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enchantedlove |
Listener - Proficient 7

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🌺hey there! I'm mary-kate!🌺
🌷welcome to my bio!🌷

💜why I joined 7 cups!💜
I can remember a certain period of my life, where I was in a really hard spot. I felt as if no-one cared for me, and that I was all alone. I joined 7 Cups to help people, because I never want anyone to feel all alone as I did. I am that person who cares, I care about you and your feelings! You are important, never forget that. 💜

🌊a bit about me!🌊
~I love to play volleyball and sing

~I can play the violin and the flute

~I know English, Spanish and a bit of Latin

~I love Hamilton, ATLA, and of course Grey's Anatomy!

~I have ADHD,and Anxiety  

~I am a female (she/her)

⚡my chat info! ⚡

at the moment, due to some roles, i will not be taking member chats, or new mentees <3 thanks!

In general I take all chats, but in certain circumstances I can not take:
~Sexual Chats

~Chats about Self-Harm

~Chats about Self-Esteem

~Eating Disorder Chats

I am particularly experienced in chats about:


~Breakups / Relationship Issues

~Family / Relationship Stress


🌼my favorite quotes!🌼
✨Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can't always see the light at the end, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.
 ~ Uncle Iroh ( ATLA )
✨Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and takes and takes, and we keep loving anyway. We laugh and we cry, and we break, and we make our mistakes.
 ~ Hamilton ( Wait for it )

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones
~ Proverbs 16:24

🌷my roles at 7 cups!🌷
All underlined words are links! Feel free to pm me about any of these roles!
Safety Patrol Team Member

~As a part of the Safety Patrol Team, I help ensure the community's safety! Please pm me if you think a profile needs to be flagged!
Listener Verifyer
~ I conduct mock chats to verify listeners, you can pm me for more info, or look here!

~ I am also a project agent for the team,so if you have any questions about your role, feel free to pm me!

Teen Quality Star

~As a TQS, I can give mock chats to help improve your listening skills, and I can answer questions about the community and roles!
Teen Community Star
~ I am a TCS for the Self-Harm Recovery Sub-Community I co-star with @cocoakrispies121
Teen Forum Star
~I am a TFS for the Self-Harm Recovery Sub-CommunityThis means I help lead the forums!

~ As part, I host weekly posts on these days:

Self-Harm Recovery: Saturday Distraction Zone!

Self Harm Recovery: Sunday Check-In

Support Team Teen Star

~ I am a stts for Self-Harm Recovery, this means I help manage shr's group support team!
Teen Celebrations Project Co-Lead
~ I co-lead the teen celebrations project with @Daf8! 
Global Moderator
~ I can mod for any member room
Discussion Leader and Listener Discussion Team Member,~I host discussions at these times:

Tuesday, Self-Harm Recovery Discussion, 1pm EST

Friday, Anxiety Support Session, 1pm EST

Sunday, Listener Learning Discussion, 9am EST

Sunday, Positivity Discussion,10am EST

Peer Supporter
~ I have been trained to help if you have just had a hard chat! Feel free to pm me if you need PS! Here is also some info about it!
Chat Support
~I can help you if you are stuck and don't know what to do in a chat, or with general questions! Here is some info!
AL Grader
~ I help grade AL2 Tests! You can pm me or check for updates here!
Teen Listener Coach
~ I am a member of the listener coaching and care team! you can request a coach here!
~last but most definitely not least, I am a doorkeeper! this means, if you need a room to be opened for a discussion, feel free to pm me, or fill out this request form!

🌻booking a chat and status meanings!🌻

🌹 red- unavailable to chat <3 

🍊 orange- a little busy, if you message me i will try to reply within 3 hours <3

🍃 green- i'm open to chat now! <3

if you would like to book a chat with me, please see the button below!

🌻book me🌻

🌹my triggers:🌹
~self-harm related things <3

~e.d. related things <3

~excessive use of periods (such as "...." )

~i support #ByeByeCliques, to help newer members and listeners of the community feeling comfortable and welcome!

~pm me for more info on this or read

🌺my listener twinnies!🌺
For when I'm not online and you need someone amazing to chat with (all names and "here"s are clickable links)

super nice and amazing listener with similar listening style, glad I met her! Click here to connect
Daf is super amazing andd caring and always around to lend a helping hand, she always cares about others, and puts them before herself, click here to connect

sophia is so sweet! she is super polite and I am really glad we are friends! she is really kind, and has a special talent for making you smile. click here to connect
ahhh cocoa! where to start?? she is the sweetest ever, she is so supportive and kind. she is such an amazing person to work with and will always be there to support. she also answers very quickly :p so glad I was able to become her friend!! <3 click here  to connect
lilly is so understanding! she is always there when needed, and lights up each and every room! i am thankful to hve become her friend! click here to connect!
dajia is a really hardworker! she is very considerate, and is a lovely person and friend to be around! click here to connect!

💜my 7 cups vips/friends!💜
(All names underlined are clickable)

@hopedreamlove - she is super sweet and kind! so glad to be her friend!! @bouncySalamander26 - ah how can anyone get more considerate than him? such an angel! @Sydney113 - super silly and sarcastic! always makes others smile <3  @Kimmkimm - super supportive and thoughtful!  @usefulSummer3139 - love the nicknames :p super kind and sweet! @Clara139175  - is an awesome discussion co-host and works super hard!! @DayDreamWithYou - a wondeful mentor since almost day 1! @SuryanshSingh - ah one of my first listener twins! super amazing and generous! @rebecca947 - always encourged me to continue on my listener journey! truly inspirational! @Textingpals -such a kind and silly bunny :p @Listeningsarinn - has always been supportive and helpful! @tami150 - an awesome co-star! love working with someone so understanding! @Azalea98 - such a kind,silly person! i am super glad to be her friend!!
and all of my twinnies of course!

🌊thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you!🌊



Number of Ratings: 50
Number of Reviews: 46
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since Jun 2, 2020
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 254
Cheers 107,182
People Helped 188
Chats 851
Group Support Chats 329
Listener Group Chats 238
Forum Posts 966
Forum Upvotes 1,569
Growth Path Timeline
Feedback & Reviews
She is really caring and friendly. She also asks the right questions and help you overcome your problems
Best listener ever! I genuinely cannot think of a nicer kinder person on this planet. She is one of my favourite people to speak to. Please everyone if you get the chance to speak to this wonderful listener, do it ♥️
A perfect listener
Amazing listener!!! So sweet and kind 💛 She helped me see more of an optimistic side💛 I'm thankful to have spoken to her. Very professional as well! Overall amazing!! Highly recommended talking to her 😛💛✨
Thanks for helping me! You’re literally the best! 💕! You’re an amazing listener and friend! Was literally one of the best and most relaxing chats! Literally helped me with something life changing! You’re the best!
I really love how calm and helpful she is.
She helped me see things from a different perspective, really recommended!
she is so supporting and so amazing! i wish i can talk to her again
You're an amazing person and you've earned my heart. You've helped me so much and I truly admire you. You're amazingly sweet, tender, caring and loving and you're always there for me. I have no words to express how much I thank you and how much I love you.
Very helpful and kind. Thank you
loved it! awesome chat!
It was a nice chat and she also answered promptly which was good
She really helped me she is the best person ever ^^
she was very nice and made me feel better
she is super super sweet. she helped me out loads :)
she listens very well, this is my first time and she is a wonderful listener has been really sweet
Very good at listening about DID/OSDD!! :D
Really nice and great listener . willing to talk with you and just be open with you.
She was so helpful! Gave me some great tips! She is so nice, totally recommend her!
Will help you no matter what situation you are in. She is the best I love talking to her🤗💕💕
She’s very sweet and understanding!
she was so so nice to me, open and she listens and has patient, even when I type way too long. big thanks to her! you’re amazing.
Very easy to talk to
She's very nice and helped me realize its not my fault.
I appreciated talking to plum, they helped me so much to stay focus and calm, I couldn't ask better, I felt comforted.
Real, interesting, kind and understanding. Great talk.
very good, helpful. can't really think of any problems.
she was very kind and open to hear me out!! 10/10 🖤
Loved talking with them, super niceeee, def recommend!
They’re really sweet and understanding!
Helped a lot thank you
really helpful and offered tips and seemed liek they rly cared ab me
She was great and helpful... Recommended 💙
Very good listener amazing!
soooo helpful to chat to someone dats been in same scenarios as me. really helped me out .
She is a very patient and understanding listener I recommend her for anyone with any issue!
She is rlly nice and she could understand me. She’s an amazing listener
Lovely person and sooooo helpful!
They were kind and aware of their words to me, just generally all around helpful.
They are a very good listener and they made me feel comfortable really quickly. They truely desevre five stars
related to my experience and was a very good listener.
She's honestly an amazing listener. She lets you knos that you are important and that your feelings matter. I definitely recommend🧡
nice listener wish we could talk more
You are a good listener. Thank you
A nice listener, and helpful!
Thank you so much!!!
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