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emotionalTalker2260 |
Member - Seeking Peace 5

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ is okay :)

Do not pm without asking me

We’ll be coming back ~ Calvin Harris 

bulletproof ~ La Roux

Changing ~ sigma ft paloma faith 

nothing else matters ~ metallica 

Move your body ~ sia (alan walker remix)

my favourite sentence at the moment ;-; all because my memory is trash: I’m a goldfish, bloop bloop

Current triggers: violence, minimal responses and unsupportiveness 

\😮/🇦🇺 Oi! I’m Aussie mate

I am neurodivergant and proud 😀 and yes, I do throw meltdowns and tantrums quite a bit, but that’s because I’m frustrated or overstimulated or feeling too much at once or a combo of such things.

:P max amount of pikachu’s I’ve seen in one room at a time is 8, let’s beat that record 😈

Hi I'm emo/talker/DJ Talker/Dj/etalker

I'm a she/her

And apparently I am coffee girl. (Thanks vic)

😛 thank you pickacha (@CommunityModCharlie) for my new nickname- pikata and another - pikapikatata

and according to @BlackWolf1002 - i am smol bean

😭 - Ricky is best dj 😮

If I am having an anxiety attack or panic attack, please go and tell me to listen to home by Phillip Phillips



Thanks to VicK5123 & whenitdarklookforstars I have my own special hashtag.

#legendaryTalker. Thank you's. 😁😎

And thanks to starlasky who gave me the second # within the same hour as the first. #cooltalker

And thanks to rainyshine who gave me the 3rd in one hour.. #hashtagtalkerwinsthehashtagwarsbecauseshegottwohashtagsinanhouralready. 🤣 this is the longest hashtag I've ever seen



#thelegendisback @whenitsdarklookforstars.. anymore?

#talkersdon'tlurk - angelx28..



#talkerneedssleep thanks river for the shleepy hashtag. 😀

#TalkWithTalker thank you molly :’) (psssst I’m known for talking😀 that’s why it’s my name)

Another hashtag from the infamous @whenitsdarklookforstars #legendaryRSTalker I am guessing there is bound to be lots more 😀

#emotionalLurker - thank you @cuteeeezombieeee XD sorry i accidently lurked half of your session you were hosting

#messyBioTalker - @BlackWolf1002 thank you wolf XD

#7CupsIsHerSecondHome - thank you @EastSky2005

#zelurkinglegendarytalker - @CatwomenSoulstealer thank you for the lovely hashtag catwomen

- for my fellow pikachu bio buddies, this hashtag is for you. #pikagang

#talkersrevolution - thank you mac @mcshereforu

#Talkerstartspikachurevolution - @HelpfulGem04

#jokeprofessortalker- jovialsunshine

#talkertheyeeterofthings- pikanerd

when angel hasn’t had coffee yet- #TalkerinTitanic -@angelx28

#legendarymultitaskerTalker - another hashtag from a dark sky full of stars😛


#UniqueTalker- another one from Bermuda Triangle (@angelx28)

#talkeristhefunniesthumanbeinginthewholeworld- KK

Eli225- ze banner is also lurking now... I can't🤣🤣

#eliandtalkerprisonbuddieson7cups (Vic and willow.... why arrest Eli for being hungry and trying to eat your mod badges and arrest me for making money for the poor)

lurkers are criminals of 7 cups 😛- @CommunityModElliot #pikasnoandtalker7cupsprisonbuddies (and here's elliot throwing me back in the cell for lurking)

another quote by elliot-  smh. its like saying do you like apples or orange flavored apples

@Vick5123 - Rip Auto Generate (a new quote kids)😂

Omv. That's a new one. 😮

@communitymodAaron - why icecream is called icecream when there is no ice and cream in it? Smh Aaron..

another quote of Aaron’s - i have two hours to hear thatt story 😮

My own quotes 😮

Apparently I surf depression. - gee thanks autofailure

Hehehe everyone change pfp to a pikachu to confuse Christine more XD jk jk

Happiness is a scam 😀

@mysteriouscat12 Drink water or I'm bringing out the water guns and I shall have no mercy. Reminder kids: when cat is on, at least drink one cup of water. 😃

@CommunityModWillow - Deep brews \😮/ XD best typo ever tillow. 😀 was meant to be deep breaths but apparently it’s now deep brews XD

Another quote from the lovely willow- Working is a scam 😭

@CommunityModChristine - Apparently all autocorrect thinks I want more money and mental support 😂😂

@Asher - Talker, are you going to get your Ph.D in Archeology at all? :D i am not gonna study rocks ash XD

@Iamsidhere - I never left india but i left india on spotify smh smh. hehehe, spotify is ze best XD

@CheeryMango - waits in tree 😀

Talker go to bed soon and then I will have a panic attack - @blueberrywaffles smh!

Harness your inner turtle. You will be fine. Turtles are too slow to panic-@brilliantTurtle89

Emotional wellbeing is so cool and impressive but I don't know what to do with it - @considerateOrange2567

It’s called a pikalution - by pikanerd 💖

:D quotes from an anonymous user

"Sleep, what is that?" ~ quoted by an anonymous user

"😈 is it me or is there anyone else who wants to be tagged in the anti-sleep thread by an adorable baby elephant" ~ quoted by an anonymous user

when life gives you lemons make orange juice and confuse the *** out of everyone😀- @TayTayy

@DonaldDraper- our worst fears only lye in our imaginations

cats dont swim so at least I'll be able to catch that if it falls in the water -@TrickyRicky hehehehehe 🤭









+ more that I cannot even remember as I was slack when I asked mods if I could be their mini mod and never placed that hashtag in my bio😀

And I'm now a known sleep-talker.. (I should be writing an essay on how to get back to a proper sleep schedule..), so don't be surprised if I'm up at 2am..😄

I was the one and only wise newbie ;-; but someone decided to nom my newbie badge

My favourite quote is:

We could complain because roses have thorns or rejoice because thorns have roses.

I have ADHD, Autism, depression, anxiety, a social disability and obviously sleeping commitment issues and memory issues. 😛

Some days I may be extroverted and other days I will be an introvert.

And I'm an emotional shopper.

i used to sh (been sh free for 3 months), i am rarely a night owl nowdays, i am more of an early bird UwU

😮 my twinnie from the other side of the world


my pikachu buddies

Fristochu, pikanerd, pikacha, pikanoraa, riverchu, jenniechu, pikasno, waffiechu, rainychu, pikasher, stormychu, marichu, dreamychu, pikagrey, 😀

and all other fellow pikachu’s let me know if you want to be apart of the pikaparty XD

If you want to be apart of the pikaparty, first have a pikachu pfp 😛

and then there’s me, 😈the ringleader of the pikaparty as I started this revolution with a single joke that people took seriously, smh, never take my jokes seriously people’s. 😛

Big shoutout to pikasno (the creative one) who has made quite a few pikapfp’s personalised. 🥺 you’re awesome pikasno, we all deeply appreciate you. 😊

😛 one thing a lot of people don't know is that i like to compliment random listeners i've spoken to every 1-2 days. it's my way of spreading kindness, which is always loved. 😛 so if you are a listener that i know who may just be reading this, you indeed may just get an awesome compliment from me XD

and because i feel like saying grass, imma saying it, only some people will know what grass was about and honestly i miss saying it so much :') so without any further words: grasssssssssssssss :D

and also, rip my memory, it is terrible atm.. , so my apologies if i keep forgetting things ;-;

🥺 I did say I was gonna do an evolution of my emojis, well this is just a construction rn 😛

Pfpland 😛

^ 😛 a thread to share beautifully designed pfp’s that you might wanna share around

The wonderful peer appreciation program thread 😀

Press here to find out how to be apart of the marvellous peer appreciation 

Support plus official events thread 😛

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