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Some basic stuff. First, I'm a guy.

I don't do general chats as a rule, I prefer to focus on specific issues. So please, don't be offended when I decline a general chat - there are heaps of great Listeners who'll be happy to have one with you, just find another person.

If we do end up chatting, I'd appreciate it if you could leave me a rating, as it's the rating system that allows other people to know if a Listener is any good or not.

Finally - why do I have Mighty Mouse as my profile picture? Why not?!!!! What's not to love about this little guy! Brave, strong, caring, and the best theme music of any superhero!

Other than that - have a great day! :)

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Number of Reviews: 535
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Listener Since Jun 7, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
Best listener I have spoken to. Thoughtful, kind, really allowed the conversation to flow. Thank you :)
He is so good and kind and considerate and helpful.
Super sweet and understanding. 10 of out 10. Such a gentle soul. ❤️
The best listener I must say.. loved the chat.. loved every part of it.. he's just the one you need when you're having a tough time.. the best one to support you. Thank you so much. Really. I mean it.
He is to the point and will use the information given to help however he can.
Thank you for listening to me. It was very kind of u!!!!
super nice! awesome
Listened, gave wonderful feedback and support
Thank you for listening to me again! It helped me panic less!
Thank you for helping me :)
so kind and compassionate with a great personality. cant thank you enough. You just knew me even though you've never met me. you know what i wanted to talk about, what i needed to talk about, and what i was about to talk about but actually really didnt want to talk about. and that was so cool. havent ever met anyone like you. thank you
Such a kind listener. He was very patient, and sweet. Thank you for your time. 7 cups is very lucky to have you on here!
They stayed for a long time and listened while I talked about what was on my mind. It was kind of them and made me feel visible
The listener is very intuned with my feelings
Kind, patient, understanding , emphathetic and mature what else we need in a listener 🌟 Thank you💜
My listener was helpful. Really helped me understand that I shouldn’t accept how I am being treated, and had some helpful advice about my specific situation.
I have no words. Thank you just doesn't seem enough to thank Palm for what he has done for me. I came into this chat very sceptical and feeling very alone but he made me feel safe throughout, safe enough to open up about things I haven't felt brave enough to speak about before. I felt able to open up without being judged and we were even able to crack a few jokes. I wish I could say more to thank him than giving this review but I really appreciate the time he gave me to open up and cannot thank him enough. He made me feel like a human being for the first time in a long time. He helped me to see the light in a very dark, long tunnel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amazing human being and deserved recognition for this. ❤
A good listener in general
This is the best person I’ve talked to on this app. I’ve been going through such a tough time with a breakup and they’ve been so patient in talking to me and giving me incredible advice. Could not be more appreciative for them!!
Simply amazing.
fantastic, freindly and helpful
Understood the problem and offered solutions.
He is a genuine listener. He knows what it takes to listen to someone. He asks the appropriate questions. I could process my thoughts with him nicely and classify them correctly, right or wrong or feasible. Clouds got clear after chat with him. Sorted. Listened me well. Thanks buddy.
Loved it! Awesome chat! Helped me big time
Supportive and very understanding
Really kind to listen again, thank you.
Kind. Wise. Great listener. Made me realize truth and reality
Super considerate and helpful and gives great perspective. Also felt very safe.
he kept telling me it wasnt my fault. and everytime he did, he explained why. i can be stronger for my family now because of his words. i love how realistic he is. that this is how it is right now, and this is what we need to do to deal with it. for the first time in days ive felt lighter after talking about it. for the first time i wanted to actually rest. thank you. i wish there were more listeners like you.
The best number 1
By far the best listener I've had here. He was very open minded, and I felt very comfortable talking to him. Very fun to talk to as well, it was like talking to a good friend!
Exceptional listener, he helped me see things from a different perspective and made me think rationally about my situation
Understanding and patient. Made me feel better! 💕
empathetic, a good listener, and generally a good conversational partner. had well thought out input but didn't speak over me. awesome experience.
An amazing listener. I was spiraling pretty bad and they were able to help me come out of it and even give me a strategy to approach what was causing it. Would definitely reccomend
Very good listener......He was very helpful amd kind.
A really great lister! My situation was complicated and they guided me through it without being judgemental and made me feel heard
Patient and gave good suggestions
Great listener 👏feel better
He was a good listener and very helpful, he reminded me to believe in myself and focus on my original purpose
Super lovely and caring and isn't afraid to say what's needed to be heard. Such a caring and lovely gentleman. Gave me such an eye-opener to life.
Good guy would chat again
Excellent listener. Patient and understanding and very easy to talk to.
Very polite and made me open up about some unresolved issues that I didn't even realize I had burried in. It made me feel better to talk about them and gain a different perspectives. Also, culturally sensitive, thoughtful listener.
they are so amazing. they listened, but also gave me helpful feedback and helped me see things in a way i wouldnt have.... just so amazing.
Really good listener, very understanding and non-judgmental, and gave me some insight into what I was feeling
Amazing listener
Awesome listener who gives honest insight and that’s very helpful.
Very helpful, really tries to get an insight into your situation so they can help you better
Good and friendly listener
Fantastic as they were able to listen to my situation and offer advice and help along the way!
awesome listener he is
Absolutely wonderful listener. They're very open, collected, calm and know how to guide the conversation so you come to your own conclusions. There was 0 judgement in anything discussed and they created a very open and safe space for me to share. If you need a friendly ear for your troubles - don't hesitate to reach out to them.
very patient, thank you
I didn't feel like I had to carry the whole conversation. They also engaged with me and carried the conversation, which honestly made me feel less anxious. I was able to open up because of how they asked questions and progressed the conversation. It made me feel lighter. Thank you. ❤️
A great and friendly listener
Very kind and easygoing..He listens to every word and helps you understand the underlying issue and the solution to it.
A very good listener. Helped me get my head more or less straight after a very difficult and unusual situation.
Great listener! His texts were full of encouragement and positivity. Really helpful! Thanks a lot
Took time to hear me out and gave feedback
This listener went to the root of my problem and solved it completely! Very skilled :)
Very real and candid
Time is taken and i feel that the right questions are being asked
Amazing person . Very sweet and kind the best ever ⚘⚘⚘
Such an awesome listener! very insightful! thank you
Didn't judge me at all. I was able to say what was on my mind and what I was feeling without being scared of getting judged
Just had THE best chat ever. He was amazing. Very helpful, I would highly recommend him!
Great listener
They really helped me a lot
Such an awesome Listener and helper. Understands issues in such a good way and is a very genuine person who is willing to help. Thanks you so much 💖
He asked me about how I had been doing and asked questions to get to know how I was feeling. He shared different view points which allowed me to think in different directions. His way of speaking sounds very mature and wise.
Great listener!
Very very good listener
Intelligent and gives you all his attention
Used alot of analogies and different view points. Asked questions that made me think about the situation in a new light.
He seems professional, logical and very wise.
I get really anxious starting any convo, but he helped by asking questions and I felt less anxious. I felt less panicked after detailing how I was feeling. It was kind of him to listen and I felt supported.
Patient and helped ask questions when I wasn’t sure about how to answer
creativePalm12 is always very kind and respectful. they help me in feeling safe to open up about issues and they are always non judgmental. they don't seem to get phased over anything, which I appreciate. they really helped me to process my thoughts by listening and making me feel heard. thank u
He is a perfect listener
The listener helped me process my thoughts about the issue I was dealing with. He went an extra length to make sure that I felt completely safe talking about my situation. That was REALLY honorable and respectful of him. It's something that's sadly very rare to expect from people in today's world. So thank you and bless youuuuu!!!!!!!
Listens in a very non-judgemental way, while at the same time helping you try to get to the core of your feelings or issues.
I felt safe and understood by the listener
Not only listened to me but also give me a direction. Was very helpful and great positive energy.
He understood whatever I was feeling and used analogies to help me. I was feeling very down and confused when I had connected and at the end of the convo I was feeling more clear. He might be one of the most understanding listeners on this site.
creativePalm12 stayed with me for as long as it took. I really appreciate their time. I had alot going on in my head but they listened to it very patiently and offered encouragements. They didn't judge me on some of the issues sensitive to me. They didn't just listen to ask questions but they listened to understand and I felt heard. I'm glad I was connected to them because I felt alot calmer after sharing what was going on in my mind. They were respectful and patient with me. Thank u
Awesome listener. Great listening skills
Very good insight, awesome listener. Very down to earth and stayed and listened for as long as I needed.
Extremely good listener and actually engages and asks wies
So helpful and made me very comfortable
A Really Good listener
really great listener, highly highly recommend!! thanks so much for your time.
He’s actually very good he gives me attention and focus on my problems !
Great Listener! Really listened to me and helped me process my feelings.
Really really understanding person.. very nice made me feel a lot better than before
he's amazing. i felt so much better.
Best listener in the whole entire world. Soo friendly. Makes you feel incredibly comfortable. His advices are the best and I just love him foreverr. Thank youu times a million
A very intuitive, open minded and compassionate listener. In my opinion this person is a gem to talk to. It was one of the best conversations I have had. I also really appreciated how quickly they would respond.
Fantastic listener! Helped me with everything and provided good advice.
Very good, great talk
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