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Disclaimer: I'm uncomfortable discussing anything in regards to sexual matters.
Hello! My name is Rachel, and I'm glad you found me on 7cupsoftea! I’m happy to help you, and love listening to anything on your mind that may be bothering you. Whenever I am online, I’m just one chat away! I like to believe I am very personable, and super easy to talk to. I’ve always loved giving advice, and can use these skills to my highest capability. I strongly believe in the quote "Beautiful things can happen when you learn to love yourself,” since I’ve struggled with body image related issues throughout my entire life.  High levels of anxiety definitely impact my attitude and lifestyle at times , but I’ve found great ways to cope with this, and would be more than willing to share them with you! Self acceptance, is one of the most hardest things for humans to establish, but with time and patience, we can work together to form a solution. Therefore, it would make my day, to be able to help you in any way I can. For majority of my life I've felt different, and slowly I am learning to accept this cold feeling of not "fitting in" and seeing it more as a “unique” way of being, and instead of it controlling me, I’m letting it shape me into the individual I am today. Feeling like an outcast, or alone in life; is an overall scary situation to go through. But know when the world feels like its against you, I'll be the friend to reach out for. Together we can find the light at the end of the tunnel! Helping you makes me happy so please feel free to contact me whenever! Thanks! Stay beautiful! xoxo

If I am offline, or unable to respond... feel free to reach out to me through my tumblr advice page linked below! Look forward to speaking with you! :)

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Feedback & Reviews
Kind caring helpful warm
Patient, intelligent, decisive
Absolutely marvellous.
Great listener, really empathetic
Thank you Rachyy, you helped me to understand myself
Great Support
Rachyy was very understanding and patience. After talking to her she helped me realize certain things I was blind for. She gave me great advice which I will follow. Thank you Rachyy
Rachel is amazing. She got me to open up super fast and to tell her things I haven't shared with anyone here. And that is considering I have tried to talk to countless listeners. She really made me feel better, she was super sweet, and helpful, and kind and I really felt that she cares. Thank you so much!
Excellent listener
Thanks for your time!!!
Really helpful
nice person
I like her she has been very nice
rachyy is a great great person.
Great support, offers much needed advice
Very professional and compassionate listener
Awesome listener
She really gives you a wake up call. She is really helpful :)
Rachel is another person giving me hope in becoming a Listener. There's nothing better than knowing that she was just there to listen to me without judging or anything. Felt really comfortable. Can't wait to speak again.
good listener
She's EPIC!! :)
Great :)
such an awesome person :)
It felt like I was actually cared about and that someone actually understood how I felt.
An extremely patient and empathetic Listener, with a practical and objective, yet gentle understanding of one's hardship and problem. I wish her the best. She helped me to focus on the stuff that needed addressing and helped me to drop the other unnecessary weight that was pulling me down; really understands self-esteem issues as is evident from her sound judgement and kind perspective. God bless you :)
Thank you so much for all the help. You helped me find a better perspective and made me feel like I'm worth a bit more than before.
Awesome! Thanks a lot Rachel. :)
She is a great listener she helped me in my urgent time of need at this late in the evening
her beauty comes from within, and she is an inspiration to all of us, thank you rachyy you made a difference in my life that will last for more than a lifetime :)
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