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onedirection1213 |
Listener - Exemplar 9

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4.5 star rating

I'm only taking certain chats like issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, general mental health, LGBTQ+, and men’s & women’s issue
Hey there. My name is onedirection1213, but you can call me Jacie or moo<3 im 21 and a grad intern on 7 cups.

My hobbies consist of... helping people, making new friends, reading, singing, drawing/painting (or just art in general), listening to music, baking, making people smile, and giving compliments. Im very creative. Im also funny, super nice, kind, and caring. I have a few mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and a tad bit of anger issues. My favorite color is purple, blue and black. I love baby animals, like turtles and bunnies and puppies and COWS, MOOOOOO etc... I been a listener for 5 years now. And... I think that’s all about me. Any Questions? IM ALSO THE COOLEST COW EVER!!!!!! MOOO

"A good listener is very nearly as attractive as a good talker. You cannot have a beautiful mind if you do not know how to listen."


Listener Twins!!!

 @electricbird @Azurentz @peppermintlove @littleblup 

i saw an ant in my kitchen, and i placed a few sugar cubes infront of her, she had some and went to go tell her friends and i quickly hide the sugar cubes, because i wanted them to think she was a liar. Lol


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Feedback & Reviews
You’re the greatest thank you
Really nice listener! I love her!
I made a new friend today!
The person was amazing and took great care of my problems , thumbs up!
onedirection was very kind and helpful when going over a relationship issue
Extremely kind, love to talk to them again
She is vary helpfull and helped me through a panic attack.
Jacie-Moo was just what the doctor ordered tonight. Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to figure out the answer to my question!
She was absolutely fantastic. Super helpful, attentive, and she has an amazing response time!
Good listener. I felt I was talking to a person more than a therapist. After years of therapy, the last thing I needed was "how does that make you feel?". If you need social interaction as a stopgap on a bad night, this is who you should talk to. Also is pretty funny :)
perfect chat thank you
Fue muy amable y me dió varios pasos para poder amarme a mi misma
Miss Moo is a very nice, caring and gentle person. It is always a pleasure to chat with her.
Pretty calming and I feel better when I have someone to help and und
Very genuine responses and offers helpful tips
very kind and udnerstanding i highly recommend :)
Best person ever!
very helpful and professional
Very kind and helpful, thank you❤
Jacie is wonderful and sweet, I couldn't ask for a better friend
Seriously, this young woman is great. She went out of her way to talk to me when I was triggered by a group chat. Thanks :)
Great listener, helped a lot. Thank you ❤️
Very kind and helpful. The best listener I've met so far
This person is super nice and friendly! I was in a bad state and they helped, listening and responding with kindness and compassion. They were able to help me keep my mind off my issues, which ultimately led to my feeling a whole lot better. (Thank you so much!)
Really kind person. Great to talk with. One of my favourite listeners.
great listener!
will make your day much better!
Gave great suggestions on how to cope with my situation. Empathetic.
They did a great job
Thank you for all the help and advice you gave me x
I think this person is really useful and is really helping me
Jacie, I can't thank you enough! I love you for everything you've done for me!! Keep changing the world, you awesome superhero girl!!!!!
Great to talk to, very helpful. Made me feel a lot better :)
Such a cute human being, does her best to understand and help you! I really recommend to talk to her, her kindness makes you feel better and you can't help but like her :)
Works well with me
sympathetic, listens excellently, a wonderful caring friend to talk to,
Onedirection1213 was really helpful and gave me some insight
really nice
Amazing, really helpful!!!
best listener ever!
really nice to talk to i really love her like fr awesome af
They are doing good so far. They are pretty nice and very helpful
Absolutely amazing!! Super helpful & kind and she really helped me through the hardest time of my life.. I definitely recommend speaking to her if you have any troubles!

Thank you
Really nice to talk to for my first time. Helped me feel a lot better
They really care, and it really helps x
Sweet person
Really good list
Helped me when I had no one
You're a great listener! 😘
this member is really helpful and listens to what i've got to say. i really appreciate the help
Very sweet and helpful
A wonderful listener and an even better person. A true star. 🌟🌠
They did a good job with coming with solutions and listening to what I had to say.
Loved her
This person was amazing, helped a lot with my loneliness, I just hope I could feel this way all the time.
They were lovely, and caring. Thank you for helping me
he tried, and helped a bit. thanks
Thank you for your support I really appropriate it.
Best listener and helps to her level best. God bless!
She's a nice listener . I really liked the talk with her😊
This listener was completely helpful and I'm so glad I was setup with her!!!!😁😁😁😁
Nice listener
Very good listener!
Thank you so much!
Very accepting of me, helped me calm down
Very kind. Unfortunately I am afraid they have no advice for me, but they are helping loads by listening to me.
Gave great advise
Good listener
Good listener :)
I feel like you were very well-versed in the terminology surrounding my issues and you made a great effort to help. Thank you.
Love u. Thanks.
She was a very helpful person. Thanks for helping me :-)
He is very helpful and gives good advice
very helpful and truthful, does the best in hearing what you have to say
this listener truly does her/his best to understand what is going on and takes times to give advice based on what is happening and is very truthful
Amazing and talkative
Good listener. Helped me feel better
It helped me to have someone caring to talk to
awesome listener
Nice. Great
Gave some useful advice
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