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Listener - Advanced 2

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I'm a listener

Growing through gratitude 🌱
My name is Aryyan (pronouns :-he/his)
And yes!! I'm here for you 🙂 don't worry 
I know that you are going through something but never loose hope .
About me
I'm an introvert but I like to talk with people which are having the same vibes🙂
I want to be a future psychiatric,that's my dream job.
I don't like sympathy , and I know how it feels ❤️
When i was 2½ year old , i was diagonosed by a disease called transverse myelitis, which i'm still facing​(not struggling) with. 
I'm not too good in terms of communication skills when I'm around people but I'm trying my best to improve and that's important right ❤️

Go watch this videos if you have time👇
(The beauty of acceptance)

About my disease
Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord. This neurological disorder often damages the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers (myelin).
Because of this disease , i can not walk by my self , i have to use walker or wheelchair to travel from one place to another. This is the main reason i haven't seen much places outside my house as still in my country it is not at all feasible to travel with my disablities. I'm not afraid of anything but i will not say that im not worried and conscious about my future as i haven't gone through much difficulties about the outside world.but i have to believe in myself.

My community roles

Verified listener–  I’m a verified listener as I can talk to you assuring that I will try my best to feel you heardsmiley.

Peer suppoter – 
I can help my fellow listeners after a triggering/exhausting chat through my active listening skills.

Room supporter I’m a room supporter for disability ,depression and healthy living sub communities so you can find me in their chat rooms also , you all are welcomelaugh

Safety patrol team I have been trained for the safety of this 7cups community so as to maintain 7cups as a safe place for all .

​​​​​​Translator – I help in making 7 cups accessible for all without language as a barrier.

Host  - I
 host sharing from Monday to Friday at 8am EST to 9 am EST.

Useful quote
“The way I see it, hard times aren't only about money,
or drought,
or dust.
Hard times are about losing spirit,
and hope,
and what happens when dreams dry up.”
― Karen Hesse
Out of the Dust

My timings
You can personally message me anytime I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My backbones on 7cups
Addictedtealover98I call her my sister , we have first met here through a mock test which she was conducting , from there onwards I have gained so much knowledge from her about leadership skills, and she was one of the reasons I was encouraged to take new roles . she is really compassionate when it comes to help someone and admire her as a listener, just take care di blush
Wendybird15They are my true mentor to be honest, if I couldn’t able to meet them I would bet that I won’t able to continue on 7cups , since they were my back when I was low and disappointed with my results , but they didn’t stop trying on me , they really work hard here on 7cups I really appreciate all you do to me wendy smiley.
Bouncysalmander26 – My brother , to be honest the amount of care and support I have got from this person is just undescribable  . he was my back from starting (teen side), in real I feel like he care about me and that’s the same feeling I have for him , come to the adult side soon bro heart.
Dreamtouch and positivepumpkin22 –  These two were so kind and supportive to me , that I can’t resist myself to appreciate them . just be the samecool.

And Thank you so much to everyone whoever is reading this with me right now blush
Take careheart
Number of Ratings: 87
Number of Reviews: 72
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu
Listener Since Mar 23, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 242
Cheers 35,725
People Helped 177
Chats 297
Group Support Chats 107
Listener Group Chats 58
Forum Posts 60
Forum Upvotes 144
Feedback & Reviews
Understood completely how to comfort me and relate to my issues.
He’s the best and I would strongly recommend him to anyone
A really good listener! Helped me when I needed it the most ♥️
Really good listener.
very helpful and made me realize that i am loved!
Very kind and understanding, and is great to talk to!
Very helpful and fun! Took interest in getting to know me!
i liked his talking and now i am feeling better i think
A very good listener and helpful!
Super kind and nice, a great friend and listener. I definitly recomend.
i liked talking with him, he encouraged me that everything will eventually go well, and i really appreciate it
An awesome listener. Helped me a lot!
so nice and so easy to talk to, my best listener so far :)
it was a very helpful chat, and he helped me calm down a lot. thanks again :)
The listener was very good and helped me.
A really good person. Don't afraid to reach out to them. I recommend them they made me feel calm. They are attentive and honest. They have a warm personality :)
Thanks for listening.
Really kind and sweet!
He is so helpful and is very understanding and nice.
Very comfortable to talk with:)
very nice, understands everything
He was really kind and understanding
i loved the chat you are awesome
THE BEST you should be greatful if you get him!! expierienced
They were really nice to talk to, responded quickly to my messages, truly interested to help me feel better, good listener, professional in the way they handled the conversation, made me feel more relaxed by just talking to me, tried to relate to me on a more friend-to-friend level. Overally, amazing listener, truly recommend!
Helped me cheer up and solve my problem really create conversion.
This chat was very helpful! My listener seemed very sympathetic, and it felt like they really understood what I was saying when we talked.
Best listener I’ve talked to. Listened, supported, encouraged, gave advice and just helped so much!
Eyes was so kind!
He was really helpful and willing to listen, would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a friend or just a friendly human to talk to
love it i was awesome chat
He’s a very good listener !! Thank you so much !! ❤️
very good at listening and understanding
true, honest, caring.
He really made me realize my feelings and made me feel guilt free and he made me see stuff from a different perspective. He made me feel better ❤️
Very nice person and doesnt leave you to do all the talking. ☺
Very good listener
A good listener, he gives a feeling of comfort
Great person. Helped me a lot.
she was nice and understanding
Their amazing helped me a lot
Nice. Just nice. What else can I say?
The listener is good and reassuring
was very positive and nice, he was fun talking to and he helped me a lot.
Has the amazing talent of making me feel wanted and loved, and honestly, that's super rare. An absolutely amazing human bean. *sends hugs*
he is a good listener and helped me with my problems! 😊
He is a good listener ♥️ 🙂 he is the best listener I ever had !!
Really nice and really good at making me feel better. I forgot all about my problem when I talked with him
Nice and understanding!
Good with words and was a very good listener.. Nice to know someone heard and understood me.
He is really kind and listens to what you have to say and responses pretty quickly.
helped me be sure in myself
Very Understanding.
Really Reallly helpful! He's a cool person to talk to!
He helped me keep my mind off my problems and made my day.
Great soul, really helped
great listener he undertands and is very helpful
he is seriously so amazing and kind, i loved talking with him, i didn't expect someone to make me feel better but he was very accepting and nice. would definitely talk with him again :)
Helped a lot in overcoming my stress
Thank you for helping me to solve my problems, I feel a lot better now
Helped me to realise things from another perspective, which I needed!
Kind and friendly
she was so nice with me, like...we can talk everyday and i really loved that
Really helped me through my issues and was extremely patient and kind.
Really liked this chat, Eyes was very sweet!
Really nice and kind.
He is awesome listener! I totally recommend you to talk to him very supportive and understanding 🙂
Very good, sweet kind and caring listener! Amazing
they were really reakky helpful
very helpful and sweet
They listened and helped me stop a panic attack. There is no improvement needed, they're already awesome!
Really helpful and nice to talk to
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