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Hello and a warm welcome from New Zealand. It takes a lot of courage and strength to reach out and talk about painful things that matter to you. If this is the first time you’ve talked about your story, you’re doing an incredibly brave thing that will put you back on the road to life and wellness. Apart from 7cupsoftea I am a trained telephone counsellor and completed a certificate in Suicide Prevention. I am currently in my third year of completing my counselling degree. I am devoting my life to helping people get through all types of mental illness and relationship struggles because I know from first hand experience the power of talking openly and vulnerably. On a personal note, I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and panic, but through reaching out like you, I’ve learned to be more self-aware and equip myself with the tools I need to manage myself so that I can be functional and in good relationship with myself and the people I encounter. Please note, at the moment I am only able to offer what's called "Brief Intervention" which is designed to help people ground and centre themselves for issues that are based in the present, here and now. If it becomes apparent that your issue are based in the past or require deeper, more long term care from a qualified professional, it's better if you reach out to a face to face therapist. I'll let you know if that's the case as we chat. If I am online, please feel free to contact me. I’m glad you’re here, let’s get through this together.

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Feedback & Reviews
Very dedicated and solution-oriented questions...
Really cool guy
This person was nice and helpful
The most amazing listener I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with! He made me feel safe, comfortable and valued. I really appreciate the chat more than I could ever explain. I hope to speak again soon.
very articulate listener
Really supportive right now
they really seemed to understand me; they asked really good questions that helped me through my situation, and they were really empathetic and encouraging. a really fantastic listener!
The chat was quite eye opening tbh!
Good listener. Responsive
Awesome chat!!💯
Very skillful in assisting others get through problems in life. It was extremely enlightening to interact one-to-one. A surely important individual who is an asset in the lives of others.
Very open and down to earth loved it!
They are good at showing that they are listening to what you are saying
cO42 helped me arrange my thoughts into a way that prevents me from completely panicking. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Very helpful and patient listener. Offered a lot of advice and knew exactly how to help.
A very helpful and invigorating chat! Thank you so much!
Extremply inteligent listner. I toubtthat he is not a listner but a thearapist
Really helped calm me down, offered some much needed advice
This listener really helped and shared wisdom on my issues.
Very respectfully and gave me advice which have experiencal wisdom
Was very good at listening to my problems
Good listener....
It was a nice talk, and was nice to hear other person opinions on my problems
Amazing Listener
Good listening skills
Awesome points and tips, full of energy, desicated
very helpful understanding and nonjudgmental
Really good listener!
the perfect professional as how the listener should be...
this listener was wonderful. Very responsive and helpful
He was amazing!!!!!!!
Great insights thanks xxx
He is just amazing. One of the best listeners I have ever come across
Theyre making me realize things about myself that i didnt even know
Hes great
A listener who is willing to spend quality time and access your problems. 10/10
I've had a few conversations on here with some listeners but none as attentive and detailed as this one.

He is very concise and on point with his statements and listens to you. Invests the time and dedication to truly understand what you're going through and for that I can only say great hings about him. He helped me in a time of need and I have absolutely no doubt he can do the same for you. Thank you again brother you made a difference and it matters. Stay safe and keep optimistic
Very understanding and open.
Ocean assisted me with brainstorming problem solving skills to work through an area that was causing me a lot of issues. Thank you!
Very nice
Very helpful.
Very kind and thoughtful!
One of the best listeners I've had on here. Really knows how to bring new perspectives to a situation and make you feel more at ease.
Very knowledgable and relatable, genuinely good person.
A really great person. I felt like we were tuned into the same frequency. I felt like I knew this person a lifetime. The best
he is really amazing, listens to my problems very well, and helps me a lot in finding solutions to my problems.
My active listener was amazing!!! I liked his/her style. I definitely left with ideas that I've never thought of before.
You do an incredible job really getting to the root of the issue. Thank you!
creativeOcean42 has a real understanding and way of really exposing a truth that is really special. Thank you!
Amazing fella!
Very lovely person. Compassionate and helpful
Really helpful.
Very helpful
Really good listener :)
CreativeOcean42 is THE best listener I have talked to. Ocean helped me with discovering a plan to handle my emotions. Thank you, Ocean, once again. I'm glad to have met a gem of a listener on here.
Listener was responsive, empathetic, professional, caring, and very helpful. I was going through a difficult time and s/he was very sympathetic and understanding through observing themes in my sharing and encouraging me. Really, really great experience. Thank you!
Amazing listener, by far the best i've spoken to
Attentive and understanding
I had an amazing experience with Ocean. So lovely, so supportive, so kind and understanding. I recommend them greatly. :)
Definitely the best listener I've had so far
Very responsive and incredibly compassionate while remaining professional.
Great help. Listened to problem and gave great advice.
Really good. Helped by formulating possible solutions as ideas.
Really wonderful, one of the best chats I have ever had on here. The listener restates the issue back; has helpful suggestions, and really gets to the heart of the matter in a tactful way.
The listener I had really helped me understand and see things I wasn't able to.
Thank you for your time
Amazingly helpful and very attentive
professional and dedicated
Great to talk to. Excellent advice. Thank you.
Ocean is amazing. Thank you.
Excellent support. A great listener. Knew what to say and guided me to think more clearly by the end of the conversation. I needed this chat so much. Thank you
Thank you so much Ocean
Great, very helpful, careing and understanding! I really enjoyed talking with them!
Wonderful listener
I mean what can you say, about someone who treats you with the utmost respect, dosnt judge you in anyway, and really gets where your coming from and helps you work your own way through your difficult time great, wonderful, fantastic person to talk to are all total understatements for this person.
Thanks for the conversation
Best person ever. I'm speechless. I hope he is getting all the happiness he deserves.
A little disappointed it had to be cut short after getting someone to understand my situation, but I understand that the listeners are helping in their free time. I appreciate the help that was given.
One of the best listeners yet !!
Helpful and professional.
very professional, helpful listener, made me look at the same things in a different way
Really helpful and insightful. Exactly what I was searching for. Thank you
Honestly, if it wasn't for Ocean, I probally would have been anxious and felt like everything was against me. Ocean was able to calm me down and get me to realize I could do something about it. This guy is amazing.
This was my first time on this site and creativeOcean42 was helpful and took the time to listen. Thank you
One of the best listeners I've ever had on this site.
Great! Highly recommend :)
Very helpful and empathedic to my problems that brought me here. Really did help me feel better this evening

Really good advices and great listener. Felt better after talking to creativeOcean42.
This was more useful than any of my real therapy sessions have been.
My first listener here, He did a great job
Very kind and patient. Was a pleasure to talk with.
he was an amazing person to talk with
The person was a good listener and it helped when the person didn't judge so quickly and gave me good advice.
creativeOcean42 was very helpful. He helped me, in a professional way, look at my problems and get the motivation to do something about them. Excellent listener.
Comprehensive and smart. Thank you.
It was really nice talking to you and you are really kind. I took to long to reply and so you had to leave, Sorry about that.
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