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*****I don't take new members anymore*****

Hi I'm a guy and from the United States, I'm glad you have found me on 7cups of tea, feel free to contact me when I'm online. Even when everything seems dark, there's always going to be a light called hope.

"Sometimes we need to cry to let everything out, focus on other things to clear the mind and focus on other people to heal the heart"

"From now on the rain will seem less, and things will smile upon you. A new stage begins; doors of tomorrow"

"Always believe because you are truly are like an aurora, rare but at the same time unique that should always be shown"

"Look up to the sky and reach beyond it to see the unknown and even find a shooting star and with all your heart wish everything you set out to do comes true"

"Take a chance, take a chance and the path will clear, step over the horizon and know it was worth it"

"I want to be beautiful, beautiful as the stars seen up above at night. Shine like them because deep within my heart I know I can be beautiful"

"If by watching the stars can become shooting stars and the wishes from deep within would come true in an instant then my wish for you is to be yourself and be happy"

"In this world, we often see and face the cruel nature of things while our compassion emerges like the sun behind the dark clouds"

"One step at a time, I'll find my worth while knowing I can make it through this, crossing the ocean, climbing the mountain won't tire me"

"You are like a butterfly trapped on a cocoon, waiting to emerge out of it to fly and show your colors and beauty"

"You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be special. Just be you and let everything unfold"

"Your strength is the feelings you carry from deep within, your light is the will to continue"

"Every step you take it leaves roses behind, within every action you show your light"

"Pain teaches us the greatest lessons on life, it can break you or can make you stronger"

"Sometimes others see what we don’t see in ourselves because of our insecurities"

“At times we will mess up, but will you let it define you or rise above it”

"There’s not a person you should be better than yourself"

"You display toughness, but I can feel pain inside of you. The world may have many mysteries, but I feel you could have more"

"Someday the stars may fall, meteors might impact the earth, but before it my time will come while I start to frequently knock on the door of destiny for my own call"

"Don’t fall, don’t stay down even if things fall apart. Deep inside wishes of overcoming all of this, staying strong even against the strongest of winds or if the sky falls"

"Your beauty is all around, it can’t be explained in words, I feel it in my soul, I see it with my own eyes each time"

"You are perfect with mistakes and flaws, the world will soon rotate in your favor"

"The night is made of dreams of escaping, opening the lock of this dark prison. The more I want it, the higher I want to fly…The higher I get the more freedom I will start to feel"

“Your kindness and strength are able to move mountains, and reach the most darkest of places as a light to guide the way"

"Believe in yourself, in the person you are because that’s the only way you can break his vicious cycle you created with your insecurities and fall outs"

"My faith is my prayer to go forward, even while in pain and suffering. Wishful thinking would be no negative things in life, but without it then positive things won’t come out"

"The bad moments don’t last, but the good moments last forever. I may have a mountain to climb, and my feet could hurt from walking, but I know in my heart I will always fight"

"I face my fear, embrace my feelings while turning the flame inside of me. I’ll be able to fight with every ounce of energy and strength without giving up"

If you ever feel sad or mad always look up to the sky and remember tomorrow will be a brand new day. There’s going to always be a light called hope in every turn.

You’ll always live inside of me

Through my eyes you’ll see the world

Your strength will become my strength

When I look to the sky I’ll smile knowing

I’m not alone…
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Feedback & Reviews
gut gemacht ... this dude is like the goat among listeners
Good listener and asks questions to find the root of concern. Gives different insights that I would not have thought of. Thank you!
Great listener!!
Made me feel comfortable and like it could relate
great listener and support system. Provides good suggestions when asked
Very helpful in gaining insight into my relationship problem & validated my feelings towards everything I been feeling. Thank you so much.
Gave detailed and understanding responses. Was empathetic but also didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear.
I am truly appreciative of all the insights and advice that freshLight64 provided me! Opened my eyes and my mind on my situation. Thank you so much.
Super helpful and gave so much clarity and understanding to my situation . Very smart and a great listener !
Really listens and replies with well thought out and intelligent responses. I've appreciated his direct and completely non-judgemental standing. It's nice to have someone talk to you and listen. Not just take your side and tell you what most people might want to hear. I wanted to be better. He helps me here and with that honesty. Thank you.
YOU ARE AWESOME! You have been so helpful and understanding and even patient throughout our chat! Dude you rock!
You’re one of the best listeners here. Thanks for always giving me sound advice. I appreciate it.
Asks good questions.
Very supportive, kind and best of all they were real with me.
great helped alot
Gave me some really good advice and really understood my situation. I feel I have seen things more clearly now.
Listened kindly and attentively, asked good questions to help me think through the problem myself. Thank you.
He helped me through one of my most major issues a lot , listened carefully and made me realize whats the best decision. thank you so much ;) hope i get the chance to talk to him soon .
This person really really really helped me with a major issue. I am and forever will be extremly greatful *huuuuuugs*
my favorite person here , props for being amazing
He was very helpful. I needed someone to just talk through things with and he was wonderful at listening to what I said and really seeing what I meant and was trying to dance around.
He is a great listener. Very knowledgeable, very calm, very honest. Anyone who has problems with their relationships would find his advice extremely useful.
Insanely valuable point of views. Has a wonderful way of restating things out so that you can see more truth in them for yourself. Has helped me immensely. Thank you!
He listened carefully and offered his honest opinion. Thanks.
A very good listener, he listened to me and understood where I was coming from and the pain I was going through, it was almost as if he was reading my mind and heart. And gave me so many lifetime advises and to take away from. He made me realize and evaluate my inner self, which I was amazed and came to find out that about myself. Overall, he is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and understandable. Can't wait to have him as my listener again!
The guy was really helpful and listened carefully
The talk helped me put some things into perspective! Great listener!
good at interpreting my problems. really helped me a lot.
Amazing! Gave me so much insight into my situation. I walked away feeling better
One of the best listeners I met here
Thank you so much for listening to me and your insightful thoughts. How are you so insightful? I thought you saw everything clearly and pointed out what was causing me to act in a certain way and had good insights into my behavior. Thanks again!
Great person! Tell them thank you for me.
Very insightful
freshLight is incredibly helpful to talk to. He points out important things that, whether positive or negative, are very helpful to hear.
Really kind and helpful
Very helpful
Really perceptive person.
freshLight64 was so helpful... thank you so much!
He's empathic person and really tries to help. Also, he gives away his time for doing that. Cheers!
An absolutely fantastic listener. They were helpful and kind and really helped.
Amazingly receptive, gives good reasons for why things are how they are
I thought this volunteer was really helpful, I feel they gave me some good thoughts and opinions that I'll carry with me :-)
Freshlight64 has been amazing helping me through a very tough time in my life.
Great person, really helped with my problems :)
Really great listener and help me see the problem in a different way
Is very detailed with everything, responds fast, helps a lot
I just have to thank him for his wisdom and patience helping me deal with my emotions and situation. Thank you!
such a helpful person. the best!
Amazing, relate-able advice!
Best best best best ever listener on 7cups!!!!!
amazing advice
really helpful
Really helpful
It was an awesome conversation and awesome advice
Great advice
Good responses
Straight to the point and empathetic
He showed me the light. But thank goodness I'm not dead.
Light is a kind person, he took the time to provide insightful information, I enjoyed talking to him
Thank u❤️
Thanks for listening
Great advice provided.
Amazing councellor, a person who knows very well how to co-relate different things and point you to right direction.
Really understanding and empathetic
Very helpful.
Knowledgable :)
Very goid
Good response
Empathy good
Genuinely cares about what you have to say. Took the effort to really understand the issue and very non judgemental and thoughtful. Recommend 100%
You my mate
Really good!
really friendly talk that I am looking for.
many thanks
Amazing listener! A guy is ideal to bring your problems to as a woman! He really has the answers!
Thank you! I would always seek you out! I feel totally heard by you.
great listener! super helpful!!
Amazing and so accurate. I am so thrilled i got to speak with you! Thank you for everything . You literally changed my life
extremely honest and told me what I needed to hear, was really refreshing
they were amazing and extremely helpful :)
Thank you so much
very helpful
First time on this site. Really appreciated having someone to "talk" to. Feel much better just for having done that. Thank you! Will follow up the suggestions.
Great insight
freshlight64 was very patient and understanding. he helped me
understand my feelings that i was unable to express. great support
i feel much better
You really took the time to hear me out and repeat the things I needed to hear. Thank you
Thank you
They were amazing and I hope if I have other people they are as great as they were!
best 7cups experience
Very easy to talk to
Keyed in on the things I was worried about, seemed to know how certain things were tough for me. Lovely!
overall very good
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