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Hi my name is jenny and i am an adult and teen listener here im in my 40s have been married for 27 years and have three children who are all adults now - I really do enjoy talking to people of all ages who are dealing with a lot of different situations i just ask that you know what you want to talk about and not just message me and then ask me what i want to talk about - although i am fine with casual conversation you should take the lead and you can take all the time you need when it comes to saying whats on your mind im ok with waiting i do not expect quick replies or expect every question i ask to be answered - If im in online mode you can always expect an immediate response and live chat (any listener on green should be responding to you immediately) and if im in offline mode i might not be able to have a live chat right away but just leave a message and i will respond when i can ... also don't ever be afraid to tell me how you feel ! misunderstandings and hurt feelings can happen very quickly and easily with text only communication and its never my intention so just let me know if your upset so we can find a solution

I have many different interests and am open to talking about almost anything however above all else i value communication and honesty between people and will let you know right away if its a topic that I cant support you with but am open to talking about almost anything and very interested in and try to practice mindfulness - I absolutely believe that the way to change your reality and take control of your life is to think about and then question your thoughts  the producers of all emotions and behavior our misery or happiness and ultimately our life there is nothing more important to our well being than to become aware of and to take control over our thoughts although i know very well that for some of us this is a bigger challenge than for others but we cant give up and allow our thoughts to control and prevent us from having the life that we all deserve   

If your feeling stuck in your life right now I would love to help you to identify and move past the internal and external blocks that keep you from moving forward we can all choose to do something different at any time outside of the established habits and routines that we have created for ourselves you choose when and how but change is definately possible its never too late and you can do it ! so if that is something that you are interested in working on it is definately something that i am interested in helping you with - we carry the possibility of change with us everywhere all the time and also the power to make it happen there is nothing more life changing than becoming aware of your thoughts and actions and having hope so don't give up your life can get better or if you just want to vent about something going on in your life you can do that also but just let me know what your intentions and expectations are and if you become upset by anything I'm doing please just let me know  

how do you perceive things?

increase dopamine levels naturally

find free mental health services

free depression workbook

start getting control over your thoughts today  

overcome your defeatist mindset

do you feel like your life is out of control? instead of trying to control food or other things that are harmful to you here are some better things that you can control right now  

7cups series on managing thoughts and emotions

overcome your panic attacks

free course a life of happiness and fulfillment

7 simple habits that will change your life Simplify/Give/Meditate/Follow the wise/Accept Mindfulness as a way of life/Embrace change/Live in the Moment

8 tips for overcoming social anxiety 

If you are serious about committing suicide i am so glad that you are interested in talking to someone but you need to be aware that 7cups is not a place for crisis counseling but in the US 24/7 you can call 1-800-273-8255 (in UK call 116 123) a trained crisis counselor can talk to you who can help much more than i can also see the free 24/7 online chat or text sites below that are staffed with trained crisis counselors who you can talk to and if this is an emergency please call 911 or the emergency number for your country as 7cups listeners are not able to directly connect you with any emergency services
if your having suicidal thoughts please read >

Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741 - Specialized crisis counselors are just a text message away on this free, confidential 24-hour support line. To further protect your privacy, these messages do not appear on a phone bill. The text line also provides services and support if you are upset, scared, hurt, frustrated, or distressed.

24/7 online chat with trained crisis counselors  
IMAlive you can chat online with crisis counselors   and at Lifeline (give a US zip code to enter chat)  (under 18) chat online   (Veterans or friends and family of veterans) chat online   TrevorChat chat online

international online crisis chat

(UK) call text or walk-in no referral
International and US state suicide hotlines

if your not in crisis but would like to talk with someone on the phone you can call a warmline   heart

domestic abuse resources
(under 18)

   A lot of great articles and resources on this amazing website Lifehack

   Using interrogative self talk instead of positive affirmations that you do not believe


Overcome your fears and enjoy life

      3 ways to keep fear from controlling your life and stealing your future


its OK not to be OK


  Progressive Muscle Relaxation 


       Interrogative self talk  


How to break a habit hack the habit loop



How to deal with negative self talk

Systematic Desensitization to get rid of triggers that cause anxiety and panic attacks 

The absolutely best website entirely devoted to SD with free resources and a free book and so much information

Activities and distractions to ride out the urge to self harm (or to distract yourself from any intrusive thoughts)

... and more activities and distractions to deal with the urge to self harm (based on why you self harm so some self awareness is needed here)  http://becausewecandothistogether

TIP skills for self harm urges or intense anger

TIP has been proven to be a highly effective method in helping people who self harm in a variety of ways it works by suddenly altering your physical state and this very quickly changes your emotional state using temperature, intense exercize, paced breathing and progressive muscle relaxation 

 T  Temperature. Have you heard of the mammalian dive reflex? Try leaning over a sink or surface and then placing cold water, ice or a cold pack over the temples, eyes and upper nose region for ~30 seconds. This divelike stance then triggers a reflex that occurs in nature when mammals submerge in cold water. Think back to the last time you dove into a cold pool at the start of summer – you may recall the sensation of slowly cutting through the water with your arms, and a feeling of slowed time as you drifted up toward the surface. As we dive face first into cold water, our heart rate slows and our breathing regulates as the body prepares to conserve energy for survival. We have engaged our parasympathetic nervous system and experience a calming effect.  So next time you feel highly activated, distressed, upset, angry think “T for temperature” and try running cold water on your forearms, taking a hot or cold shower, chewing on ice or just holding an ice cube in your hand.  When we briefly change our temperature, we ground ourselves. 

I   Intense exercise brief bursts of exercise can be helpful in the grounding process. Think of this process as ‘using up’ some of the energy that may be fueling high-energy emotions like anger or anxiety. When in a low-energy state (e.g. feeling, down, depressed, lethargic) getting the heart rate up will invigorate the individual.  It’s important to note that exercise can be a highly sensitive issue for those who struggle with eating disorders.  If you’re at a place in your treatment where you need to limit exercise, it would make more sense to try the T or P and P skills.

 P   Paced breathing allows us to activate our parasympathetic nervous system as we regulate and slow our breath. With paced breathing we breathe deeply into our lungs and diaphragm. As we slow the pace of our in-breaths and out-breaths, we may achieve 5-6 thoughtful breaths per minute.  Some people refer to deep breathing as “having a pill in your pocket.” In other words, breathing is a highly accessible skill – available to you at all times no matter where you are – and one that can be very effective to calm and steady you when emotion is riding high.

 ​​​​​​P  Progressive Muscle Relaxation is paired with paced breathing.  With paced breathing we tense and relax muscle groups throughout the body to promote a relaxing effect. If you are feeling extreme emotion, you may try mindfully tensing all of your muscle groups at once and then dropping your weight back into the ground or into your chair. As you travel from head to toe engaging all of your muscle groups or one area at a time, pay close attention to the sensations 



Techniques and tips that therapists use to help people deal with intrusive thoughts (including memories)

Allow the thought to happen   Intrusive thoughts become more distressing the more we try to make them stop. The act of trying to stop them actually makes them more readily available in our brains and thus they are likely to return. Allowing the thought to happen allows it to run its course and as distressing as it may be it will come and it will go. Using self-talk to coach your way through the process is key. "Here is the thought I’m not going to focus on it, I’m going to let it pass." This can help that thought carry less weight.

 Find yourself a mantra  This can be a word or a phrase it doesn't matter what it is as long as it resonates with you.  When you start to feel/hear that onset of intrusive thoughts repeat it to yourself in your head. The idea is to redirect from those negative thoughts by putting something positive and repetitive on top directing your attention.

 Remind yourself that they are just thoughts  Thoughts themselves don't have any power.  By remembering that a thought itself cannot hurt you, you are more likely to let the thought exist without altering your behavior.  Intrusive thoughts are distressing because you believe them. Remember, just because you think it, doesn't mean it's true. It's totally natural to have these kinds of thoughts, but remember that these thoughts come from the past and have yet to prove that they represent the truth today we need evidence before we believe what other people tell us and we should do the same with our thoughts.

 Imagine that the intrusive thought is a thing or person or animal  It can be anything a bird or insect (that you can visualize swatting away or spraying!) a grey cloud or maybe a tiny cartoon character (and you can visualize the thought from the cartoon character in a cartoon bubble) Perhaps it's a 5 year old kid in the backseat nagging for your attention or a little green blob or a little Donald Trump having a tantrum you can try different things even if it's silly separating yourself from it can be incredibly powerful.

 Say thanks  Can you imagine how different it might be if you say "Yes brain, that's nice - but I'm not interested in that now" vs "Go away I'm so sick of you!"  Pretty different huh? So "talk" to the thoughts:  'I see you thought, you are OK, I love you, but I'm not listening to you." This technique shows both self-love and compassion for the way your brain works. Love and compassion can be critical to mitigating tough feelings of distress.

 Refocus  Perhaps a crossword or something to fidget with or even just something that smells nice! Try to engage mentally in something else intrusive thoughts often come to us when our brains are quiet, or when they are over-taxed and stressed. When there is nothing going on or too much going on the intrusive thoughts are triggered. By finding an activity that fully engulfs our concentration, the thoughts often move to the background. Music, movies, a conversation with someone, a sport, hobby, or activity can engage our brain in something else. Refocusing can be quite calming and even potentially healing.

Grounding and mindfulness exercises  After acknowledging the thought's presence, spend 5 minutes noticing things in the room. By exploring things around the room like you've never seen them before, describing their color, texture, shadows exc. you are keeping your mind in the present moment and making it more difficult to get carried away by the intrusive thought. Anytime you notice the thought has taken you away, simply ​​return to noticing the room. sight sound taste touch the more senses the better. 

 Be kind to yourself - It does take time  forgive yourself for having intrusive thoughts and for not being able to get rid of them. If anything, that fuels fear and anxiety, and makes everything worse. The sooner we can accept that that's how your brain is wired for now, the faster you can work on building more grounded wisdom.

30 grounding techniques to quiet the mind

7cups discussion on managing negative internal dialogue

7cups discussion on dealing with panic attacks

8 hour talk down with gentle rain sounds

PTSD nightmares why they exist and the best treatments

always on 24/7 youtube livestreams of relaxing sounds  the first link is light instrumental music and the second one is calming ambient bineural beat music both have changing water nature scenes for sleep study redirection or meditation

< breathe in - breathe out >  count up to your favorite number with each breath and then do it again you can also repeat a mantra for breath in and one for breath out focus your mind on breathing counting and repeating  

free sleep well guidebook you can download 

We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us.  Virginia Satir

The arrogance of believing that today, that at this moment in time, we’re so perfectly correct in our beliefs that we can silence all disagreement, prevent any heretic from calling our gods false, is absurd ... It’s not that people haven’t believed they were finally so enlightened that there couldn’t possibly be any errors in their judgments, anything new to learn, any mistakes to correct. People have always believed that. And they’ve always been wrong. That’s why we still need heretics, not because they’re necessarily right but because they aren’t necessarily wrong.   Scott Greenfield When Ira Glasser Ran The ACLU 


just a place for me to put 7cups quotes that i really like :D will be adding to this as i come across comments in the forums if its here it does not mean that i take one position or another on any issue but only that i think that these words could also apply to different situations or are universally true making them genuine quotes and the wording i admire as being simple perfect and poetic also if anyone wants me to remove anything here if its your comment but dislike it here or see something you think id like just message me 

We have a system that devastates some of the people we most wish to support and at the same time barely inconveniences the people we most wish to exclude.   RarelyCharlie  

'm angry because I'm scared. I'm​ scared of disappointing you. I'm scared because you always told me that my reputation was the most important thing, and what people think of me is more important than how I feel about myself. I'm angry because when I express that something you do upsets me, you mock me for it, and twist it so I'm the one hurting you. I'm angry because what if I'm actually the problem? If I could just be a better child would you stop? I want to feel like I'm worth more than just how good I am.   ohlemone

Maybe it's important the conversations happened in public fashion. It is scary and hard. Yes. But all the private avenues weren't working. Our leaders and friends who cared so much were literally being forced out and then ultimately eliminated. At least now we know why. If I hadn't been told, and everyone just was gone, I would have felt even worse then I do now. I would have thought, wow, they abandoned and didn't care after all.    KLM3278

The punishment of people for expressing genuine concerns. The failure to acknowledge why people may ‘bite' at certain comments. There should be understanding, not punishment. There should not be one person at the top beating everyone else with a big stick when all we have to defend ourselves is words and even then those words are often cut or misinterpreted.   DeborahUK

Words do nothing. Actions do. Things can be discussed until the cows come home, but what matters is what's actually done and most of the time, what's talked about vs. what's actually done are two completely different things, I think people forget that a lot.   Torremp

I always feel sad and I always remember how things were and how things are now... I just can’t accept that things changed so dramatically in just a few months. Im hurt and confused, I’m not sure who to trust anymore. I don’t know if you all understand how hard it is. I want to give it a chance but it’s so difficult to do so. I’m afraid I’m gonna lose more people and I’m afraid of connecting again... This isn’t just talking to somebody for me, this is having an emotional connection. That’s how it is for me and imagine when you lose the person you are emotionally attached, imagine how that wouldmake you feel. Feel the pain I feel not because I wanna hurt you but I wanna show you how much it hurts.   sensitiveShade5337 

I know you are all trying to pick up the pieces but I can’t stand by and watch people I love be replaced by new people I don’t know or who have never been apart of this community before. This was a family, it was a safe place for so many people, and now it’s been destroyed and I don’t want to be apart of this new thing ... My heart hurts so bad. I had a safe place, I was healing, I was doing better, and growing up, I had a support network on here of people who knew me, understood me, knew how I functioned and loved me. And it’s all been ripped away from me. And im never ever gonna get that back. I can’t stress just how much that hurts right now.   WaterLily16 

Everyone is working on putting together the pieces of their own puzzle. Recovery is a journey that takes time. It involves finding out a lot of information about yourself through a process of self discovery.  It's important to never compare your recovery journey to someone else's path. No two people ever have the same puzzle design. Some people have a 25 piece puzzle set and some have one of those 10,000 piece sets but each person's story & struggle is valid ... Sometimes you have to step back from the individual pieces and look at the bigger picture of what could be and sometimes you focus on one small piece at a time. This can help you get unstuck. It may feel like forever but every matching puzzle piece makes a big difference over time!   summertimeSamness

Although I’m getting along and all appeared to be going well on the outside, I’m really masking my emotions and feelings masking my own pain about feeling somewhat imprisoned. In fact, when I’m faced with a fearful situation, I try to hide my emotions behind a brave front and to smile while inside I’m really crying... There’s a painful contradiction between what’s in my head my mind and the facade I adopt for the rest of the world   M2nc4s  

Maybe the grieving process is tied in with change and acceptance as well... finding what you have control over vs what cannot be changed. I struggle particularly with this part, but I'm trying to tell myself that I have to reach some level of acceptance of the things I cannot change and are beyond my control. Try to bend with the wind. I believe even considering the idea of acceptance is something that must feel natural and good to a person, even if we might still feel sadness with it.    NoneTheWiser

You said that you're hoping you'll see your expectations but are getting disappointed - could you share more of what those expectations are so that we can try?   Anomalia

Im struggling with the word compliment mostly because I don’t feel there’s anything to compliment with respect to me. But because self compassion is a goal I’ll try to give myself credit just for the fact I’m still fighting irregardless of how dark and hopeless things feel right now. I’m holding on to hope as if it’s my only lifeline.   ArianaMay

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.   resourcefulMagic51

If you want to help people, then help people. If nurses punched walls and complained every time they got disrespected or aggressed, hospitals would be empty. Have you had 10 chats, and 6 were bad? Learn to see them coming, cut it short, and focus on the 4 chats that were genuine   Blaze

Something just took me here I don't know what this is but like am I supposed to ask for help? cause I don't really talk much/do well with taking advice lol idk why I'm here I'm so tired holy shoot (can I swear here? idk so let's put shoot)    liamlemons

You're a part of that community and your voice always matters. Never be afraid to offer suggestions or feedback or discuss your concerns ... You'll never know how much impact you're going to make and how much enlightenment you can give once you speak up. Don't belittle that inner fire burning in your belly.   Erato

There's a stereotype around here somewhere. Curiously, it's a stereotype about curiosity. It is this: As we get older, we become less curious. I think it makes sense. I'm no longer as inquisitive as I was when I was younger, and not everything has to explained - although some things still do! I've been thinking that a potential reason is because of school and exams especially the latter. Exams kind of condition you to believe in one answer, and often you're given no explanation save for 'It just is' ... But it just is what?   Imogene

I have come to the realization that the biggest gap between two people is misunderstanding. Often focus is on how others may or may not feel and or think about us (which is bizzare really as how do we even truely know we aren't them and can't at all control it) Energy and time is put into trying to influence or prove ourselves and how we are judged. Perhaps instead we need to spend more time ensuring our intentions are actually being expressed in such way as best to clearly portray whats desired. Don't compromise yourself as it is enough for those who are enough for you.   tomwillow

At some time I would like to stop being a negativist... Every time someone creates something there are a whole bunch just wanting to destroy it out of envy or just for being mean (like writing graffity on a newly painted house just to "s...t" on the man's work) and there are critics... What I have learned about critics in life is that when they are not able to create themselves they become critics of other's creations without any justification. Sometimes their criticism helps the creators, most of the time its just a pest to them... I would like to remember the times when I used to be a creator and not a critic... to do and not to be a negativist... Yet nothing is simple in life and nothing easy... I will not have my toy workshop but someone somewhere in the world will do it...  feelitinyourbones 

Staring outside the window, I see many things - many beautiful things. I see the way the wind dances with the trees and the flowers swirl around in freedom. I see how the sky is so blue and the way children tumble around on the green grass. Their laughs echo through the air, reaching to everyone with happiness. But, why do these never reach me? The wind stops and the air becomes stagnant. It's hard to breathe. Everything becomes blurry through the tears. I'm living in a void. I'm living in complete emptiness. I sit here and the world around me passes by. Why can't I control this? Why can't I get up and be part of it? Why can't I dance with the trees and play with the children? I am paralysed with my own mind. I am stopped by the dark thoughts seeping in. I feel so empty. Maybe I am not living in a void. Maybe I am a void. Maybe my mind is.  Unknown
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Always kind and helpful.
Really knows a lot and is very helpful for anything and everything
Awesome chats! Jenny really puts heart and soul into helping so many people! I couldn't imagine the past few months without her support - I'm so grateful⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐
Excellent listener, helpful and skilled and ready to be by your side...
Very helpful in dissecting the problem/issue and providing insight into ways to think for yourself. Very caring!
Such a good person so comforting
They r Very comforting
5 stars and 5 strengths a true listener has.
My gratitute to someone who truly helped me...
A listener that would wish you could speak to...
Really wants to help you and would do anything to help you
Loyal and she understands.
A genuine, experienced, devoted, 5 stars listener!
When I thought to give up, Jenny came and showed me there is still hope...cherish rare valuable listeners...
only one conversation and i've already been helped with my DID :) very nice
Like in computer games when you have to run arround and gather things, imagine you stumbled a chest with ecerything you need inside and it has one label: Jenny...
🌷Brilliant 5 star listener who has excellent communication skills and used them to effectively support me through my complex real-life bad situation. 🌻Helped me focus, and break my problems down into manageable parts so then my anxiey subsided, 💕.....and then her encouragement and compasion helped empower me to want to try again👣👣👣....and again. Jenny is very patient, and helped me to learn to get out of my own way. She also provided me with numeruos resources, links, plus, she pointed out many good options.🖒She put in countless hours, and completely saw the serious challenges I needed to overcome. The Best Listener, Therapist, and Freind one can hope to have when life has you backed up against the wall. Thank you sooo much!🌷
The listener you only dream you stumble apon and then be forever in your soul...
Shes really supportive
Very very helpful. Put in real work to help me have all the resources I needed, and told me a lot of great ideas on thing to consider. REALLY IS NONE BETTER!
Most Awesome caring and helpful Listener ever!! Her warm kind hearted support is just what is saving my life right now. Thank you Jenny!!!!!
500 BILLION STARS Shines brightly on those darker days, Jenny show you other ways, Inspirational and kind displays, A dear friend to help us through this maze. An Awesome Highly Reccomended and Very Caring Listener
Jenny touches your inner soul, she searches for what is inside you and is so respectful and caring...
Accomplished listener, very experienced and very diffeeent than all the others.
Most prepared and caring listener, a model for others to follow.
Exceptional listener, someone you can talk to...
She is the most amazing person you'll ever get the chance to talk to her kids are lucky to have her as there mother 💟💟
A true listener, helpful with informations and compassion and support, always there as a long time listener, patient and polite and caring and always calm as a rock. Authentic help for those in need.
A very, very safe listener, a companion on your path of suffering, someone you hope you get but you never do...untill they come to you out of the blue...
Profficient, ling time listener, very helpful and informed and what matters is they have a heart...
Somewhere where is dark, very cold and scary there will be a Jenny to help you...
An excellnt listener that you would some day like to have as your friend...
5 stars for: dedication, loyalty, compassion, empathy and a fistfull of more stars...
Jenny is a natural listener. A natural empath, reafy to jump and help and offer information, documentation or just soul support, no judging, total dedication and soul...
Let's say you are wandering in a forest for a long time, alone, you can survive but your mind gets close to insanity in your loneliness thoughts whirling inside survive one more night and in the morning you see the forest fairy... The sunrise...jennysunrise8...more then a listener, someone who truly cares..
A listener that you wished ypu could have spent thanksgiving with...
She is very good to talk to
A dedicated listener, very polite and caring, very knowledgeable and always ready to help you in any way she can...a true empath...
One of the sweetest person ever.❤ you cannot find better. Very non judgmental... bestest
Great person, my first chat, i lsft feeling much better!😊
When you are at a loss of words you let your heart express your feelings. I was very skeptical in the begining, never finding true listeners, but Jenny is a true listener and my waiting was worthwhile...
A listener with amazing, rare qualities!
The should invent a badge for "angel listener". Jenny is out of this world, very calm, always nonjudgemental, allways compassionate and empathetic and she is there by your side as a long term listener. Thank you, Jenny!
A wonderful person who I can't thank enough.
Well, ok, if in need you look up in despair and desolation at the sky, you gather 5 stars and an angel called Jenny would come help. I am envious 😉( in a good selfish way) on anyone who will get her as a listener.
A true long term listener! A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Jennysunrise is awesome!
She is very kind and caring.
Very Valued 7cups Listener is Very Understand and caring
An oustanding listener, calm, helping, very caring and documented, always ready to help and always there in need. A true companion on 7cups, a model for others to follow.
She listens very patiently
Good listener and helps a lot
Very good listener
Excellent listener with true potential for becoming one of the icon listeners on 7cups. Very intuitive, very careful and inteligent, extremely empathetic and respecting members and their will. Someone who you truly stop and say: "they are out of this world!"...
I love this Jenny! She makes me feel better and she always make me think positive. She helps me a lot. She giving me good ideas and support me about everything. I can't tell her how much I'm glad she texted me
Outstanding listener, very helpful and willing to help, sensitive and careful and attentive and polite! Intelligent and a genuine friendly attitude.
She's nice, I can talk to her when I'm running myself in circles.
Shes super nice i love talking to her alot
Lovelly! Super helpfull
Very helpful and attentive listener
She is like a second mom to me she is so caring and she is just so supportive and understanding 10/10 would recommend her to anyone ♡
I felt like she listened to what I was saying. Very good listener
She is really helpful and she actually asks questions and interacts with her members
She is an amazing listener I have had her before she really cares about her people that she listens too and she really tries to help as best as she can I have had her before and would recommend her to anyone!
She's AMAZING! Gives the best support.
Very kind, relatable.
Really listens to every single detail. Helps me realize obvious details I've missed.
Really taught me that others opinions shouldn't affect what I do. Taught me that being myself is always the best course of action no matter the consequences, and that sometimes you have to just let people do their thing and hope they come around. Jenny has been an inspiration to me.
she is the best listener , you can feel her attention and I really appreciate talking to her
She is an awesome Listener u can tell she has lots of experience and she was so so Nice
Optimistic, encouraging
Nice, gets you and helps
Very nice very good listiner awesome person.
I really enjoy talking to her,best listiner ever!!!
Great chat best so far, can't say enough good things about it. Awesome.
Understanding. Actually listens and actually thinks about the response she’s going to give
Very good person indeed well done
She is a great listener
she was concerned about what was happening and showed empathy
Jenny was an amazing listener, she gave me some advice I really needed. She’s like a really caring mom!
like a mom, literally the best listener only 1 session & has been so sweet and rela
Very thoughtful and kind
She's a very understanding lady and care for others
Very kind,compassionate and understanding....just like a mom :)
She is the sweetest person ever and I think she is perfect.
Listens good
Patient, understanding, and a great listener!
really awesome listner and helped me write a note
Very good listener!
She’s really great at helping and understanding ❤️. And shares information as well
This person Is nice!
The best listener I have ever talked to
Thank you for you time. Finally someone I can relate to.
Lovely lady!
You help me everyday with my issues and my problems. I know i can come to the website leave you a message and you will reply with the best answers ever, you make me see things in other perspective and I really appreciate your time. You really help me a lot,
Thank you
Very nice to talk to.
Thank you
She’s amazing and really helpful and nice!
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