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Hey there, Reader!
~I am just another person who dreams of a land where happiness would be the truth!~
I am not the person who lets go of things. I just learn that some things can't be mine. I never learn to cope up, I learn that sometimes life isn't the way we want it to be, I never learnt to be happy, I just learnt that these moments won't come back.
I am a person who's just like you and who's suffered heartbreak a lot of times. Believe me, life gives us so many turns that it's difficult to find the way! I am here to give you the directions.. To help you and do my best for you! I would love to put a smile on that face of yours!!
~Sometimes life gives us so many lemonades to make a lemonade but no sugar to make it sweet.~
~It's better to have no friends than one enemy.~
~Every mind has a logic, every heart has a feeling, every imagination forgets its limit and every person has a story.~
~You know you're really depressed when you've so many things to say but you're so fed up to even speak it.~
Smile because :) :
-You deserve to smile not whine.
-Because you once had or have a dream.
-Because smiling makes your present happy.
-Because it would make me smile too :).
~! Your past makes your present, present makes your future. Your future is your destiny.!~
Just remember, I am here :) I would listen to you anytime.. It's just you who has to speak..
My twin listener: @silverIceCream21 Check out her profile! She is amazing just like you all!! :D
Hope to meet you soon!! :D
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Feedback & Reviews
amazing! really focuses on the problem and helps you see a clear solution
Awesome supporter, gave amazing advice, god bless that kind and warm hearted sould... Thank u soooo much, ifelt soo sad and depressed but after the advice given to me by this awesome person, i feel confident... god bless!!
Aroma is very empathic and really listens to my problems. Although the chat we had was short, it is among one of the best cjats I have had in 7cups.
My first time on 7 cups. Aroma was very welcoming and fantastic. She gave me the motivation to come to back.
She really help me put things in perspective. Sweet and cheerful. It was a pleasure speaking with her :)
Aroma is just pure awesomeness!
Really helpful. They actually made me feel better.
She's super awesome! Very helpful
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