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Hey! Hey you over there, yeah you! Need someone to vent to? To listen? To hear??

First off, welcome to 7Cups of Tea.

Well, now that that's out of the way, a little bit about myself! My name is Junior, and I love food. Junior isn't my real name, though it's been my nickname since elementary school. Overall there's nothing really outstanding from my side, just a student studying to give my family a better life. I am of Samoan decent, for those of you wondering what my screen name meant. 

Just some small things about me, I enjoy reading, pumping iron, and just spending time with loved ones and friends. I was a student musician all throughout my childhood, following me until I graduated high school. Played the French horn for a long time, drum major my last year of high school, leaving school with appreciation for all the fine arts. I also played sports throughout my life, rugby, and volleyball would be the main two really that I connected to the most.

I am also a university student, studying Kinesiology. I originally attended univeristy in 2014, but had withdrawn since I didn't fully know what I was doing. I'm a freshman this year, and going through the steps to transfer to a program after I get my associates degree in science. After that, I'll probably go ahead and enlist into the military, and continue the family tradition of service.

If you are a fan of personality tests, or the Briggs-Meyer's type of tests, I've gotten ENFJ more times than I can count. It's also good to remember that these are tests, in my eyes they're fun things to take and to see whether or not you connect with it. 16Personalities is the goto site for these types of tests.

Drop a message if you want, I'll respond as quick as possible. Hope to hear from you soon! If not, stay safe, be smart, and live your life to the fullest.
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Feedback & Reviews
simply wonderful hope i see him again
he was a great help ...just the person i needed to talk to....thanks a lot buddy
an incredible listener with empathy and compassion
Down to earth and very friendly guy.
A really compassionate fellow. Great listener and comforting.
Great listener, first time on site. Would come to talk to him again.
very kind hearted person. would highly recommend this listener in the future! thank you for your help.
AMAZING i hope you keep in contact !
He was very kind and always replied quickly and thoughtfully! I feel a lot better after speaking with him.
Such an awesome guy! Anybody will be lucky to talk to him :)
Hes da bomb
Really had a lot of my chest at the start of the night, and simply being able to just talk really felt good. They are a wonderful listener, and from my experience, knows how to take your mind from your stressors and worries and place it on the things in your life that are positive, the things you love, and the things that you enjoy doing. I'll be sleeping well tonight thanks to this listener.
Thanks so much for helping me out today. You gave me a whole other perspective on the matter and I feel a lot better about myself.
Good guy, good heart.
He is such a great listener. He understands the situation, he relates to the situation, and he asks the correct questions to help us think about our concerns and to think of solutions or ways to cope and deal. He is always giving positive encouragement and it's so easy to talk to him. Great listener!!! I would most definitely talk to him again.
For some reason or other, I trusted home immediately. I felt in a much better state after talking with him :)
Great listener! He is the one that goes above and beyond. I wish he was around when I was 14. This app would've helped me so much back then. But really, he will definitely be my first choice next time/every time 👍🏻
Thank you for your help - relationship drama girl
Great person to talk to, very understanding. Really friendly, made me feel a lot better about my situation
Thanks for listening and actually holding a conversation and replying with clear thoughts and point of views :)
He was a great listener. He made me feel like he understood and he helped me feel better. I left thi conversation happier then I was before it.
Really a nice and patience listener. Trust me , if you need a listener, just find him. Hes one of a kind:) Cheers
Fabulous listener! Didn't pressure me to reveal anything faster than I was ready, helped me feel better and even ended up laughing before the end.
Attentive listener who picked up on details. Was empathetic and eager to help!
Great site
Hungrysamoan is a really cool person who helped me feel a lot better. I'd never been to this website before, and he made my first experience very good.
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