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emotionalTalker2260 |
Member - Meaningful Journey 13


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ living in a world so cold, wasting away - World So Cold - Three Days Grace

Arms wide open, I stand alone, I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone, right or wrong, I can hardly tell, I’m on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell. - Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch



Is a proud parent of 40 plushies and a soft blanket (D;-;)D

has legal custody of @CommunityModEllie’s owl

has created most of @CommunityModAnne’s nicknames 👿


Buckle up

Rawrrrrrrrrrrr me Emosaurus Rex and me is a Rawrasaur :0

Dino twin- Noraasaurus - @CommunityModAaron (aka Noraa 😀)

Whats the best greeting I get? Well, the funniest one is when @CommunityModElliot just says: “Weehee, Talker” 🤣 and i always respond with either “Weehee you” or “Weehee Elliot”. Smhhhhh

my birthday is the -092725th of gusttober.

"ATLs" exactly the reason why you are a pampered kid xD -@FighterArpi to me 🤡 Don’t mind me invading over 80 (updates *over 115 ATL’s) ATL’s pms over time lol.

some days you need to sit with the bad thoughts to appreciate the good ones - @TrickyRicky

#HelpMeWillow,UseMeir’sBulldozerToGetMeOutOfHere - Me

#iwillnothelpyoutousemeirsbulldozertogetyououtofhereemo - @CommunityModWillow

 Is Non-Binary - as of 26th January 2022 

Is Genderfluid as of 5th June 2022

kanema (was supposed to be karma but we love my typos apparently)

FrAnch StIcks (franchhhh sticksss, they are baguettes lol which are french sticks but my mind was like i want a franch stick)

shooshed (another typo, it was supposed to be shushed but i forgot how to even spell that smh smh)

Blance 🤡

Mants (was supposed to be maths smhhh)


Alril (April lol, how terrible is this, I can’t even spell the month I am born in..)

my fav songs (:

Faint - Linkin Park

Breaking the habit - Linkin Park

Wake up - Three Days Grace

Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

Painkiller - Three Days Grace

Riot - Three Days Grace 

Break - Three Days Grace 

Neurotic - Three Days Grace 

Letting You Go - Bullet For My Valentine

Loose Cannon - Set It Off

Who’s In Control - Set It Off

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence 

my favourite sentence at the moment ;-; all because my memory is trash: I’m a goldfish, bloop bloop

Current triggers:

violence aimed at me

The word ‘Bye’.. especially when I don’t understand why it is being said..

(sometimes) too many !'s in a row

(sometimes) too many capital letters

(sometimes) mentions of self harm

Thunderstorms (will trigger my anxiety every time)

Text walls (sometimes) and single word responses 😀


These emojis: 😠😡🤬

Talking about food and food related things (sometimes)

\🐨/🇦🇺 Oi! I’m Aussie mate 🦘

I am neurodivergant and proud 😀

Hi I'm emo/talker/Dj Talker/Dj/etalker/pikata/Karmela/Lake

Is a she/her/he/him/they/them 😊 (/nom because @CommunityModWillow says so 😭😂😂😭😭😂😭😂😭🥲🥲🥲🥲)(/smh blame Trans Light on it hahaha)

I was once a wise newbie ;-; but someone decided to nom my newbie badge

No Mini Lake’s 😀

I’m a typo fairy *~*

I am also @Mango3’s bodyguard XD

My favourite quote is:

We could complain because roses have thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses.

I have ADHD, Autism, depression, anxiety, a social disability and obviously sleeping commitment issues and memory issues.😛 and sometimes have episodes of feeling like an imposter and I currently have really bad eating problems and i also have health problems at the moment. I have severe storm anxiety :D

Some days I may be extroverted and other days I will be an introvert.

I Have My Sleeping Problems Again, So Don't Be Surprised If I Am On Cups At 1am-3am 🤡

😮 my twinnie from the other side of the world


😛 one thing a lot of people don't know is that i like to compliment random listeners. it's my way of spreading kindness, which is always loved. 😛 so if you are a listener who may just be reading this, you indeed may just get an awesome compliment from me XD

and also, rip my memory, it is terrible atm.. , so my apologies if i keep forgetting things ;-;

here's my emoticon evolution of the emoticons i made:










Support plus official events thread 😛

146 alternatives for sh 😀 - 7cups memes ^-^

RIP bones (JAN 5th-10th), you'll always be missed.

in honor of bones:

my cups siblings:

My special Twin: DragonPrince449

brothers: JV and coco

sibling: nerd

sisters: Raven, Sunshine, Allie

#EmoAndSunAreNotFansOfMondays xD

#FriSatForTheWin xD


Hey Elliot, I will actually eat glitter

#IseeiouslyWillEatGlitterLiquidLight 😃💖

Some of my fav chaotic people: @Coldbreeze00 @Everlee @Angelx28 

My fav person to have a argument about eating glitter with is: @WarmLightXO love ya elliot 🤗

Mentally Ill Bestie - @HopieRemi

Cups sister- @GK955
Australian sister- @KrystalRose01

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