, a Group Mod, and a Discussion Leader. Another project I'm hugely proud of is running the official 7Cups instagram for the past (almost) year and a half, [creds to @Jessica] now with @Rebecca has joined alongside beautifully. Shoot me a PM anytime, I promise I'm friendly, haha. It'd be an honour to get to know you, sweet one.
My display photo is drawn by the sweetest guy in the world, my FabStar, @DHawks. I'm incredibly lucky to know him and so very grateful. <3
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Feedback & Reviews
Flexible and willing to help in any ways she can xxxxx
Very validating, compassionate, encouraging, helpful, insightful, thoughtful and warming. Loved every second of the chat ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Look no further for someone who will have the biggest effect on your life.
well and truly amazing
Where do I start? Zara is soooo amazing! She listened to me very attentively, related to everything I said, and really made me very comfortable to open up! I legit loved every moment talking with her, it was like a priviledge!! And she is really warm, honest and wiseee please do check her out, she's da bomb! ❤
And please feel free to ask her for love bombs, she's the expert xD And you made my day, Zara, thank you so much!
-Your secret admirer and procrastination twin. 😛
Zara is an awesome-sauce listener c: , maybe one of the greatest I've come across. I could never repay her enough for all the brightness she brought to my life, she's like the sun, fierce and mesmerizing. She had complete professionalism, responded to me fast, made me feel valued by paying attention to what I had to say. Do they get more perfect than her? I don't think so. She can make you smile even if you feel like you're going through the darkest time in your life, you are an absolute gem and I would be walking lost if you had not shown me the light. I am forever grateful for your support Zara and I feel empowered to go forth on my journey because of you. This Listener will care for you, love you and make you feel SO special.

The lovely words you said, will stay with me forever. You're beautiful, glorious, and amazing. Anybody who has her as their Listener is lucky. I don't do hearts much but here you go 💕.
Adorably caring and comforting and really cool! Feels like I'm talking to a good friend, or a sister even :3 I'm unlucky in many aspects of my life, but good lord, this is the most fortune I've come across: meeting a gem like this listener! TTYL XOX
I only just met her an hour ago but I'm damn sure that this listener is an angel. Her wings have supported me and helped me fly up from the depths of tears to the heights of the sunlight. There's no such thing as perfection in this world. But if there was, it would be Zara. Thank you for making me feel at ease here ^_^ and thank you for being my friend!!!
Zara is the best listener, and the best friend, that anyone could ever even think of asking for. Her positive perspective, her willingness to do everything to make you smile, her ambition and inability to give up on her dreams, her gentle demeanor, her beautiful way of wording things... It's just all absolute perfection. I don't know of a more beautiful person, in all reality. If you're having a bad day, she will go out of her way to make you smile, whether it's with awesome pictures, or amazing compliments until you're just sat there with the biggest smile on your face, dumbfounded that such an amazing person exists. Honestly had I not talked to her, I would never have believed someone could be as amazing as she is, really. And the thing is, when she says kind things, she absolutely means it; she's not saying things to make you have a big head. She's just 219301823091 pounds of love per square inch, and I have no idea how she manages to be so loving, but I really appreciate having her in my life. Zara, if you're reading this now, know that you are an absolute princess. You are a beauty of the world, and I have never met anyone that I'd more willingly call a sister. You're the rainbow in the middle of a storm, you're every twinkling star put into one person, you are just absolutely wonderful. I love you with everything I have, and I promise that. There's no one I'd rather gossip about cute boys, and also confide in about life with. There's no one I'd rather share my cookie dough ice cream with, or head on trips to the bookstore with. And, as always, "for you, a thousand times over!"
truly amazing, thank you so much Zara! you are an incredible person, you helped me so much and i felt so much better after our chat! i really appreciate your help, i would recommend her to anyone, she's incredible,she's really empathetic,understanding,caring,gentle,sweet and many more positive words! your are amazing , love you Zara
So lovely and helpful :) She always tries to be here, despite a five hour timezone difference. Thank you so much for everything Zara :) You're the best
narwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaal is the bestest listener ever!
I straightaway loved her in the first few mins of the chat!!!!!! I can't wait to talk with her again already!!! YOU MAKE ME SMILE SO MUCH ZARA, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are many adjectives for a good listener. Brilliant. Caring. Kind. Sweet. Warm. Supportive. Comforting. Amazing. Selfless. Positive. The best one of all, however, is a word that encompasses all those outstanding qualities and more. And it's a high standard that everyone should aim to achieve. That word, that standard, it is: Zara.
Trust me when I say, sister smiling is the kindest soul you would ever meet. Trust me when I say she will make you feel better. Trust me when I say she is amazing. Trust me when I say she's always there no matter what and cares a lot about you. You know why? Because I happen to be extremely lucky and blessed to have met her and gotten to know her. She's my sister and I'm immensely grateful that she is. She's a beacon of hope that will light your path. She's not going to give up on you ever. No matter what, she's going to help you pull through. She's that wonderful. Sister, I know no matter what I say, it's all going to be an understatement to what you actually are and how much I actually love you, but I'll still say it. You are the kindest soul I have ever met and are just amazingly wonderful. I love you loads, sister *sends a bag of warm sparkly love and hugs to you*
Shes not just my listener shes my friend who sincerely cares about me. Thats rare to find. Best of the best! I will hold on to hope and keep positive like youve encouraged me to Zara :)
What you told me "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great!" changed my mindset so much! I can now see things in a more positive light, thanks to your encouragement and positive words! Thanks!!
A really big part of my life. I have known this girl for a couple of months now, and every day she just gets a bigger place in my heart. Everything that she does is amazing and it's just unbelievable to see a person with such a kind heart. I'm so glad that I got the honour of meeting such a loveable person and having her in my life has definitely made it at least a billion times better. She is someone everyone would want to have in their life, she lights up this world. I love you sweetie
Omg Zara what can I say ? You are a true friend, always know what to say and always supported me even if we didn't know each other so well you always treated me like a sister and I'm really glad I met you and I'm lucky to have you as a friend. You always give your best even if you aren't feeling ok and I'm proud of you sweetheart♥ Thanks for everything you have ever done for me so far ! I'll never be able to thank you enough ♥♥♥
A star shines so brightly with the light within. A star makes others feel special upon sight. A star spreads a sparkle, a shimmer of beauty. A star is what guides those who are lost to the light. A star reminds the sad that the darkness isn't so bad because without it, we wouldn't see the stars. A star is Zara, shining her care upon me.
I needed a friend, with an ear to lend, someone who'd listen, while my tears would glisten. When in sadness I drowned, it was Zara I found, I remembered how to be happy, even when things were crappy. Talking to her was worthwhile, because now I can smile, I'll always love you, and I'll always be grateful too. THANK YOU!

she does make you want to keep on smiling just by talking with her... ive never met someone who i havent known before care so much about me and i feel that there is something worthwhile in me for once. i love how positive she is because when everything around me is negativity, her positive supportive words are a burst of light. thank you for helping me feel important when so many others tell me im not
No amount of stars would ever be enough to thank her. Zara helped me so much. Thank you for helping me smile again
Zara is a really lovely person, she is very kind and sincere. Honestly I am very honoured to have met her because she is so caring. Zara pays the utmost attention and will break down every barrier. She is always there, when I need her. She doesn't like it when her friends hurt alone and she is one of the greatest friends I have. I hope your life is filled with utter happiness. Maybe one day we might meet again. Zara is really selfless and she has a lot of wisdom on her. Honestly, she gives amazing answers which reflect her intelligence. She will make a great teacher one day and she will helps me keep smiling and I am not afraid to be myself around her. Stay awesome and stay you
No amount of stars would ever be enough to thank her. Zara helped me so much. Thank you for helping me smile again
zara i love you. you do too much for me and i appreciate it. your the best.
Zara you are so amazing and you deserve everyone's care you you :) Anyways your ship secret is safe with me ;)
You have always been there for me and you were there for me today when I needed it the most I will always be grateful to you for that.You make me feel like I can let people close and I am not as afraid to let people in so thank you for that. You are something special GPF and I want you to always remember that.I love you more than *dramatic pause* Dan likes A in our fav drama Dali ;) and thanks for understanding and listening to me when everyone else jumped on me and called me heartless for the whole Charli
Thank you Zara,i really mean it you are amazing in everyway
I don't think smiling can ever be mean to someone. She was so nice to me always. Also she sounds like a person who is cared and loved for. Mata
Zaraaaapooooooo, you're amazing and I love you! You make me feel so much better each time I talk to you and I thank god for giving me such an amazing friend!
Love Zaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
She is great, was very calm and listened to me
Zara, you are just so amazing, thanks, for everything
I talked to many listeners and she was the best. Totally recommend her.
Very great.
Most helpful listener iv had so far thankyou so much x x
She may act young and "hip" (her word not mine!)but she really is a fossil at heart she is wise on older things such as how to blow 10000 of birthday candles and she had "back when i was a girl stories" reminds me of my grandma in a good way haha! oh and she loves izza!!!
shes's great at listing she looks very helpful. gives good advice
Always is there for me and always makes me look at things in a new and different way. They always find a way to make me smile even when I don't think there is! I would recommend this listener to anyone! Very good and thank you so much.
great :-)
Brilliant :)
I'm so glad i found Zara she was such great help to me i appreciate her very much even though we just met, without her i think i would have been lost for a very long time so THANK YOU ;)
i like the she helps me with my problem
She was so sweet and helped me through a really rough time. Didn't feel like i was talking to a robot, or weird, or whatever. she was herself and SO kind :)
i found my listener's feedback very helpful and uplifting.
She is a great listener! Now, because of her advice, I am friends with my cousin and I'm not getting bullied anymore! How awesome is that? 💕
Very sweet, helped a lot. :)
It is amazing!!
Thank you for everything! You're Amazing!

she helped me a lot with a difficult topic and she responded right after each message. i love that. :)
Best person I've ever talked to after a really bad situation. Thank you
Thanks soooooo much
Very very helpful and understanding. I had a great conversation with them, and I felt really good afterwards. Thanks for the help
To my friend who helped me a whole lot. Thanks #keeponsmiling
good advice, great to talk too
Amazing advice, worth every second.
This chat was very helpful and KeepOnSmiling was extremely kind
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