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naturalRose97 |
Listener - Scholar 2

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Hello. welcome
I personally know that life can feel so rough sometimes. Thank you for reaching out here!  As a person who can't open up easily, I know it's not easy to talk about your struggle maybe even you appear as anonymous here. However, just be as you are here! To me, you are more than accepted for being you. 
Honestly, I can't guarantee you'll feel better after we talk (although I hope so), I'll have an answer, or I'll always say the right things. But I give you my whole attention when I talk to you, listen with care, and walk together on your journey. Your thoughts and emotions matter to me, therefore I won't ever intentionally make you feel unwelcome or unwanted.
I would love to help you feel more supported by listening. I've dealt with painful experiences in the past by my own. I can't say I have overcome a lot of things myself, I still deal with my own struggle too everyday, but I strongly believe in the power of not giving up and to keep going, even when it gets really difficult. I know more about (Bullying, Depression, Loneliness, Social Anxiety, and Social Isolation). Regardless, I'm still open to talk about other topics. I may not have knowledge or personal experience in certain topics, but I'll always try my utmost and I'm willing to learn about you. If there comes to the point where I feel I can't be the right listener for the topic, I will tell you and make sure that you get the proper support. I know it feels really terrible to have no one to talk and that's what I'm here for. Sometimes just by having someone who listens to you, makes you feel less alone.
" There are moments when you fall to the ground, but you are stronger than you feel you are now. You don't always have to speak so loud, no, just be as you are."

Listener Twin@Skyash
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Feedback & Reviews
I had only one chat with naturalRose97 and I felt the difference, I really feel better after talking and listening to her.
Very kind, attentive, and helpful.
Nice person
Brilliant xxx
She made me feel a lot better with her long paragraphs of kind and supportive words
Really happy that someone seems to understand me and want to help
The listener was really kind enough to feel and understand my problem. Thanks to her dedication and help.
Thank you
A gem of a person who went out of his way to help me. Showed immense kindness and has a truly warm and open heart. Strongly recommended. Thank you so much once again.
it was a good experience, thanks for the help
Naturalrose97 was very nice and available
Very helpful
Shes a great listener. An angel to me who helped me to feel better and giving me hope. She build up my self confidence back. Thank you so much. Thank you
Very helpful and caring.
She was genuinely supportive I wish I could talk to her again
Very very good listener
Great listener :)
Very kind and helpful, especially considering I am probably a very difficult person to talk to roght now.
Awesome and very very nice warm person
Many love 💕💕
Thoughtful and graceful. She possess the ability to listen attentively (albeit, via chatbox) and craft a well thought out response from the conversation. A therapist-like approach with a friend-like talk.
Amazing person, I'm so glad I find this listener. I couldn't be more happy after our conversation. Thank you for your time and kind heart.
Thank you, you were excellent xx
Very excellent listener. Was able to listen and synthesize the information given, and give excellent feedback. Thank you so much for your help.
Good hearted person
Thank you for your empathy
Thank You for taking out the time to interact with me
Thank you so much for all your time and words, it was really helpful for me I hope I will find a effective way soon.. Thank you so much..
Very professional, while still feeling personable and like a one to one confidant. I always felt that she was listening to what I was sharing, asking supportive questions, and also bringing related topics to the discussion. I was a bit nervous, and Rose was patient and helped me feel better about my apprehensiveness. Very kind, thoughtful and resourceful. Genuine.
She's great
Very Honest and caring
Best listener ever. Really understanding.
really understanding and did not judge me for what i spoke about with them
She was very patient and understanding, and eventually helped me to figure out a way to solve my issue.
I like her she is great.
The only listener who gave detailed responses that helped me out
Honestly the best. So glad I got to talk with this person. This person shows 100 percent compassion. Thank you so much.
Listener very attentive and using simple, understandable words. I am not a native englosh speaker but i can understand the listener without a problem.
She gives me really heplful advice
The best, definitely, the best listener on 7 cups
Very understanding, helpful, and provide good insights and get to the point.
Empathetic, compassionate, attentive, I felt being heard, without being told what to do. It's refreshing.
Definitely one of the best listeners on 7 Cups! Friendly, patient, makes you feel welcomed.
Sharing with her is easy and you won't regret it, this person will really listen to you without judging.
Thank you so much!
She is the sweetest! I hope ever listener would be like her ❤️
It was my first time on 7cups and naturalRose97 provided wonderful support. They listened to what I had to say and only gave empathy and genuine concern. They also gave helpful suggestions and tips. I really felt heard and validated. Thanks so much.
I wish there were more people like Rose.
A very helpful listener. Patient, kind and understanding.
She is amazing!
Too sweet. Great listener!
They are so, so understanding. Although they didn't have much experience with self harm, i never once felt misunderstood and unwelcome. The chat made me realise a lot of things, by just tying it out. You're honestly amazing and yoou made my night x
naturalRose97 was helpful and very good listener.
Very helpful and easy to talk to!
she is really a lovely girl who have a great imagination of solveing problems
Rose is a very kind and empathetic listener who responds very quickly. Rose is clearly a very loving and caring person who, I genuinely believe, wants to help people overcome their problems. Really a pleasure to speak with. Highly recommended!
She is really sweet and caring....
truly understands how you feel and places themselves into your position so don't think twice about opening up!
you are sweet
You are really an amazing listener. . Thank You for listening to Me. . I felt calm talking to you. . You Rock! ^o^
This person is awesome!
Listened carefully to what I was saying and gave balanced advice on what to do next when I asked. Sentence structure was slightly off, but I still understood what was being said. Was also very patient with my response time!
Very caring
knows to listen
very uplifting, know how to make you feel valuable even if you don't feel that way about yourself
Nice, thoughtful, and helpful.
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