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cheerfulIceCream |
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**Please read my bio before messaging me.** 
Hello there! 🙂 Welcome to my literal portfolio. 😁

If you're visiting my account while feeling actively suicidal, please click 
to reach out for suicide crisis line in you country or visit 
or here for support > 
Crisis resources and hotlines
if you're in a crisis as listeners are not trained to provide support in a crisis. Thank you. 🤍

About lovely me -

I'm an 18yo quiet and reserved idealist. I'm, well, a very sensitive person. I'm driven by high values hurting which can chadify me.🌚 I'm an intuitive perosn and I focus more on the bigger picture, but the small things aren't out of my sight. I'm a chil and understanding person so feel free to express what's on your mind without the fear of judgement. (: 
I'm grateful & proud for my faith and live to please the Creator. 

I enjoy vintage games, working out & pampering myself, creative hobbies like photography, writing or sketching, and being by myself in calm/natural settings.
I have a strong interest in making the world a better place and therefore I am. 🌝

I've had quiet some unwanted experiences in life, some of which you can see starred when you scroll down to the topics I discuss.
A couple of quotes that I like -  
"My heart's at peace knowing what's not for me will never reach me and what's meant for me will never miss me."


"Have beautiful thoughts 'cause they show on your face and make you look lovely."

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My roles on 7 cups -


LSC host


Listener Chatroom supporter


Chatroom moderator - Newbie Hub sub-community 


Chatroom moderator - Support Plus sub-community 


Chatroom moderator - Self-harm Recovery sub-community  


Safety Patrol


Boundaries -
**If you lack basic manners and respect and can't watch your tone, just don't message me, thank you.**

I don't take chats on anything related to LGBTQ, any kind of addiction, domestic violence, sexual health or issues, diabetes, cancer and schizophrenia. 

I don't take casual chats.

(I'm open to chats on sexual abuse.) 

I only take Spirituality chats for Muslims.
🌳I always keep my status busy so don't mind dropping a message even when i don't seem available, taking a chance, and mention what you'd like to chat about along with your goal(s) regarding our support session so I can understand how to support you better.
If I don't respond within 48 hours, it 
means I'm grounded. 🥲🌳

🌵If you're a listener and I don't know you please refrain from messaging me for casual chats. 

I promise you I'm not your soulmate or twin flame. 🌵

🍂Have an abundant life!🍂

Number of Ratings: 35
Number of Reviews: 30
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Bengali, Hindi, Sylheti
Listener Since Sep 10, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 68
Cheers 57,519
People Helped 112
Chats 450
Group Support Chats 286
Listener Group Chats 404
Forum Posts 376
Forum Upvotes 413
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Feedback & Reviews
she was amazing, stayed engaged in our conversation until the end and left me feeling much better afterward.
Good listener, very supportive and kind
Exceptionally kind and thoughtful
Great listener, fun & thoughtful
Good listener extremely helpful
Listened for over an hour. Thank you so much.
So kind and helpful
She is a Nice listener.
Great person! I couldnt ask for more
She has some sort of Magic lol I never thought she'd be so understanding. Really enjoyed the chat and she'd so passionate and caring about my issues. She's the best go to girl if you wanna share something... So, thank you Icecreaaammmmm 😊💜
Thanks for the words
Listens and is empathic. Like a friend I've never had.
Super thoughtful and thorough :)
Thoughtful and good listener
Really kind and understanding. Talk to them!!
i can relate to him/her makes me feel comfortable and safe 🤍🤍
Kind and thoughtful responses - really listened.
I rly loved the help !! Thank you so much you helped me and listened to me and you were so patient and caring
He is a very good listener.. very helpful
Helped me to ease the pain and tried to make it work again.
She is so friend and nice listener.
A kind and supportive listener, she was sweet and caring
she was so nice and helpful
Excellent listener.
they are very nice and asking questions which helped
She's great and friendly
He is too good at least i have someone to talk to
Kind person and nice
I love it, great listener
Well he/She really listened to what i was saying and i appreciate it so much
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