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"I'll reach out my hand to you, I'll have faith in all you do, just call my name, and I'll be there." Thanks for reaching out! That is not easy to do and very brave. I am a trained Verified Listener, member of the Listener Verifier Team, and Peer Supporter. I will not judge you, as I have struggled with being judged. You are welcome to talk to me about real things you face, and I will do my best to ease what can be such great pain. I take most subjects, including specific ones such as airplane/flying anxiety, as I have a lot of experience with flying. One subject I am not great with right now is the fear of death of loved ones. My only requirement in any chat is that it remain unabusive and appropriate. And I like sharing music and lyrics, too! I like a wide variety of genres. :) Music is therapeutic and can help us articulate our own feelings!

"In our darkest hour, in my deepest despair, will you still care? Will you be there? In my triumphs and my tribulations, through our doubts and frustrations, in my violence, in my turbulence, through my fear and my confessions, in my anguish, in my pain, through my joy and my sorrow, in the promise of another tomorrow? I'll never let you part. And you're always in my heart."  That's one of my most favorite songs :)

"Life's so dark when every day is a struggle / It's not your choice, there's no escaping it / Don't let your mindset become what controls you / Speak right now, and make the choice to grow / Everybody gets high, everybody gets low, life can be such overdose / Up on the mountain, I see down below, it's easy to lose yourself, I know / Can't hear what you're shouting, I'm deaf to your show / It's easy to lose your self-control in the in-between / Why go out and see the world on fire? I won't let pain get in my way, I can't have silence claiming me, we have strength in numbers to get us through the day / This is a war we're gonna win."

I'm happy to share all these songs with you and more! Sometimes when we don't feel "seen" or "heard," hearing a song can do that for us. 

My spirit twins are Kristen Wiig, Kristen Bell, Melissa McCarthy, and Sheryl Underwood. If I could be friends with them, I would jump at the chance! :)
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Feedback & Reviews
She was amazing. There was no judgement. She really helped.
Absolutely phenomenal. A wholesome, beautiful and caring person. Thank you so much for ecerything you do. 💗
Forest is so so kind she is really supportive and non judgemental and the chat this morning really helped me. She is so amazing and i really cannot thank her enough for all the support shes offered me. Thankyou for helping me through a tough time!
Absolitely amazong listener. So kind and caring. I felt i was in suxh a safe place to share and there was no judgement or boundaries. Amazong thankyou xx
I didn't deserve the patience and help they gave me. Helped me calm down, distracted me, and supported me.
Wonderful listener. So happy to help. Highly recommended.
A huge help to understand myself and others who come here. Extremely helpful.
Great listener!
She's lovely!
Lovely. Very easy to get along with.
Really good listener. We were gabbing like friends by the end.
She helped me sort through my emotions and handle the situation rationally, while still validating my feelings and never talking down to me.
empathicForest15 has been my go to listener here for a long time, she always helps me and supports me when I am in need. She is one of the best listeners on 7cups. She is always supportive and genuinely cares and truly helps. When nobody else can help or when I cant get anyone else to chat she's always available.
Truly wonderful. :) so grateful we crossed paths.
Forest is the best.
Very nice
Very lovely and compassionate
She is very supportive and easy to talk to. knows just how to get some humour in at the right times to help lighten the mood and emotion. She helped me incredibly, I'm very thankful
They’re amazing and very helpful
Loveliest human ever.
She’s a gift in a boxxxxx!!~
What a great soul and such a caring, patient person. I can never thank you enough. Not only have you helped me in a tough time in my life, but you've also given me tools and knowledge that I can use in the future.
very kind and helpful
She's really nice and supportive. Thank you for dealing with me for as long as you did Forest
Shes awesome
Forest has always placed my needs ahead of theirs, almost to a fault. Really really cares and wants to make sure I am stable before they leave. Thank you Forest.
After several disappointing experiences with other listeners, I almost gave up...then I found this listener! Amazing, caring, responsive person.
i feel like i’ve learned so much in such a short time just talking to you. you helped me see things in a different perspective. one i can find comfort in and one i can reflect on forever.

i felt so comfortable talking to you, and you’re the first listener i can ever say this about. you really took the time to give genuine, heartfelt responses. you empathized with me and discussed everything with me. i absolutely love and adore the time we got to talk and i definitely know i can come back to you again if i ever need to talk to you about anything troubling me.

hugs to you! you’re such an amazing listener. thank you forever!
Has been great all around
Amazing person in every way!
Very good listener. Really listens to your problem and dedicates full attention when talking to you.
Awesome listener Empathy allowed me time to vent slowed down to let me catch up and provided some suggestions i could try the venting really helped though without realising my panic attack stopped
Smart, articulate, very fast and thoughtful replies, amazing listener!
Really helpful listener, i feel better after conversation.
Most wonderful human being I have ever had the chance of chatting with. She really helped me understand that we all make mistakes, but we can't let them get in the way of forgiving ourselves. Really helpful and I would highly recommend.
Best listener ever thank u for staying with me
I said something I thought was so crazy I would be judged but I wasn't best experience ever
Thank you soo much for listening when I felt so very alone.
Amazingly kind and thoughtful. Possibly the best listener I've talked with on this site.
very kind and helpful
Best listener i have ever talked to :)
She's a good listener! She helped a lot and is willing to spend much time to listen to someone :)
nice listener
Really attentive and made me feel a lot better
Meshed well
A tremendous help to me :-) you are awesome! Thank you!!
If you aren't paying her, start
thank you very much for being an understanding listener and thank you for your time :) :)
A great listener. Listened and understood. Made me feel better. Glad emoathicforest was there this morning. Thank you😊💜
I felt ten times better after our talk. Really helped me get things into perspective and get a plan in place. I was able to express myself in a judgement free enviroment and get real support during a stressful time. 10/10 would recommend!
Answered quickly and was easy to talk to!
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