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important note: i'm just getting back into 7 cups after about a year long hiatus. because of my mental health, my job, and other various real life issues, i will not be able to log on every day. i also may not be able to engage in one-on-one chats or respond to all of my messages when i do log on. it doesn't mean i'm ignoring you, it just means i'm taking a little bit of time for myself! thank you for the understanding.

hello! my name is kitkat, and i'm a trained active listener. i'm very passionate about helping people with all sorts of problems, but my specialties are anxiety and depression, as well as relationships (of all sorts, not just romantic) and LGBT support. i'm queer myself and have struggled with mental illness, and i want to help other people who are struggling with the same things. in my free time i like writing, acting, and blogging. if i'm online feel free to start a chat, and if not then send me a message! i am always willing to talk :)

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Feedback & Reviews
Very kind and helpful
Hey Kittykat is a very good listener and I really enjoy talking too her she is a very good friend and I'll talk too her soon take care.
An outstanding listener with a heart of gold. Very kind and compassionate person :)
Very clever person!!!
She was really helpful and helped me calm down a bit Thank you Kitty! Your awesome! :3
Hey Kittykat is a very good listener and I really enjoy talking too her she is a very nice person and well talk at mid night take care.
A calming voice at a time of need. My first time using this website, and I'll definitely be back.
Hey how are you doing Kittykat is a very nice person and I really enjoy talking too her she is a very good listener and I want her too talk too me at mid night hope too hear from her real soon take care.
One of the most amazing listeners. I felt so at ease and was able to attempt to open up. A very kind and down to earth person. Thank you for making me feel better :)
Really understanding and supportive. Made me feel comfortable and seemed interested in what I had to say.
Really kind and willing to help.
Kittykat is one of the kindest and most understandable person I've ever met. I always feel much better after chatting with this lovely person.
Extremely empathetic, patient, and understanding. I feel so much better after speaking with this listener.
An amazing and extremely empathetic Listener. Takes real interest in what the members have to say and offers clean feedback. had me laughing and smiling in a few minutes. so so glad i got to talk to them. Bless you kitkat ♥
She was wonderful! I feel very safe around her and she's a wonderful listener.
sweet and amazing
Kittykat is amazing! Super nice, super available and kind. She's the sweetest. And like Harry Potter! Most importantly, Neville. Yes. :) Thank you for everything!
Kittykat is very nice and understanding.
thank you soo much you have helped me alot
Wow... I never thought I would connect so well with someone so much younger than me. Kitkat is extremely mature for her age and really knows what she is talking about!
A nice person who responds quickly
Thank you so much for empathizing and for kindly and patiently listening. I feel so much better. You are a wonderful person, and I wholeheartedly hope you continue to do this because you are absolutely great at it.
I cannot recommend kittykat highly enough. She was incredibly empathetic and patient and made me feel valued and understood as a person as well as giving me the space to just rant away when I needed to before feeding back.
Made me feel better
A very good listener :)
I have never seen anyone so helpful for me. the professionalism and empathy were fantastic. I am so glad I talked with her.
love her. she is so nice
simple words.. can never describe how that person was able to able help me... even when he/she didn't know anything about me.
very helpful
Thank you!!
Thank you. Very nice listener :)
Good and patient listener
She was super nice!
good empathy and listener
The best listener :)
Really understands.
Amazing listener and great help!! Helped me get through a very tough night.
Kitty sat there for almost 3 hours listening to me and helping me with questions I had, thank you so much.
Honestly she was a great listener and she was an even better active listener by following my request for a perspective on my situation. She listened and offered her take, which is exactly what I wanted.
Thank you, just thanks for being there. :)
very good listener
Thank you so much.
Good Listener, enjoyable and helpful talk.
Loved her/his way of being straight to the facts no matter how strong they sounded.
This person totally helped me! She could relate to me and actually got help for me! I would recommend this person!
really kind, and helped with distraction when struggling. thanks
Thanks for listening!
very caring and gives good advice
Very patient and helpful
I really felt understood and good with this chat with you. Can't wait to talk you you again. Better than going to therapy. XD
kind and very caring :) would love to talk again
She helped me completely unwind, I felt like purring at the end.
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