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Listener - Scholar 1

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Hello! I'm Audrey. I'm a Verified Listener, an intern, a group mod, part of the Milestone Project and the Social Soldier's project here on 7 Cups. I am a great listener and will try my very hardest to assist you. You can always tell me about anything and I will never judge you. I love listening to people's backstories and even if you just feel like venting you can. I am all ears for anything and everything that you have to say.

Number of Ratings: 124
Number of Reviews: 47
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Oct 14, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 496
Cheers 42,704
People Helped 199
Chats 702
Group Support Chats 48
Listener Group Chats 12
Forum Posts 39
Forum Upvotes 110
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Feedback & Reviews
She is a great listener
Very good listener. In our chat they came across as quite intelligent.
Cool Man :)
Positiveley glowing. Wonderful person. I would lovelovelooove to talk to her again!
Audreey really helped open my eyes when they've been closed for so long, I've been through four listeners and none of them have helped me as much as Audrey has helped me. 10/10
They were amazing! They really helped me look within myself and see that I could do more than I think. They also helped me gain some confidence and set me on the right path
Very optimstic and set on not letting me hurt myself. Better than my therapist
I am writing to you in support of audreey who is one of best and active listeners in 7 cups.
Last week I was in stress because I have done a mistake, and it was really bad one!
Here in 7 cups I found somebody kind, who helped me to be confident and Patient
, and helped me to think and manage my emotions, to decide what should I do to find a solution way for my mistake.
Sometime you just need somebody to listen to you, to feel you to understand you, help you to talk about your problem and make your free of mind struggles.
And sometimes you also need somebody to help you to decide. There is always new eyesight and views, between people and everybody have a view angle for himself.
And when people are in trouble their ability to decide decrease because their mind is in struggle to Crisis management . Here a Foreign viewer can help, because his mind is not in processing data and have a better view, so he can help to you to decide and sole problems.

I thank you my friend for giving me your time and helping me.
And also excuse me for my bad English writing! English is my forth language and now I am in learning course, so I do lots of mistakes.

Best regards
She's so kind! I enjoyed talking to her a lot. :)
Good listener
she's awesome
Thank you
Dude she's the best. 10/10. 11/10 with rice. egg
Great listener who helped me clear my thoghts and made me feel much better!
was very kind and helpful
Helped me more than anyone will know, thank you
Audreey is very caring and a very good listener.
This user is VERY professional. Listened to my problem when no one else on this site would, other people though I was a "troll" when I came to them with a serious issue, but this listener was paitent and actually let me develop my story and saw that I was in a genuine need of help. The world needs more people like this. srs.
Very kind and helpful :)
this listener helped me turn things around tonight in a big and significant way. She has a natural ability to connect and engage. Empathetic, honest, humble, validating!!! i was wanting to self injure when I first started on the site tonight... was looking for companionship to help me ride it out, but I found someone I would be proud to call a friend. Thank you audreey and to all of you!
Awesome :) has helped me for weeks straight. Really love her support!
Audrey is the best listener I've encountered so far. She is understanding, supportive, and positive. I felt really comfortable the entire time and I felt so much better in the end. The issues I initially had were also addressed. Keep inspiring Audrey! :)
Great listener..!!
Audrey is a great listener and insightful adviser. I would recommend her to anyone needing a kind person's ear.
She was really amazing! Even though i could tell she did not believe in the same thing i did, she tried to see things from my perspective and helped me a lot!
Awesome person to talk to
Very kind and understanding, she is the first person who didn't make me feel awkward for being myself.
Wow. She gave me such non-judgmental validation. And, good advice.
Audreey is a lovely person! She is great and never judge people for what they feel. It was really good to chat with her
Youree doing great
Audrey was attentive and understaning. Great advice and talking to her took a huge burden and weight off my shoulder and chest.
She is so good person and good listener and i appreciate everything she is doing for helping people . and she has a nice heart . thank you for your time .
she really understood what i was going though and was really helpful. she made me feel like i wasnt alone. she is really amazing and just listened
Great listener indeed :)
She was great! Made me feel a lot better and really honest!
wonderful lady. made me feel so much better. a great human being. so thoughtful.
Audreey was too good . she was able to understand what i was going through and she gave her best and 100% . she is best and i loved to talk with her and i would love to talk with her only when ever i am here . i can share my feelings , problems with her very nicely because she really understands .
very accepting, professional, sweet person, highly recommend
I felt as though I were chatting with an old friend. I felt such warmth from audreey and she was incredibly kind and caring. She truly wanted to hear what I had to say and it was extremely obvious that she was actively listening to me. She offered amazing advice. I know she truly cares about what I'm going through and that means so much to me. Even though we're strangers, it felt more like I was talking to a wonderful friend or sister. I'll always cherish our conversation and I hope to speak with her again very soon!
Fantastic listener and great advice! She put me back on track after being lost. I am greatly thankful!
She is a very great listener and will feel what you're feeling. She gives good advice and don't judge
Very thoughtful and caring, as well as very insiteful , a great help! Would recommend!
Good listen, be real with you. Keep it 100
So special and magical. Thanks for listening
finally i know what to do, thank you very much Audrey!
Very patient and attentive!
Great listener
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