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peacefulBubbles40 |
Listener - Sage 9

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“It was my life – like all lives, mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me. How wild it was, to let it be.”

– Cheryl Strayed

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

- Paulo Coelho
Number of Ratings: 114
Number of Reviews: 60
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Sanskrit
Listener Since Oct 16, 2015
Last Active in last week
Progress Path Step 573
Cheers 171,248
People Helped 510
Chats 2,669
Group Support Chats 33
Listener Group Chats 6
Forum Posts 237
Forum Upvotes 351
Feedback & Reviews
Feels good to talk to her
insightful and compassionate listener
Very genuine and straight forward person. Really enjoyed talking to him about future ideas and everything from concepts to practical things. Great person.
They were very attentive to my issue. Very compas
Shes gray listens and talked to me
Very-very supportive, caring, emphathic and kind. Thank you!
she is good and the best
It was a good chat
Very kind and empathic person, an awesome friend
peacefulBubbles40 was so helpful for me. They listened as I explained what I was going through and offered affirmation based on the information I gave, highlighting the positive things about me that are sometimes hard to keep in mind. They also allowed me give voice to my worries and acknowledge my feelings, making space for more positive and useful thoughts. Their gentle kindness helped me through some anxiety and I am very grateful for that.
He's nice and understanding
He is amazingly awesome. Very very caring andnice.
Mr. Intelligent will really prove to be helpful.
I liked it, helpful chat
This is a really warm and kind person, she listened (well... read) to all the things I needed to say and gave me such strong and empowering words! keep on spreading love!
really kind and comprhensive
He is just amazing, he understood me very well, he made me feel much better.
Is very empathetic and patient. Love talking with her.
Great listener....
She is very, very patient and caring.
Awesome person to chat with
Really listenign to me and making me think everythign through clearly
Opened my eyes to things i never thought, made me realise the only way to be truely happy is to start by loving yourself, my new friend and one i will talk to when things get too much
He listened with an open heart and mind and helped me to alleviate my anxiety and loneliness. After our conversation I felt a million times better. I can't recommend him enough. It was such a positive experience for me.
Good listener, very friendly and dedicated
Great listener, very kind and patient. I recommend them to anyone going through a rough time with their self esteem, such a great confidence boost to be in their presence.
Very reassuring and patient.
Good listener and helpful person
She’s a good and kind person
Nice guy. Listens, doesn’t judge, will make you feel better.
He's been really kind to me. He took out the time to listen to me with patience and calmed me down with some beautiful words. Thank you so much. High-five patient listener! :)
Lovely person and a great listener
A reasonably good chat and I needed to vent and it was a safe zone.
He is the best listener of 7cups and i doubt anyone better would ever come...he can catch all ur feelings in his heart and take uh out of ur pain and problems
great the listener is heping and listening and trying to provide every help he/she can
Please please please he's just amazing. There should be an award for best listener.
He's very sweet and friendly and truly caring and empathetic. Perfect listener in simple words!
Very lovely and kinda. Displayed great levels of empathy and was easy to discuss what I was feeling
Very kind and caring and considerate. Thank you. :)
really great, spent a lot of time with me, said a lot of helpful things, was very nice
His Views are amazing. He deeply understands the problem and then gives his opinion.
This listener is one of the best you have and is so so understanding and amazing to talk to.
A brilliant listener very understanding, open and helpful in many ways, a complete credit to your team.
Good listener at last!
very good warm person ! Thank you :)
Kind, patient and loving.
Amazing! Thank you so much, you really helped me
He seems like he's very young and I'm only 21 but I think he's doing okay this is only the first chat so I can really tell.
Nice person to talk to. Lively :)
He is an awesome listener. I was never abashed when talking about my problems. Now we're are total bestie. I 💜 you Ankit. 😘
This person is all about positivity, making u feel better and happiness. Very caring and understanding
Shes great, and makes things simple, insp
was nice and helped me
Best love ever
Really sweet, caring and amazing listener. Understood me more than I do and helped to feel much better. If you want to talk - let's write to this listener
Very helpful :)
So kind and supportive. It feels like talking to a friend. 100% there for you (:
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